Monday, 3 May 2010

Blood for the .....err... Emperor!!

Warming up for the campaign 2 hastily constructed ICs, Captain Ortranto Ganzfeld and Sanguinary priest Labrunna.The captain in particular took a ridiculously short time to glue and paint.
I actually did a double take when I put him back on the painting table with a thought of "he's ready for dip" as only about 10 mins had gone by since I started on him!
Really liking the black dip, produces much more definite lines.
I have a squad almost ready for their dip too...

Might actually swap this piccy for a lighter one when I get a minute!


  1. very impressed with the outcome. black dip definately the way to go

  2. Loving the bases...

    All looking good, you're gonna have a finished marine army before Si does at this rate

  3. Jeeeeezzz, obviously the bases aren't done yet!

    And yes I do believe I'll have a painted marine army before Si!!

    Thanks for the lovely comments!