LordyBloke's Dark Age Page

Welcome to the Dark Ages............

A revamped page sees a tales of all things Dark ages be it Saga, WAB (or WaC or CoE etc..) the Duxes B.... probably but thats the Dark Ages for you, all a bit of a mystery!

First off Binx and I have kicked off a Dux Bellorum Tree Campaign which sees his sneaky Irish attempt to pillage the green, green grass of home!

Using the missions from the the Dux Bell book I've strung the below together.

The first game went a little like this:

Dawn Attack - The Irish Raid the Welsh as they lie in their beds!

The Irish capitalised on a Welsh lie in, probably after celebrating some kind of Dark age 6 nations win or something, and charged their camp.

They smashed into the weary Welsh warriors in record time and with the LPS on my side ( 7 for me 2 for Neil; due to sleep he got +1 LP each turn until he hit his max 7) Then the fun began!

Neil’s first 6 bravery tests ( see WFB Ld tests) were three double 6’s in a row followed by three 10’s, 6 failures out of 6, meaning he couldn’t move as the Welsh arrived.

Against the Welsh shield wall I needed 6’s to hit, with Neil putting on the defence LPs, most of the time my 1st 6 wouldn’t count, that would have been useful if I actually rolled any 6’s! I was throwing buckets of dice at the combat and not seeing any 6’s.

Eventually as the Welsh LPs increased, and I threw my LPs into extra attacks rather than defence, the Irish began to lose numbers and their battle line collapsed. A sneaky sweeping flank attack from the Welsh, saw the surprise loss of their knights as I finally rolled some high numbers, but the Nobles got through and hit the Irish from the rear.

With only my Lord left, the Irish fled, the Welsh had lost a few bases, but not enough to make it close.

Very good game, with extremes on the dice rolls

Next up, a meeting engagement as the Welsh rally to stop the next wave of invaders….

Game 2

After a failed raid on the Welsh village, the Irish licked their wounds and mustered a second attack, this time meeting their foes on the outskirts of Llanalloni

To inspire the Irish force, they brought along some monks, whose pre war prayers and chanting hoped to give their counterparts that extra punch.

The welsh lined up a splintered battle line of infantry with Warlord in the centre, and cavalry on the right flank.
The Irish matched the welsh battle line, countering the knights with some noble warriors.

Both battle lines charged towards each other, the monks holding back out of conflict range, but close enough to give extra LP's, which would hopefully tip the balance of the fight in their favour.
The welsh knights and Irish nobles on try the flank both failed to move for 3 turns, being left behind from the fight.

Once in conflict, the battle swung back and forth, with the Irish getting the upper hand to start with, but as the war of attrition set in the Irish line began to crumble.

Once the welsh cavalry broke through the Irish line and threatened the monks, the attackers were in trouble, and soon it was all over.

With the religious inspiration wiped from the battlefield the Irish warriors broke and they fled from the battlefield, leaving behind them a victorious but seriously depleted welsh force.