Sunday, 24 July 2011

Which Wych the final instalment

Well they're finally finished, 15 Dark Eldar Wyches.

Although they are armed with an assortment of weapons upgrades, its the 3 sets of Hydra gauntlet's which will probably see the most action. Packing an impressive 43+3D6 attacks on the charge, they should hopefully perform well on the battlefield.

Next on the painting table are 12 Savage Orc Boarboys which includes a Shamen.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Which Wych part 4

Another 3 Dark Eldar Wyches, this time with two Razor Flails are complete, just 3 more to go and the squad of 15 are done.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Product Review: Instant Mould

I've tried a few materials to make the entrenchments out of (greenstuff, milliput, procreate and combinations of) and procreate is coming out on top so far.

Plus: How I made some entrenchment markers for Flames of War.

Instant Mould seems to be a relatively new product on the market for making small casts/pieces.
For further info check out this vid:

Having made several greenstuff press moulds before I was most interested in not needing lubricant (quiet at the back!) and the ability to melt it down and make new moulds. So, intrigued I ordered some off of Ebay.

The plan - to cast and make some entrenchment markers for FOW.

Using the Instant mould I made a press cast of some bits I had in a FOW artillery box. When these were cured I added some extras with putty to join the 2 pieces together and create a "master".

In the photo below the greenstuff is the pressmould and the grey "procreate" is the bits added by me.Then I melted my instant mould down again and made copies of these masters. From there I've been stamping out entrenchments like its going out of fashion!

So far I have about 15.

What you can't see in the photo is the back of these have a log "structuring" which has all come out quite nicely.

You can literally stamp out the moulds, remove and repeat. The other putties seem to need to cure in the mould a bit first.
Next on the list to try and master 2 part moulds. I've had a go but they've not gone well so far!

Highly recommend instant mould if you're looking to mass (or limited) produce a piece or pieces, ie shoulder pads.

Some of the forums have threads in its use if I find any of use I'll let you know!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Which Wych part 3

Three more Dark Eldar Wyches done, this time two of them have Shardnet and Impaler's

Only six more to go and then I can go back to the Cabbage Orcs