Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hey, The Lights Are Still on!


So the blog still exists!

Its been a while but I thought I'd actually use the blog again, so in between writing my thesis on "Whats App Killed The Blog" I'll throw the odd post up here.

Mostly it'll be to track the 40K Campaign we've just kicked off but who knows, maybe I'll feel inspired to blog some more things too!

Return to Vogen

So some of us decided a 40K campaign would be a good idea as its been a while and whilst I had grand ideas of writing a system spanning epic (one day, one day) an old adage came back to me - Keep It Simple.
So the Vogen campaign from White Dwarf number, err, really old, came back to me.
I really enjoyed planning this and its largely what brought us together as a group in the first place!
I mean, it IS touching, not touching in the group.....

I found the rules online have dusted them off and fitted them to the current edition. I also plan to make a dedicated page to upload the rules, maps, armies, anything relevant too as well. Soon.

To kick off I present the map following the opening moves:

This is a temporary map until I find a why to print A3....

The campaign players:

Simon- Space Wolves
Elliot - Tau
Me - Orks
Matt - Chaos (first Campaign)
Chris - Tyranids (didn't see that coming!

After some cagey territory grabs the first conflict is between me and Elliot.
May the best Ork win!