Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lone Wolves Annual Acadamy Awards 2013

Two weeks ago we held the first award ceremony below is a transcript of the event.  Some pictures of the event at the end of the post

Lone Wolves Academy Awards


Welcome to the first Annual Lone Wolves Academy Awards ceremony.  Many years have passed since the inception of the club as a pretext to gaining free entrance to Games Day and I feel it is time to recognise the highs and lows of gaming comradeship on an annual basis; what better way to do this than to blatantly rip off a tried and trusted format the Oscars.


The award categories are:


1.    General of the year

2.    Sporting player

3.    Outburst award

4.    Tourettes Award

5.    Beardiest Army of the year

6.    Most Exploited Unit

7.    The unit that consistently fails to contribute

8.    Lawyered Up

9.    Annual painting achievement

10.  Landscape Gardener

11.  Special Award - Kath’s Favourite


So over the next 40 minutes we will reminisce and revisit the lone wolves gaming year of 2013


Sunday, 22 December 2013

End of year report

Wednesday gaming is done for the year, its been full of new games, some games not being played as much as in previous years and much passing of the tea hat.

As well as the running figures, on the right side of the blog, I have compiled some other interesting stats for 2013.

Tea Hat

From the table it appears the Tea Hat was mainly on 4 of the Lonewolve's heads during the year, with Zed holding onto 5th place.

Below is the Hat to Tea ratio (minimum 10 hat wears), with Binx 'winning' with 0.311 teas made per hat wear.

Cyrus 2150.238

With some slight changes to the tea hat rules, who will 'win' in 2014?

Games Won

In 2012 we kept a record of wins, draws and losses for each of the club members. This turned out to divide the camp with thoughts that a league was making some of us more competitive and ruining the more social and relaxed atmosphere of a Wednesday night.

As an experiment, in secret, I kept track of the game results again this year, to see if this theory held any substance and the results are below.

% of Games Won
2012 2013
Cyrus 55.56 Cyrus 55
Lordybloke 62.5 Lordybloke 52.38
Binx 39.38 Binx 44.23
Cortez 30.95 Cortez 36.17
Elliot 29.41 Elliot 34.09

As you can see four of the six regular attendees improved their win percentage by around 5 percent, Cyrus returned an almost identical result and Lordybloke dropping by about 10 percent.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions from this highly unscientific data.


This year, I'll once again keeping track of the tea making and the games played and updating the blog weekly. I wont be looking at win percentage this year, but will be keeping track of all the results in any World War two games.
I wont be tracking the individual players, but instead whether the Allies or Axis sides are more victorious over the year, purely to see if, in the garage, history repeats itself.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Chaos Ogres WIP

This will no doubt be my last post of the year, and probably my favourite.
I am currently working on my Warriors Of Chaos army, and with the success of my ogres in the doubles tournament I decided to buy some more and chaos them up a bit....I got Neil to help me as his greenstuff skills are far superior to mine. Below are the results, hope to get them painted over the xmas period.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The final Saga Skraeling post

Its take about 18 months but finally my 6pts of Saga Skraeling are finished.

Here is a group shot, and hopefully they'll all make it to the battlefield when Klepto's Saga campaign begins in 2014.

For the full selection of posts showing the progress of this project, go HERE

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Me again.....

Right well I've actually been good, not only have I built stuff for the club I've even painted some of my marines.......Yes I know shock horror.......

In a previous post I put on the first 5 Sternguard and lo and behold I've finished the other 5 for the full squad.

Here's the full squad, they are ready for the table but all are needing the blue to be highlighted.

WIP and next on the list for my marines are Terminators, this is the first 5 of the close combat squad I have.....All in I have 20 Terminators, 10 standard and 10 close combat.

More will appear over the month due to having every Friday off in December, holiday had to be used somehow........see you all on the updates.

Monday, 2 December 2013

More for the table.........

Well here I am again with an update on the scenery that the club has recently purchased for DMH and 15mm WWII games (FoW & BG).
In the previous post you saw the start of my manic building as soon as I opened the box which contained the 4Ground DMH buildings, the next evening continued at the same sort of pace.....

First up the Sheriff's office inc the jail which has break out bits......

Next was the big Undertakers, this is a fantastic model with plastic windows and paper cut outs for the banners.

These two take the building count to 6 for DMH which is great for the size of table needed.....must admit if 4Ground do a bank, hotel & railway station I'll be badgering the rest of the club to get those too......
As you can see the table looks good but with a few more feature buildings it would look great..

Finally the WIP 15mm stuff...

This stuff is from Commission Figurines, although there are only a few pieces to put together I found that these were a little more time consuming due to the need for a dry run first as some of the pegs that hold the buildings together needed to be trimmed a little, also the fact that they now need to be painted is a little annoying for me. 4Ground is ready to go once stuck. Still very good models and the detail is great just needs a little more on the inside, slightly better cut and a paint job. 9 of them built over two evenings.

Anyway that's it for laser cut buildings for the foreseeable future, it's back to the foam card Mordhiem buildings for me.......they should be done ready for the New Year.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Warhammer Battle Brothers 2013 (picture heavy)

This weekend myself and Klepto Elliot visited Warhammer World to take part in the Battle Brothers Warhammer tournament. We went last year with our Ogres and Orcs, winning two out of our five games, and this year set our target on 3 wins.
Little did we know that after five excellent games we would have won every game and finished in fifth overall out of fifty teams.
Below is all the pictures I took during our visit.... Enjoy....
The High Elves, including top tier phoenix, we thought we were going to play first game, but due to a mix up we were on the wrong table

Friday, 15 November 2013


Well look at me two posts in one week.......

It's been a busy evening hobby wise, as I mentioned in my previous post the club has decided to look at the scenery we have also to look at new stuff, so to the reason why the post.....
As a club we have been using 4Ground for Flames of War/Battlegroup, Bolt Action and of course Deadmans Hand (DMH). As a club we finally decided to add to DMH with the release of the new Undertakers (I've been wanting more for some time, the club just needed convincing).
Look what turned up on my doorstep this evening just as I got home.....

Now after a few hours work (I say work but I enjoy the building part), first the gallows and carts.
Also the yard panel fence without the gates, those are still to be built.
Over the rest of the weekend I have 1. The Undertakers, 2. The Sheriffs Office  3. Yard Panel Fencing with Gates.......should all be done by Sunday evening ready for DMH Wednesday night.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Paint Station.......

Well it's that time again, my painting head is back on and I must admit I've missed it. Sitting at my desk listening to tunes and painting models.....why don't I do it more often.

Anyway down to business, there is way to much stuff for me to say what I need to do so I'll simplify it. We've been having several games of WFB doubles to get Klepto and Binx ready for the doubles this weekend @GW HO, so Lordy and I have been trying out several different armies, I've used my Skaven & Orcs which is what brings out the below pic of finished models.

I've had these 3 Heresy Miniatures Trolls for several years and not really done much with them which is daft seeing as they are easy to paint, Wanted to get something under my belt and finished to put on here rather than just WIP stuff (I have way to much of that).

Now on to the WIP stuff, I've been collecting my Crimson Fists marines since....ummm....errr....well lets just say it's been a long time. The old codex introduced the new Vet squads of Sternguard and Vanguard, with that I decided to make my own Sternguard.

First 5 are table top ready, they just need the blue to be highlighted.

Second 5 are ready for detail highlights & basing ready for the table top.

Finally I got the standard bearer and apothecary up to TTS, to match the rest of the command squad.

Well that's me done for now, I'll be busy over the next few months as the club have decided we need to sort out the scenery, looking at repairs/redo's and new stuff, so you'll see a few posts from me as I stuck my hand up for the building of bits (can't paint scenery for toffee).

Monday, 11 November 2013

Light Panzer Company - Early War

Dave has a Flames of War tournament at Warfare, Reading.  He has been buying figures from eBay as if he has been possessed.  Not much of a painter he asked if I could add some decals to make unit identification easier.  Of course, happy to. 

The box of tanks had some ok models and some dreadful models and whilst you can't polish a turd you can roll it in glitter.  That's what I though putting decals on some of the tanks would be, rolling them in glitter.  However once I had a good look through the box of tanks I found that I could tart up some of the tanks and would only have to repaint a few of the glittery turds to produce an acceptable standard.

Here they are...

Light Panzer Company

Friday, 8 November 2013

Stuka zu Fuss and Flammpanzerwagen

After a few months break I have come back to the 28mm SS Panzergrenadier project that I have been painting for Cyrus.  Here is a work in progress picture; I have base coated, modulated and got the basic camouflage on.  Next will be pin washes and then weathering.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Once again another new model is finished before some of my older stuff.

Here is my Lizardman Bastiladon, its a darker green to the other monsters in my Lizard army, I blame all the Nurgle I've been doing recently...I'm very happy with the crystal which has come out better than I hoped it would.

Next on the paint station, the last 16 of my Skraeling...

Friday, 1 November 2013

Random Musings..... Multi player games

Just a quick pondering:- Triumph and Treachery + Storm of Magic. Its doable, right?!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

1000 points of Nurgle

It will soon be November, and with it comes the Warhammer Doubles tournament, or Battle Brothers as it is now called. This year myself and Klepto are returning to see if we can improve on last years 2 wins and 3 losses.

Last year we took Ogres and Savage Orcs, this year its Daemons and Warriors of Chaos, with a Nurgle flavour throughout.

Here is my completed 1000 points, Herald on a Palanquin, 30 Plaguebearers, 3 Plague Flies and 2 Beasts of Nurgle.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Battlegroup Kursk Campaign Game First Charge at Hill 252.2

After much procrastination Lordy and I finally got round to starting the campaign in the BGK book.  We are playing the historical scenarios with the forces provided.  The aim was to play fully painted but in the end Lordy had to borrow some T34’s that were just built.  The Germans were fully painted.  Smug

We set up an 8x6 table and played over two weeks but even so we failed to reach the break point of either army and were unable to leave the table set up for a third week.  We had a great game although turn 2 for the Germans was awful but they were given a reprieve when the Soviet turn 3 was nearly as bad.  The final turn for the Germans saw 6 x T34's destroyed another pinned along with the soviet Senior commander.  I have put some captions on the photographs below. 


The Germans are deployed around the barn near the T junction – objective 1 with a platoon and 2 Pak40’s dug in.  The other platoon and Pak40 are deployed in the farm in the centre objective 2.  Hill 252.2, objective 3, is outside the German deployment zone but Tiger 313 is at the base ready to advance.  The remaining objective 4 is held by a Panzer IV G platoon and Tiger 311.  The Battlegroup commander and another platoon hold the centre ready to respond to the soviet attack.  5 T34’s are central ready to advance on the farm.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

November Tournament Progress

Hi All, remember me, its been a while!!

In November myself and Binx will be attending our second Warhammer fantasy doubles event.

Rather than last year, when we just picked two armies and hoped for the best.
This year, we have a picked a couple of armies that we think would work together, and I have actually had a look at the list (rather than Binx doing it for me, like last year)

Anyway, here is some progress....

This is my first, Chaos Warrior, happy with the turn out, and it was actually quite a quick process. (Obviously going for a nurgle theme)

Here is one (of three, do I need more binx?!) dragon ogres...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Daemon Beast of Nurgle Spawn

Next out of the Nurgle production line are my converted Chaos Spawn that have become Beasts of Nurgle.

When they were used in our recent big Warhammer game, they were ridiculed for not looking like Nurgley Beasts.

Because they were built specifically for the Warhammer Battle Brothers event in November, I checked the rules and found that any conversions should be checked by the events team. So after some swift weekend converting and painting I go them finished and emailed off to GW.

The good news is that they liked them and they have been passed for action, so here they are.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Warhammer Big Game

Every so often, as a club we organise a massive game with multiple players on each side with a large amount of models, we've done it with Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action and this time it was Warhammer.

In the past we have found that the time invested in sorting a scenario, creating army lists, painting new units and creating special pieces of scenery, is usually undone when the battle begins. Either one side dominates  or the scenario, that looked good on paper, is just not that good in practice.

So it was with trepidation, that we decided to give a big game another go, pitting Klepo Elliot and Cortez's Skaven against Binx, Zed and Lordybloke's combines '3 flavours' of Chaos (Daemons, Warriors and Beastmen)

So with the size of battle, 6000pts a side, and the scenario, XXXXXX, chosen, we got under way, little did we know that once again one of our big games wouldn't quite be what we were expecting.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Games Night Report 21/08/2013

A late report due to technical issues but it was written so I'm posting!!
Might get some pics sorted too....

Chee-ti, leader of the chameleon skinks, waved to his troupe and they scurried in a zig zag motion from the cover of the tree line. After weeks of scouting for Lord Criz’dalueze the bloated they had finally come to the location of one of the lost spawning pools of the Old World.
Lord Criz had led his army via ancient, secret ways to the Old World on an expedition to find and recover these lost sites and so far the journey had proved fruitless. Cheet-ti sniffed the air and his scaled lips wrinkled as a foul odour hit his nostrils. The Spawning pool had been corrupted and was now little more than a noxious sludge, Lord Crizda’dalueze search had again proved futile.

Suddenly the loud blast of a horn erupted from the opposite tree line followed by the sound of something, or things, large crashing through the trees.
Chee-ti sent one of his troupe back to warn the lizard army following in his wake and led the rest of his scouts to the nearest cover just as 2 towering beasts, the Ghorgon of Old World legends, burst into view. As the 4 armed beasts scanned the clearing the beastman warband also broke cover just as the swirling morning mists cleared to reveal Lord Criz’dalueze and his strangely red coloured lizard army.
So incensed by the desecration of the ancient pool Lord Criz briefly stopped ruminating and cogitating on mathematical averages to signal the attack……………

Monday, 26 August 2013

Plaguebearers of Nurgle 20/30

The painting of Nurgle continues at pace, this time its the first 20 of my Plaguebearers, painted in much the same way as the riders of the Plague Drones, they will have another 10 friends soon enough.

After they are done, its two Beasts of Nurgle and a Herald and I'm done, just hope Elliot is keeping up his progress....

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Good Life Gamer June/July

Good Life Gamer – June/July
Due to the monumental increase in temperature at the start of July everything is late so I thought I would catch up both months in one post.  In short I have been on a massive bender.  I have spent my entire bankroll and then some.  It all started reasonably but then it descended into a spending frenzy and finally into madness with the Empress Kickstarter.  Read on and I will attempt to explain how it happened.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Plague Drones of Nurgle

Last year, me and Elliot went to the Warhammer Doubles in Nottingham with Orcs and Ogres. As we had such a good time we're returning this year with our Nurgle Daemons and Warriors.

So here is my first completed unit, three Plague Drones.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Librarian



Ook, ook ,ook, ook.*


* For our 2nd wedding anniversary I painted The Librarian from The Discworld series of novels, it was a few months ago, but I've finally got round to posting it

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

4th Point of Skraeling

They're never ending!

After a 3 week break from painting, whilst the sun was out, I have managed to paint another 9 Skraeling, this time including the Warlord.

Now, the pictures not the best, and although the Warlord is painted, the base needs a little something else to snazz it up, but as yet I haven't found anything suitable, but be rest assured once I find and add something you'll be the first to know

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Battlegroup Kursk - Panzers for Campaign Game

Firstly we have been rubbish at keep the blog up to date there is no excuse really we have just been busy or lazy or some of us don't remember that we have blog...

Anyway we have all been active within our chosen projects and I have finished the required tanks for the first campaign mission in the BGK book.  Lordybloke and I are still aiming to start the first game in the coming weeks.

So here is the picture of my efforts. A mixture of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company Tigers and PSC Panzer IV's both G & H variants.  More soon.  Hopefully

Monday, 1 July 2013

Musket & Tomahawk French

Just before this years Salute, myself and Zed were planning our purchases to let us play Musket & Tomahawk, we had looked at various manufacturers, and were ready with our shopping list.

The days before the event, we had an email from 4ground that mentioned a 15mm M&T game they would be showcasing at Salute, and suddenly from out of no where we were rewriting our shopping list.

We both plumped for 15/18mm figures from Blue Moon, supplied by Old Glory UK.

Here are my first 400 points of French, I have used this force against Zed's British in two practice games, and although they have come out second best on both occasions, I am still happy with the composition and I'm sure I'll add some more garcons in the near future