Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hobby Round up Week 17

A busy week of building models, with a little bit of painting.
We'll start with Simon who has been on a construction mission.
We have some Chaos Warriors, converted to Khorne using the left overs from some Juggernauts
He also managed to get some paint on some more Terminators

Some of our Guild Ball Kickstarter figures turned up, here are Simon's Masons, ball and goal

Simon loves a bit of Wild West action, his Salute purchases have increased his gang count to two

And finally a Doctor for Dead Mans Hand, another figure from Salute.
Frazer has been busy finishing off some more models for Dave, we'll hopefully see the finished package next week. This weekend as well as being the very generous taxi driver to Salute, he has been sorting out his Guild Ball figures, one team for him and one for Matt
With no Guild Ball figures to distract him Neil has been painting Soviets. The picture may be blurry but I can confirm that these figures will allow Neil to field a fully painted Chain of Command force.
And finally, Chris has been painting some Drop Zone Commander figures for Dave, and will have a finished set of pictures next week. In the mean time here are some Mortician Guild Ball figures that he has built. 

Come back later this week for our Salute report, with so many pictures, you'll think you are there!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Hobby Round up Week 16

Welcome one and all! A quiet one this week.

Neil has been busy out in the sun taking ropey pictures of his offerings.

First of all we have a some Soviet armour, which I'm sure Matt will be looking forward to facing in their upcoming game of Chain of Command

Neil has also been testing some colours on his Trolls. He picked up a load cheap off eBay a while back and has finally got his brush to them. If you squint a bit and tilt your head, you may be able to make out what he's done!

Chris has continued to chip away at some Drop Zone Commander for Dave. The walkers and tanks are done and the Drop Ships have their base coat of green done. Still quite a bit to do to these, and some infantry bases to follow.
See you next week, after some of us return from Salute

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hobby Round up Week 15

The Easter holidays are over, time for the kids to go back to school, and for those that were off, time to go back to work!

Therefore, due to the nice weather, a smaller update than usual this week.

First up this week; after watching them battling against the Vampire Counts this past Wednesday, Frazer has decided to put some paint on these Chaos Ogres. Trying a bit of pre shading, they are currently looking very good.

Simon continues his production line of painting with some more Crimson Fist Terminators, there are more almost done and we will hope to see a full squad next week.

After a slight colour change, Chris has been cracking on with some Drop Zone Commander figures for Dave. Two tanks and two walkers virtually done, and two more ready for their highlights.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Appeal of Chaos

*Cue sad, poignant music - X Factor style, something by Coldplay or Snow Patrol should do it*

Many people are drawn to this hobby, sadly not all are able to bring an army to the table whether its cost, modelling ability or sheer idleness.

A recent convert, lets call him him MDN to not reveal his true identity, is having some of these issues and hasn't been able to use his own Chaos army......

*cue uplifting finish, "lights will gui i ii iii de you......" etc*

This is all changing, thanks to Simon the constructor and myself.
I have donated to Mat..errr..MDN's army to help him bring his own models to a games night and if you can spare even one Chaos model, please, please bring this to Ma...err..MDN.

Thank you.

*fade out*

Only having a laugh!
I've been thinking of anything I own I could give to Matt to give his army a boost. 40K chaos is about the only thing I don't have anything of!
Then I came across a Sorcerer Lord I started ages ago and decided I'd finish it off and give it to him.

 (not as red in real life, dodgy camera on phone etc)

Its made from leftovers of a chaos terminator lord kit I used to make a new Abaddon (see below) as the old one looked a bit "tired" and was something I though would be a fun little project.

All I needed was some legs (bits and kits) and the rear torso (made out of green stuff and largely hidden by the cloak and other bits) and I was good to go.
I had ideas of doing a 40K Thousand sons army based on the Pre Heresy colours hence the red and silver. This was abandoned a long time (who knows what the future brings!) though.
Its not based as this can be done once Matt has a theme/scheme for his army.


No, I haven't made this entire post just to state how fantastically generous I am.......

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hobby Round up Week 14

Happy Chocolate Eating Sunday! Another busy week on the hobby tables of our club member's.
Frazer has been busy with a number of different projects, including some 15mm tanks and some 'In Her Majesties Name' figures. That pesky walker is built and now has some paint on it.
Simon has continues his painting frenzy with some more 15mm British for Battle Group...

 ...and a Sergeant for his Crimson Fist Terminators.

And finally, Chris has finished his to big units of Night Goblins, that include converted command groups and some Clubbers and Netters. All these units are missing are some Fanatics, which are half done.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Battlegroup Overlord Battle Report - Flank Attack 500 points


This week we played the Flank Attack mission from the BGO book.  This was a series of encounters between the British Armoured Regiment Commanded by Si and Neil and the elements from the 21st Panzer Division commanded by Frazer and Next Door Matt.  We played 500 points which we have found to be our realistic maximum for a club night game.
British Order of Battle
FHQ in Sherman
Comms Unit
Sherman Tank Squadron inc Firefly
Infantry Platoon inc 6 Pounder HMG, 3" Mortar
25 Pounder Battery - on table
25 Pounder Battery - off table
4+ Additional artillery support
German Order of Battle
FHQ in Halftrack 251
Armoured Panzergrenadier Infantry Platoon in 251's
Stug Battery - 3 plus Ace
Recon Command
120mm off table Mortar Battery
Famo Recovery
Supply Trucks x2
Pre-registered Target Point
4+ Additional artillery support