Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bug Out - Vogen Battle Report

The Tyranids and Space Wolves clash on the streets of Vogen


 Rune Priest Bjornsson, tasked with retrieving a precious Imperial Relic from within Hab Epsilon led his Space wolves through the quiet streets. Everything was going to plan until the Tyranids of the Fulminar Hive Fleet made their presence known.

Upon sighting the deadly bio-morphs, the Space Wolves sent their Long Fangs to over see the battlefield, whilst their Wolf Riding warriors and Rhino riding brethren sought to take out the Tyranids in close quarter fighting.

The early stages of the battle saw many Wolves killed by the horrific psychic capabilities of the Zoanthropes, however, once this bombardment was weathered, the orange scaled alien warriors could not take the punishment given out but the Thunderwolf riding Astartes from Fenris, with both Carnifexes being destroyed. 

As the battle looked to be swinging in the favour of the Imperium, 3 squads of Tyranid warriors, who had manage to outflank the Space Wolf attack, crashed into the Wolf Rune-priest and brothers in arms, causing many casualties including a mortal wound on the wolf psyker himself.

As the Tyranids tore through the power armoured warriors, the Hive Tyrant known as Pesadelo Voando swooped in on wings of leathery skin to snatch the Relic only to be instantly blown from the sky as every Space Wolf bolter, missile launcher and chainsword was aimed in his direction.

With the massive biomorph smashing into the city streets the Space Wolves were able to grab the priceless relic and evacuate the warzone just in time for extraction.

Victory to the Space Wolves.


Experience rolls still to be made for this game.

Also this round a massive warp storm struck the Vogen area, clearing almost as soon as it had started.
Once the flashes of arcane energy caused by this storm had dissipated the forces of Chaos were nowhere to be seen.........

New map update and new moves coming soon!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Blue on Green

The first fight of the Campaign took place on Wednesday as the Tau faced off against the Orks.

Before the battle we rolled off for our Warlord traits and I remembered that these would stick for the duration of the campaign (so if you have a re roll option for the formation you're using bear it in mind for your first game!)

Uzgut Foulbowel has "Bellowing Tyrant" trait allowing re rolls of morale and pinning tests to Ork units within within 12". Nice
The unknown Tau Commander of mystery rolled something mysterious (Elliot? I think it was a 6!)

On to the battle, we rolled up the "Escalation" mission, his seemed fitting for a first encounter, and got ready to fight!
Ork Army Ready to Deploy

Commander Pal'Ton's Pathfinders had reported a large Ork force had been seen blazing their way to the Imperial's old Basilica. Seeing this as a defensible area the Commander formed his army up on the outskirts of the ancient building and waited.
He could see the large clouds of smoke from the Ork's ramshackle vehicles billowing above the ruins in the distance and knew it wouldn't be long before they were within weapon range.......

The Orks quickly spotted the Tau defenders and got the lootas into position to lay down some fire as the trukks and buggies zoomed into combat 

It was long way to the Tau lines (thanks to the lengthways deployment of the mission!) and their advanced guns took a heavy toll on the Orks 

But the Orks moved up their own powerful (but less advanced) guns killing fire warriors and knocking chunks out of the Riptides armour

After a few turns of being heavily shot at the Ork Battle wagons were within range to disgorge their troops and a hasty defensive line was drawn up by the Tau battlesuits aided by the omnipotent hand of the North

But the heavy Ork vehicles Tank shocked their way through to deploy large Slugga Boy Mobs into the Fire Warriors lines, hitting a Broadside suit in the same combat.
The Mega- Armoured Nobz launched from their trukk and smashed into the reeling Battlesuits wiping out all five for no loss and then eyed up a bigger prize......

The slugga boyz that had mugged the fire warriors and broadside now had to weather incoming fire from broadside units, path finders and riptides. The cover they clung too was all but useless thanks to Tau markerlights.
But the bloodthirsty Nob managed to hold the 3 remaining boyz to mount a desperate assault on the Pathfinders unit in ruins,,,,,

Warlord Uzgut and his depleted unit of footslogging shoota boyz saw their chance for a good fight and with a WAAAGH slammed into one of the riptides as Cragtoof's Choppas hit the other. The Mega nobz hit a fire warrior unit (code named speed bump!). Despite getting lumps knocked out of the them the Riptides remained standing, just, but locked in combat.

With only the damaged riptides, 2 broadsides and a unit of  Pathfinders (in combat) left on the field the Tau though better of it and jet packed off leaving the basilica to the Orks and the Vogen veteran, Uzgut!


Reminding Elliot (because he has read the campaign rules, sure, sure) we had experience to roll for he chose one of his Riptides to gain a roll on the gunnery chart gaining Tank Hunters.

As the winner I had 2 choices for units and chose Azog's Ardnutz (meganobz) who rolled on the melee table to gain furious charge, however as they already have this skill I was able to pick from the table choosing Fearless instead.
My second unit was Cragtoofs Choppas who gained hit and run (hmmm, not sure that's useful?)


So with no more fighting we move onto the next round of moves and with it a map upgrade! We now have pins! See the key to the right of the picture for army colours.

Finally a quick tot up of Victory Point Totals:
Simon 5
Elliot   9
Neil   14 (the basilica yields nothing to a non imperial army!)
Matt  13
Chris  6

Remember - you need at least 8 VPs to attack the Palace.

However the void shield controls are in the hands of the Orks and the shields remain UP!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Introducing the Wolfs

Rune Priest Bjornsson had been tasked by Lord Ragnar himself with consolidating the Imperial hold on Vogen.

“Floki….Sigemund, are the men ready?” Sigfast knew they would be but in the battle barge’s war room protocols needed to be followed.
“The blood claws are chomping at the bit priest” announced Floki with a grin on his face, “they are ready to blood the new recruits”
“Intel shows it may not be as easy as we thought Lord Bjornsson” a call came from the banks of screens just outside the war room doors.
“Show me” Sigfast bellowed as he moved over to the holotable, the main city had the standard green hue with the populated areas showing up slightly white with the mass of the population, then as they looked areas started to show red area’s which grew in size. They knew of the Chaos Horde which had been left behind in hiding after the last war but this was new.
“What are we looking at?” Sigemund called, a serf came in with a data slate and handed it to the Wolf Guard………..” Tyranids!!!”
“Fleet wide access protocol” the Rune Priest said in a calm yet booming voice, “This is Sigfast Bjornsson, ready the assault craft, war is upon Vogen and we have been tasked by our Lord Blackmane to take it to the Chaos filth, now we have alien scum wanting to taste our wrath” they could hear his voice across the entire fleet as if he was stood next to each and every one of them “For Russ and The All Farther let them wish they had left this planet alone”

……..The Hunt was about to begin.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Say Hello to the Boyz

As the weirdboy's muttering died away so did the green, electrical energy that was popping through the air. After coughing up a large gobbet of phlegm the wizened old weirdboy turned to his Warboss that was looming nearby.
"Boyz sez theres a fight brewin' back on Khai-Zann, sum city named..."

"VOGEN!!!", the red eyes of the Warboss glinted.

"..err, yeah. Boyz sez there's beakies all over and...."

"Oi, Kaptin, turn this crate around!"
Warboss Uzgut Foulbowel, Grand Overlord of the Kyn Shm system, turned to face the greenskin throng that had assembled on the command deck of the Killkroozer...
"Boyz, we'z goin' back to Vogen!!"

A raucous "WAAAGHHHH" echoed around the large chamber only to drowned out by the noise of the kroozer's massive engines firing up....

Uzgut FoulBowel, Grand Warlord of the Kyn Shm System

Warlord Uzgut and his most trusted advisors / drinking buddies

 (if you look carefully you can see two of the most recently conquered planets in the background!)

Big Mek Dofnutz

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Wolfs Return

Wow it's been a while since we/me/any of us posted properly on here but with the kick off of a new 40k campaign it seems to have sparked a resurgence in blogging.

As much as I normally always use my Crimson Fists for campaigns I've alsways had a love for the Space Wolfs so decided I'd get back to my small army (arond 2k when finished).

So here is my WIP....Rune Priest Sigfast Bjornsson

The basic model is coming from the standard Space Marine Librarian mainly becasue I think it's awesome.....with some little tweaks here and there I'm hoping to wolfy him up enough.

I've replaced the lower leg with a lower leg from a standard wolf leg as this has some runes already on it.
I've also been using the Space Wolf accessory kit for a change of head and a wolf totem for the head of the staff so far, I'll possibly be getting some aid from Big Papa (if he's up for it) for a few more fidely bits.

More pics to follow as he gets done.

p.s. if there are spelling mistakes........tough!!!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Vogen Wildlife - The Tyranids

It was under the cover of darkness that they entered Vogen. Their arrival on the planet Khai-Zhann had gone unnoticed and they faced no resistance as they swept through the eastern edges of the city.

The mind behind their attack had ordered them to head towards the less resistant civilian portion of the city, attacking zones such as the administrative quarters and theatre district in order to gain a foothold in the population before mounting a full blown assault on the Palace of Peace.

Late intel had revealed the existence of other forces in the city, but these would be no problem for the strength of the warriors at the disposal of Hive Fleet Fulminar, led by the Hive Tyrant that would be know to its enemies as Pesadelo Voando

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Vogen Campaign The Rules --or-- Anyone Know How to Upload Word File?!

The Vogen Campaign
 “We thought it was over. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out the Night Lords left us a little present during the first war. The presence of so much death, confusion and panic lit up like a firecracker in the warp. Chaos was irresistibly drawn back to Vogen, hoping to feast on our pain. As it turns out, so was everybody else; right now just about every other heretic, alien and scumbag in the sector is fighting for a piece, either for or against Chaos. They want our city bad. But they ain’t getting it.”
Veteran Sergeant Hessel, 122nd Cadian Regiment

The Vogen Campaign is based on the Imperial city of Vogen on the planet of Khai-Zhann.
The campaign is map-based; some of the locations within Vogen are of varying strategic importance and hence have a Victory Point total allocated to them according to their status. For instance, a hab-block may be worth 1 VP, the Palace Grounds 4 VPs, etc. Some locations, however, will earn you no VPs at all.

Basic Rules
The way the campaign is played is as follows:

1.     Each player picks an army of 1500 points from their respective codex. They should pick (and name!) the model to be their Warlord for the campaign. On the first game whatever Warlord trait is rolled is kept for the campaign, though new traits can be gained (see experience later). Lists can be changed from game to game though a “static” list should be encouraged and will gain benefits when units gain veteran abilities (see experience later).

2.     Each player has a number of coloured indicator pins (available from any stationery store) which should bear their initials. The pins can be colour-coded depending on which army the player uses, green for Orks, blue for Eldar, gold drawing pins for NPCs, etc.

3.     Each player starts with one pin at a random square on the map’s edge; the place where your forces have breached the walls, their HQ, etc. This will be determined by the campaign organisers in the first week of the campaign. A square with one of your pins in is occupied by your forces.

4.     At regular intervals during the campaign (every week or so), each player may place another pin in a square next to one of their existing pins, even if the border between them is very small.

5.     If two pins of different colours are in the same map square, play a game of 40K with the owner of the other pin. The loser removes his pin altogether, the winner claims that square by leaving his in place. If there are already two pins of different colours in a square, you may not move into it (no three- or four-player games unless the campaign organisers specifically say so…)

6.     If you lose all your pins, you’re out of the campaign!

7.     Games are of any agreed points value, and use a randomly determined mission unless specified otherwise in the location information (See Vogen Locations).

8.     If your pin occupies a location with a Victory Points value and there are no opposing pins in that location, you can claim those points to add to your total

9.     At the end of the campaign (decided by the campaign organisers), the player with the most Victory Points in total is the winner.

That’s the basic premise. This ensures everybody fights over locations of strategic importance. However, not everybody is available whenever someone else feels like having a scrap, so these rules are adjusted as follows.

Advanced Rules
1.     Instead of adding another pin, you may FORTIFY one existing pin. Add a dot • (clearly marked) to the pin you have fortified. When fighting a game in this location, you have an extra 100pts to spend on Fortifications. This may be done more than once, adding 100pts per fortification and another dot to the pin, but no more than three times in any one location. Some of the locations already have fortifications, eg (•••) would mean someone defending that square may spend 300 extra points on Fortifications. This can be used as an alternative to aggressive tactics if you’re simply too busy to play.

2.     Certain critical areas of the map have certain special rules and scenarios (a cathedral may give Sisters players more Faith points per battle, a Gun Tower automatically means the High Ground scenario is played, etc.). These are listed on the separate document detailing Vogen’s important locations (see the website address above).

3.     No assassins may be used unless specified in the location brief.

4.     If you are not present for a while, tell the campaign organisers and they will fortify one of your squares every campaign phase. If you just can’t be bothered, forget to make a move or to tell the organisers, you miss out, as you cannot have a ‘backlog’ of turns and do them all at once.

5.     If two or more of your pins have been moved into the territory of the same enemy, all of these contested squares can be resolved by the same battle. This allows you to push forward in the surrounding zone if you are doing well in a protracted battle; the game is representative of a larger struggle. If a game is already in play in an unfortified square, fortifications in other squares resolved by the ongoing game are ignored (forces have broken through the weak point in the line). FOR EXAMPLE: Adi and Graham are playing against each other. Due to the fact they cannot play often, the game runs on for a couple of campaign turns. Normally, another pin would be placed in this time, but the players are anxious not to take on any more opponents just yet. Adi is doing well in the game. Therefore, Adi decides to put a pin in another, different square occupied by Graham’s forces (this must be next to Adi’s uncontested territory). Graham, playing defensively, decides to fortify (•) a nearby square. The game they are already playing decides the fate of ALL contested squares between Graham and Adi.

Gaining Experience
As your warriors gain in experience, so their ability, courage and reliability will increase. Seasoned Warriors learn even from defeat, but a string of victories will see your troops go from green recruits to experienced veterans able to face any terror the galaxy has to throw at them.

At the end of each game, nominate a unit in your army in your army you believe performed well, deserves a medal or has the eye of the gods upon it. This unit must not have been wiped out at the end of the game. Choose an appropriate table from those below and roll on it to see what ability the unit gains. The winner may nominate two such units and the loser one. If the game was a draw both players nominate one.

The unit benefits will benefit from a new veteran ability for the rest of the campaign. It is possible for a unit to gain multiple veteran abilities in this way, but it may not take duplicates of the same skill. If you roll duplicate on the second or subsequent roll, you may choose which ability the unit gains. In addition, once a unit has received an ability from one of the tables all its future rolls must be on the same table. This reflects the specialism that comes from experience.

Warlord Experience
If your Warlord is the unit that is chosen as the recipient of a veteran ability AND you won the game instead of choosing two units and rolling on the tables below you may make a single roll on the Warlord Trait table, that you have previously rolled on, and gain a new trait.
Veteran Ability Tables

Fieldcraft Veteran Ability
Move through cover or skilled rider
Melee Veteran Ability
Feel no pain
Furious Charge
Hit and Run
Preferred Enemy

Gunnery Veteran Ability
Night Vision or Acute Senses
Tank Hunters
Tank Hunters
Vehicle Crew Veteran Ability
+1 BS
2 or 3
Re roll Dangerous terrain tests
4 or 5
Ignore Shaken results
+1 AV all facings (max 14)

Losing Experience
If a unit with a veteran ability ends a game below half strength or having fled the battlefield it will lose one veteran ability. If the unit was wiped out, it will lose two. Randomise which if applicable. In the case of the Warlord they will always retain the trait they started the campaign with.
Veteran abilities are only as effective as part of a larger, cohesive force. If units around the veterans change then previously solid tactics and skills could no longer be effective.
To represent this if an army list is changed from game to game there is a chance skills are lost (become ineffective or obsolete). When setting up a new game with the army list that’s changed roll on the table below for each veteran ability/warlord trait gained.

Points changed by

That’s all Very Lovely But how do I Win?
It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part…..AND winning!
As the Campaign starts Vogen is besieged on all sides by the ravaging hordes seeking to oust each other from the city and claim it as their prize.
To this end the City’s Governor has fled to the palace with his defending forces and activated the ancient void shields to stop any attackers entering (or anyone leaving!) the palace.
The only way to win is to knock down the void shield, enter the palace and seize control, flattening the Governor and his force in the process. (see palace and generatorium locations for more details on how to do this)

The Vogen Campaign Map Location Special Rules

122nd Cadian HQ
One of two islands of resistance to von Guyen’s rebels, the commander of the 122nd Cadians, Colonel Karnow had anticipated the rebellion and put his HQ on high alert. Karnow ordered the bulk of the regiment to remain billeted in their fortified camps to the north of the city, trusting that the KZ-PDF could contain any trouble that occurred. This proved to be a costly mistake as the majority of the KZ-PDF had gone over to the rebels and much of Karnow’s forces were trapped outside the city. Thousands of frenzied cultists hurled themselves at the Cadians HQ, but the defences were well planned. Heavily fortified bunkers, minefields and razorwire protected every approach and eventually, the rebels were forced to settle for simply containing the Cadians. Only when reinforcements fought their way to the city to relieve their comrades did the re-conquest of Vogen become possible.
2/4 VICTORY POINTS: Imperial Guard players may claim their base for 2 Victory points. It counts as having two ‘dots’ of fortifications. However, if the base falls, the player that takes it can claim the Imperial Guard base for 4 victory points as the Guard’s morale is broken.

Administrative Quarter
The commerce that is the lifeblood of Vogen is regulated and controlled from here, by the fiscal accountancy scribes and legislative scholars of the Imperial Office of Outlays. These loathed, but necessary, officials pen the multitude of laws and regulations that govern and monitor the mercantile and financial activities of the populace. Almost as soon as the first shots of the rebellion were fired, the citizenry of Vogen began tearing down the buildings here with savage abandon and it not certain whether rebels or loyal citizens perpetrated these acts of violence. Despite the fierce fighting nearby at the gates of the Adeptus Arbites Precinct House, Imperial scribes attempted to restore some kind of order to their destroyed records, but the vengeful populace had proven to be exceptionally thorough.
Angel Square
This was once the site of many hundreds of Imperial celebrations in Vogen’s long history, thousands of jubilant citizens flocking to hear the proclamations of the Ecclesiarchy from the nearby Basilica. Coronations, declarations of war and knighthoods have all taken place under the shadow of the massive statue of Sanguinius that casts its steely gaze across the square. Formerly Celebration Square, the site changed its name when the immense statue of Sanguinius was erected to commemorate those of the Blood Angels Chapter who gave their lives in the defence of Khai-Zann, during the Myele Insurrection. The statue is a great and potent symbol of Imperial power, and if it should be toppled by the forces of evil, the effect on the morale of the Imperial forces would be devastating.
4 VICTORY POINTS: If a non-Imperial player takes Angel Square, they can elect to topple the statue at the centre of the square. If this occurs, all Imperial forces (Imperial Guard and all their variants, Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Arbites, and all Space Marine Chapters) suffer from –1Leadership for the whole of the next Campaign phase.

Arbites Precinct
The second island of resistance left within the city when the rebels began the Khai-Zhan uprising, the Precinct House of the Adeptus Arbites saw some of the heaviest fighting of the war. The grim and imposing fa├žade of the Judges headquarters, studded with pillboxes, loopholes and gun nests, is a fearsomely well-defended building and every approach is heavily mined and protected by yard upon yard of razorwire. Using their connection to the water purification plant, the Judges were able to infiltrate the entire city, springing ambushes on unwary rebels and plant booby traps in their midst. In the latter stages of the war, regiments of loyalist KZ-PDF were able to use the Arbites Precinct as a jumping off point as they cleared the north wall of the city towards the North Road Gate.
4 VICTORY POINTS: Any player wishing to occupy the Precinct House must first oust the Adeptus Arbites stationed there. Find a willing Imperial Guard player and play a game against them. If you win, you may occupy the Arbites Precinct House. The Precinct House already has two ‘dots’ of Fortifications.

Basilica Imperius Dominatus
The oldest structure in the capital city, the Basilica Imperius Dominatus, or Basilica as it is more commonly known, is the hub of the Imperial cult of Vogen. Every day the priests of the Ecclesiarchy rang the faithful to worship and despite horrendous damage suffered during the fighting, the preachers and minor functionaries continued to lead the faithful in prayer over the crash of artillery and rattle of gunfire. On the third day of the war, warriors from the Night Lords Chapter of Chaos Space Marines overran the Basilica and murdered every one of the priests, hanging their mutilated corpses from the statuary around the temple’s cloisters. These terror tactics would prove to be a miscalculation as they merely spurred a wrathful population to unheard of acts of zealotry, recapturing the Basilica from the Night Lords despite horrific losses and bloodshed. The ruined shell of the Basilica once again echoed to the sound of Imperial
hymns and prayers, remaining in loyalist hands for the remainder of the war.
2/4 VICTORY POINTS: If a Sisters of Battle player controls the Basilica, they benefit from D3 extra Faith points in every battle they play. The Basilica is worth 2VPs to non-sister Imperial players, and 4VPs to Sisters and non-Imperials; as the Basilica is a potent symbol of Imperial authority and cannot be seen to fail.

Building 235
With the destruction of Vogen’s genatorium, von Guyen’s techs were forced to rig a temporary power grid in a nearby building. With jerry-rigged energy generators connected to the underground geysers, von Guyen was able to supply power to his traitorous army. However, once Imperial auguries had identified the building, its destruction was immediately assigned to a battalion under the command of lieutenant Badenhall of the 122nd Cadians. After three hours of fighting, the building was captured with a casualty rate of 83%. It was later discovered that the generator machines had been removed from the building to another location before the assault was launched.
4 VICTORY POINTS: The High Ground mission is always played in this location with Building 235 as the objective.

Cartel House Dwellings
When the families of the various family cartels journey to Vogen, they reside in magnificent townhouses in the segregated western quarter of the city. The rebellion had, in part, been fuelled by Governor Kadulus’ excessive profit skimming which resulted in a terrible financial burden being placed on the workforce. When the rebellion broke out, many amongst the rebellious populace saw this as a chance to take back their hard-earned wealth from those who had profited from their toil and sweat. Many of the fine townhouses were ransacked and their occupants murdered before they could escape. When Imperial forces began clearing the district in preparation for their attack towards the North Road Gate, they were forced to destroy armed gangs of squatters who had taken up residence in the houses of those they had murdered and attacked anyone who came near. Desperate to hold onto what they saw as rightfully theirs, the commencement of the Imperial assault had to be delayed several days as vicious skirmishes were fought amongst the ruined finery of the wealthy to dislodge the squatters.

Dealers’ Accommodation
The middle-men who negotiate the sales and prices of the Vogen kelp cakes to off-world buyers often travel far and wide across the landmass of the planet to secure the best prices. When they travel to Vogen it is customary for them to stay in this fashionable district, enjoying the lavish hospitality of the family cartels. By day they work in the sweat pits of the Vogen Trading House and by night enjoy the exotic delights of the Pleasure districts. When hostilities erupted, many of the fine hotels were largely unoccupied, and were subsequently occupied by von Guyen’s officers. An Imperial kill team, posing as citizens pressed into the rebel’s service, infiltrated the hotel and were able to administer a lethal toxin to the wine at a banquet celebrating the capture of the Palace of Peace. The upper echelons of the rebel command structure were thrown into disarray by the subsequent deaths and the traitor army was paralysed for nearly twelve hours.
Imperial forces used this time wisely, fortifying their positions and advancing into strategic positions within the city. Following the mass poisoning, rebel officers became much more cautious, moving from building to building, eventually abandoning the district as more of their number succumbed to explosive booby traps and time delayed bombs.
2 VICTORY POINTS. A Callidus Assassin is still operating here and may be used by Imperial players at the normal points value.

Execution Square
When the defence laser batteries were constructed on Gibbet Hill, public executions were moved to the more sheltered location of Khai-Zhan square, which was renamed, with typical Arbites imagination, Execution Square. Lawbreakers, heretics, traitors and witches were dragged in chains to the centre of the square and either shot or burned at the stake for the citizenry’s edification. For the majority of the war, Execution Square served as a staging area for the rebel army of cultists as they laid siege to the Adeptus Arbites precinct house. For days the rebels hurled themselves at the bronze gates of the Judges, but could not breach the defences, losing thousands of their number in a matter of hours. Eventually von Guyen realised he was achieving nothing other than depleting his own army and settled for simply preventing the Arbites from breaking out, though he was unsuccessful even in that.
2/4 VICTORY POINTS: 4 Victory Points for Chaos players, 2 for all others.

Virtually all of Vogen’s power comes from coastal wave generators and is channelled to the northern genatorium. From here, power is distributed throughout the city and this was one of the first buildings targeted by von Guyen’s rebels. The heroic resistance of loyalist KZ-PDF units gave the workers time to booby trap the machinery with crude explosives and the resulting detonation flattened buildings for two hundred yards in all directions, opening a breach in the north wall. The area around the Gentorium became a no-man’s land as automated underground turbines continued to pump out scalding hot water in man-killing steam geysers.
There is still enough power running through here to power the ancient void shields that protect the palace from attack, as long as the generators remain on…..
2 VICTORY POINTS: Steam Geysers: There are D6 + 1 geysers on the battlefield (to be marked by cotton wool). The geysers are placed randomly on the field so that two geysers are at least 8” away from each other and they are 6” away from the table edges. At the start of their turn each unit within 6” of a geyser suffers from 2D6 + 1 hits of strength 2. These hits are handled by the normal shooting rules. 
Additionally if you control the Generatorium then at the start of your turn in the Campaign Phase you may blow up the generator which will deactivate the void shields around the palace leaving it open to attack.

Gibbet Hill
Situated on an exposed and windswept rocky island to the northeast of the city walls, Gibbet Hill has always had associations with death. Once, convicted murderers were hung by the neck until dead here, but now it is a fortified gun emplacement. When public executions were moved to the more sheltered location of Execution Square by popular demand, the hill was fortified and defence laser silos constructed atop the old detention complex. Gibbet Hill was the scene of fierce fighting due to its elevation above the city. Though only fifteen metres or less above sea level, it provides a vantage point from which the Imperial palace can be bombarded. The fortress changed hands many times during the fighting, until there was virtually nothing left of the original buildings.
5 VICTORY POINTS: If you control the arsenal of laser silos on Gibbet Hill you may use preliminary bombardment in every game you play. You may also destroy one ‘dot’ of Fortifications in any square or location per campaign phase.

Gun Towers and Sniper’s Alley
These heavily armoured gun towers changed hands many times over the course of the war, their strategic location overlooking the Basilica and law courts making them ideal vantage points for forward artillery observers and snipers. Indeed these were among the few structures that survived the war relatively intact, despite attempts by both sides to reduce them to rubble. Chentelle Street, the long road that led from Harikon’s Bastion on the south wall to the gates of the Palace of Peace became known as Sniper’s Alley and, soon, it was a brave soldier who dared to try and cross from the east side of the city to the west.
2 VICTORY POINTS per gun tower location: Each of the Gun Towers has both Lascannon and Heavy Bolter Sentry Guns, set on point defence mode. They are elevated 8”. Once the location is claimed, they will fire upon the nearest enemy target every turn. High Ground is always played in these locations, with the gun towers themselves as the objective.
2 VICTORY POINTS for Sniper’s Alley South,
4 VICTORY POINTS for Sniper’s Alley North:
A Vindicare Assassin is operating in Sniper’s Alley and may be used by Imperial players at the normal points value. The Gauntlet is always played in these locations.

Hab-blocks Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.
When the forces of Chaos hit Vogen like a thunderbolt, much of the habitation districts were leveled by artillery duels between rebel and loyalist forces. Many of the workers had looted the nearby mercantile districts and were unwilling to relinquish their new possessions. When forces from both sides attempted to traverse this rubble choked wasteland, they found themselves under attack from blackened and wretched gangs of workers, driven mad by the shelling, who steadfastly refused to abandon their homes. Fiercely protective of their shattered domains and obsessed with obtaining more of their filthy possessions, the area swiftly attained a dangerous reputation where a lone sentry could be dragged into the shadows by crazed looters and murdered for the laces in his boots.
1 VICTORY POINT PER HAB: If a model is All On Its Own at the beginning of any turn, remove it
from play as it is mobbed and murdered by a band of armed scavengers.
If you have all the Hab-blocks under your control, they are worth 8 VPs in total.

Hab-blocks Epsilon & Zeta
Largely demolished during the fighting, this region became a relative haven for refugees displaced by the fighting. Both forces attempted to clear the area several times, as the camps made ideal staging areas for saboteur teams to operate from in secrecy. Riots were a regular occurrence in this district, erupting as citizens, both loyal and traitor, would fight for scraps of food and their possessions.

Harikon’s Gate
These swallow-tailed bastions guarded the eastern approaches to Vogen and the river crossing at Cho-Kai Bridge. These bastions were to play little part in the conflict as the rebels were already within the city and their open rears rendered them largely useless in terms of attacking the city.

Imperial Senate House
The Senate House was built when Vogen was first founded and, at the time, stood as a symbol of co-operation between the planet’s various family cartels. Local laws were passed here and disputes between the cartels resolved. During the uprising, the building was more or less empty and von Guyen’s men seized the Senate House in little under an hour. As a tactical base it was practically valueless, as its plan was indefensible and its structure unfortified. Early on in the fighting, it was used as an ammo dump by von Guyen’s troops, but when Imperial saboteurs managed to detonate the ammunition, it was abandoned. When Cadian troops attacked from the north, they pressed it into service as a field hospital and it was said that the screams of the wounded could be heard over the incessant artillery barrages as far away as the Ecclesiarchal palace in the southern quarter.

Mercantile and Pleasure Districts
The once prosperous mercantile and pleasure districts, popular with the moneyed members of society, lay to the north of the Palace of Peace and were a target of opportunity once the rebellion began. Looters from the nearby worker habs took the chance to ‘liberate’ much of the merchandise from this district in the mistaken belief that this uprising was a simple civil matter and they could wait it out in comfort. The fighting in these districts was fierce as the main push of the Cadians northern forces advanced through here once the Imperial Fists had taken the Genatorium breach.

North Road Gate
When the re-conquest of Vogen began, the loyalist forces used the Arbites Precinct as a jumping off point, fighting their way through every building and street along the north wall until capturing the North Road Gate. This enabled loyalist KZ-PDF and Cadian regiments besieging the northern wall access to the city. With the capture of the North Road Gate, the rebellion was effectively over, though this would not be recognised until the fighting had ceased. Imperial forces were now able to penetrate deep into the city virtually unopposed and bring up large scale breaching batteries with which to hammer the walls of the Imperial palace.
4 VICTORY POINTS: If you control the North Road Gate, you may re-roll any unsuccessful reserves rolls you make in all locations.

Palace Gate
The lavishly decorated Palace Gate on the eastern wall was one of the first symbols of Imperial rule to fall when von Guyen’s rebels struck. Adorned with larger than life marble statues of Governor Harikon Kadulus and his immediate family, the gate stood as a monument to his greed and vanity. Protected from the east by two vast bastions, the gate was well defended from an enemy outside the city walls, but vulnerable to traitors within. The opening of the rebellion was signaled by the detonation of breaching charges at its base, destroying the gate, toppling the vast statues and completely blocking the eastern road from the city.
0 VICTORY POINTS: The Palace Gate has been destroyed and is tactically worthless. However,
the Bastions on either side are heavily fortified and count as having two ‘dots’ of fortifications.

Palace Grounds
This once fertile and pleasant park was used for state functions and gala dinners of the Governor when Vogen’s temperamental summer would allow such events to be held outdoors. These events were said to be magnificent and only those members of Vogen’s mercantile cartels who currently enjoyed the Governor’s favour would be invited. However, the ornamental gardens and lush orchards of the palace grounds were burned to the ground in the early stages of the war to prevent enemy infiltrators from approaching the palace undetected.
4 VICTORY POINTS PER HALF: The grounds consist of hectares of rolling greenery, with much
of the vegetation now burnt to the ground. All games in these regions follow normal Warhammer
40,000 rules. Use a standard green table and scenery. The grounds cannot be fortified.

Palace of Peace
The Governor’s Palace sits at the centre of Vogen and is perhaps the oldest structure on the planet, with the exception of the Ecclesiarcial temple. Cunningly designed by Leonos del Torquemas to be both an architectural masterpiece and impregnable fortress, the palace is designed to be a maze to those not familiar with its layout. Numerous blind alleys and killing grounds masquerade as ornamental hallways and marble flagged plazas, every square inch covered by concealed bunkers and decorative loopholes. Three centuries ago, in response to increased warp storm activity around the Eye of Terror, Imperial engineers strengthened the walls of the palace, obscuring much of its beauty, but rendering much of the structure virtually indestructible. Only after an immense bombardment from the Vogen Law courts was a  breach finally blasted in the walls and the Adeptus Arbites, who had so bravely held their precinct throughout the rebellion, were granted the honour of leading the final assault on the palace. The rebels died to a man and, deep in the palace dungeons, the victorious Arbites discovered the bodies of von Guyen and Governor Kadulus.
10 VICTORY POINTS: This is a fortress, indispensable in times of war and the jewel in the crown
of Vogen. The Grand Assault scenario is always played here. It already counts as having three ‘dots’ of fortifications.
You may not move into the Palace unless you have a solid foothold in Vogen. Such a massive undertaking as claiming this fortress requires well-established supply lines, troop bases and specialist equipment. Therefore, to take the Palace you must have garnered no less than 8 Victory Points and the void shield generator must have been blown up (see generatorium, above).
The palace is occupied by the Governor and his defending forces. Another player(s) will command these defenders.
If you lose control of the Imperial Palace in the Grand Assault, you must lose D3 pins as well as the pin claiming the Palace as your forces are routed. These must be the pins nearest the Palace of Peace.
If you win then Vogen (and the campaign victory) is yours as your forces have gained superiority over the city. It will only be a matter of time before the other attackers are destroyed or sent fleeing from the city.

Railhead Depots and Terminus
The major rail artery from the massive harbour facilities on Vogen’s southern coast enters the city next to the HQ of the 122nd Cadians where every item of rolling stock is vigorously checked before it enters the city. Suicide bombers packed a train with high explosives and drove it through the gates of the railhead terminus before detonating it. Fortunately, the blast shielding of the Cadian HQ protected it from major damage, but the devastation wreaked within the rail terminus was catastrophic and 90% of the facility was damaged beyond repair. Throughout the fighting, the smashed railhead had to be swept regularly for enemy saboteurs en route to the Cadian’s HQ and fierce battles erupted in the twisted metal graveyard as von Guyen’s troops attempted to break the Cadians resistance.
2 VICTORY POINTS EACH: If you control either the railhead depots or the terminus, you may assault the 122nd Cadian HQ from this location. This bypasses the fortifications of the 122nd HQ.

Spaceport Complex
The reason for Vogen’s continued dominance of planetary affairs, the sole spaceport on the planet is where all Vogen’s imports and exports arrive and depart. The landing fields and warehouse complexes stretched far to the north of the city and Imperial forces were forced onto the defensive as traitor units attempted to wrest control of the facilities. Units of the Cadian 122nd stationed outside the city walls were able to lend their strength to the defence of the spaceport, but were annihilated when Thunderhawks carrying debased warriors of the Night Lords Chaos Space Marines dropped from orbit and struck within the defensive perimeter. Reinforcements from the north, in the shape of fresh regiments of Cadians retook the spaceport several days later, but it was only to find the landing platforms and runways cratered and booby-trapped. Engineers from the Departmento Munitorum worked non-stop for days to repair the sabotage and soon fresh troops were able to be brought in from off-world.
0 VICTORY POINTS: Any forces with a pin in the Spaceport Complex may place a pin in any unnamed location on the map (it does not need to be adjacent to a square occupied by that player). They may not place a pin in a named location. They may also Deep Strike any units they wish to keep in reserve if the scenario uses the Reserves rules.

Trading Houses
The main business of Vogen took place here, in the heaving, sweating floor of the trading house as the cartel’s representatives negotiated with off world buyers. Competition was fierce and fights common as the methods of sale frequently became little more than brawls. Von Guyen’s troops neglected to seize this building early in the fighting and by the time his troops moved into the building, the major financial resources of the family cartels had been transferred off world, depriving von Guyen of a major source of funds with which to motivate his troops. Von Guyen had the buildings demolished by artillery in a fit of pique, a decision which would later cost him dear as it allowed the Imperial counter-attack to reach the northern walls with an abundance of cover and his own forces with nowhere to mount an effective holding action.

Vogen Law Courts
The foremost authority on the planet, the law courts were the preserve of the wealthy, where members of the mercantile cartels would bring any grievances to the Chief Judge of the Adeptus Arbites. Only the most serious and public cases were tried here and frequently these attracted the avid attention of the masses. During the reconquest of Vogen, Imperial officers quickly realized that the capture of the Law courts was a necessary precursor to the assault on the Palace of Peace. The south wall of the palace had been under repair when the uprising occurred and the position of the Law courts, so close to the damaged section of wall, made it a logical position for Cadian heavy artillery pieces. Von Guyen’s forces realised this also and fought tooth and nail to deny the Cadians occupation of the building. Some of the most desperate fighting of the war took place in the streets surrounding the Law courts as both forces attempted to wrest control of the complex. Eventually, the building was to fall into Imperial hands when warriors of the Imperial Fists arrived and swept the defenders from its corridors and rooms. The bombardment of the palace walls could now commence.
5 VICTORY POINTS: Any player controlling the Arbites Law Courts may discount two ‘dots’ of fortifications when attacking the Palace of Peace.

Vogen Theatre House
Patronised by the wealthy members of Vogen society and trade negotiators, the finest works of Imperial playwrights were performed here. The building’s enormous armaglass dome was said to be the most magnificent example of Leonos del Torquemas’ work, the architect who also built the Palace of Peace. Actors once trod the boards here, re-enacting the heroic deeds of the Emperor and his Primarchs, but one of the first shells fired by the rebels scored a direct hit on the armaglass dome as the Governor’s players enacted scenes from the infamous ‘Downfall of Vandire’. Lethal shards of glass, each as large as a man’s arm, slashed downward, killing hundreds of theatre goers in seconds. A second shell followed the first, demolishing the east wall and killing the actors in its fiery detonation and there were those amongst the survivors who claimed that, given their performance, this was a blessing in disguise.

Water Purification Plant
Since 98.3% of Khai-Zhan’s surface is ocean, the water requirements of the populace is easy to meet, although the high salt content of the water requires rigorous purification before it is fit for human consumption. The vital nature of this facility made it a prime target for the rebels, but its strategic location next to the Arbites precinct made its capture an extremely difficult proposition. The rebels’ reluctance to flatten the plant with artillery played into the hands of the Arbites, who used the underground pipe system to launch raids behind the rebels’ lines and throughout the city. Vicious battles were fought as the rebels attempted to wrest control of the purification plant from the Arbites and provide their soldiers with a readily available source of fresh water, rather than the desalination capsules they were forced to rely on.
0 VICTORY POINTS: Any forces occupying the Water purification plant may use any unnamed location on the map when they place a pin (it does not need to be adjacent to a square occupied by that player). They may not place a pin in a named location.
D3 units per game may set up as infiltrators if you own this location.