Sunday, 25 May 2014

Battlegroup Overlord - British Airborne Platoon *updated*

Having played a fair bit of Battlegroup Kursk and being smitten with the rules I have turned my attention to Battlegroup Overlord.  I took my British Airborne figures that were based for Flames of War and rebased them for BGO.  I also took a moment to improve the rather flat painting.  So far I have a platoon and the support options complete.  Only my phone to take pictures so as clear as it could be.

I will start work on the other HQ, Artillery etc when I have another gap in my painting window.

Additional picture

Sunday, 11 May 2014

American Tractors

Some time back I sold all my 15mm WW2 Americans on eBay, most of it went over seas, but some stayed in the  UK, and more specifically Dave bought it... He would have bought it all, had it not been for a poorly timed shower...

Anyway, Dave's asked me to do some more Americans for him and here is the first batch, some tractors for his 155mm artillery.