Saturday, 31 October 2009

Shady War Ears

Son of Tale of...... month 1 comes to close today and after a frantic bit of painting my shadow warriors are done!
Binx crossed the line about a week ago so we're just waiting for entries from Zed and Cortez that makes it a possible £2 in my and Binx pockets if they fail.
As a minor note any winnings I get from this I'll be buying lottery tickets so If I win I can say "thanks for the £5 million, lads"!

Next month my pledge for Son of... is 10 space hulk genestealers. Need to get them done and out the way!

So, who's in next month?

Friday, 30 October 2009

Blood Pact

It's Brilliant, perhaps not the best but for me it's in sight of the tippy top of the ghost books.  It's exciting, clever and sets up what is likely to be the final narrative arc of the most evocative and popular series set in the 40k universe.  We all have our favourite characters and even the newer additons to the regiment have a special place in our hearts.  Start fretting now about which of your virtual comrades may be joining Corbec, Bragg, Soric, Caffran, Feygor and the others.

Monday, 26 October 2009

And now for something completely different

Myself and Jonno went to Wembley for the New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.
Was a good day out and even better cos the Pats spanked the Bucs 35-7
Here's some snaps from my phone, roll on next year

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hydra Hi, Campers!

Quick update on the Hydra, getting close to the finish, just needs a few
small details (and the guns are only blu tacked at the moment) and a paint job.

Soon be blasting all sorts of bandits away!

Quite tricky to photo and get the guns in perspective!

Get off my Planet!!

The end of the Mkonay Campaign is near!
Those marines have dared to attack Mkonay Prime!
All I can say is:

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Not only does this complete my painting for this months 'Son of a Tale of X gamers' but also finally gives Jonno his Marneus.

Finally finished, just in time for the Ultramarines to have someone to lead them into battle as the Marines get their 2nd turn in the Apocolypse game we're currently running.

And no I don't know why Marneus has a blue background and the others are darker and have a pinky one...

Friday, 23 October 2009

Simple But Effective

So do we want a Lone Wolves T Shirt or a Blood Bowl Shirt?

I have an image in mind for a club shirt but need to get to a copier before I can present it.  Meanwhile how about this?

Sunday, 4 October 2009

6 of the best

Having been writing the next 40k campaign (well series of story based battles) I've been looking back at what I've got painted and what's left to do.
My 3.5k of Guard are done, my 5k of Necrons have been done for some time, so there's really only my Chaos Marines that are lagging behind.
Looking at what I've already got painted and what I need to do to get to a playable amount of points (1500/1750) I was quite surprised how close I was and set about seeing what I'd need to paint to get to these figures.

At the moment I have my Daemon Prince, 2 squads of Noise Marines in Rhinos and 10 possessed painted, If I add 2 lots of 10 Lesser Daemons and a Daemonically possessed Rhino I'll hit 1500pts bang on.
Works out at 54 models on the board too, a nice Slaaneshi number (9x6 for those struggling)

To go to 1750 I found that I could do it a number of ways and each of them involved adding 6 more models for an extra Slaaneshi 60 models on the board! Either, 6 Bikes, 6 Raptors or 6 Chosen in a Rhino.

So once Marneus Calgar is done, the last of my Lizardmen and those pesky Vampires are out of the way, I'll be moving on to firstly getting to a playable 1500points and then painting the units to get me to 1750.

Let the painting commence and Death to the false Emperor (unless I'm playing Gaurd)

I'll put it simple: if you're going hard enough left, you'll find yourself turning right

I've been going about it all wrong, for years as I start using an army; Imperial Guard for example, I start adding additional units, building, converting and painting them.  Then about half way through the project we change games and I start changing my plans, leaving projects half done.

As the title suggests something unexpected is needed, so when I'm just about to receive my Space Wolf Codex and additional units, I'm going to start painting Dark Elves ready for when WHFB starts.

I am a Genius!  Ok maybe not but I'll let you know how it works out

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Baptisim of fire!

I just thought i would give you all an insight of what it is like being a new gamer!
So far...4 games, 1 draw, 3 losses, within the three losses, i have been totally destroyed, thanks to 2 devistator squads! one that came close, and one where i just plain lost!

What i am starting realise....slowly, is that there is so much more to this game than just, Paint, plonk, play....or the 3 P's as i like to call them!
I am starting to find the feel for my orks, and realising that it is like a game of chess but with more green, more dakka and more chopping! It is very easy to see your self winning the game, but then your opponent does something that you didnt want them to, and it can change the game completely! ANd if that doesnt work, then you just keep throwing ones, and 14 dice cant kill one marine in hand to hand!

On top of the gaming, i am slowly but surley getting though the rules, this to me, is far more important than the winning. I dont believe i will ever fully know them all, but just being able to have a flowing game with no simple questions is what i aim for! But still, only 4 weeks in, i think i am getting on ok.

That is all, i hope you enjoyed my thoughts, or my rant! It would be interesting to know if any of you went though the same thing!