Tuesday, 28 June 2011

That's No Troll

Bloodbowl season continues and the Dragon Ead Destroyers are doing alright and making cash along the way.
Time to hire another player.
So what's missing from the team? A bit of raw strength thats what.
Time for a Snow Troll!

I've wracking my brain over what to do for a Snow Troll for a while.
There's a few minis out there I like but would either involve a lot of work or too expensive.
Then memory from long ago hit me!


I've had this BB version of Thrud for ageeeesssssss (I think Binx got it for me when he was still at GW) but never finished painting it so a quick re undercoat (or varnish if you're Cortez!) and I painted him to match the Dragon'eads.

Rules wise he probably fits an Ogre better but looks wise I think he fits the Norse so he's in!

For those who are unaware of Thrud see below:

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Which Wych part 2

Wyches four, five and six are done and dusted. Having bought the parts for two more from Bitsandkits, I now have nine more to do to complete the unit.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Which Wych

I've painted the 1st three of my 13 Dark Eldar Wyches and thought I'd share them with you.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Challenge Cup 2011

At the request of Lordybloke, here is the league table after 3 rounds of the 2011 Lonewolves Challenge Cup.

With 7 rounds to go ( 5 games for some 6 for the others) there is still plenty to play for, at present its the Skaven and Norse in position to play in the final.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

British Airborne

In a divergence away from our typical two games I have been putting some time into the WWII era and have purchased some Warlord paratroopers.  The figures are excellent and nicely proportioned but if I get another figure with a grenade just leaving the hand I will cry.  It's very nice but I don't need 5 in a platoon.  Expect to find them on eBay soon.

I have painted a test figure and I'm happy with the result.  The Denison smock isn't as accurate as some might like but it works for me.

The plan is to have a full platoon of three sections each with an LMG team and an equal split of rifles and smg's.  There will be a 2" mortar and a sniper with the three sections.  Along with the Platoon HQ I also have 2 HMG's, 2 PIAT teams, a 3" mortar and a 75mm Pack Howitzer (had to make the minimum order and it seemed a good idea)

We have also plumped for Disposable Heroes as a rules set.  There are lots to choose from and it's a minefield (pun intended) to decide which is suitable.  As the idea is to play Platoon sized games these seem to fit the bill.