Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Battlegroup Overlord - Battle Report

Elliot and I decided to play 500 point meeting engagement with Battlegroup Overlord. 
I chose Panzergrenadiers and Elliot took British Airborne.  The army lists are below.  In order to give the game a more Normandy feel we pushed the table size down to 4ft by 4ft.  Combining this with as many hedgerows as we had – must make some bocage- we hoped that it would give us a game which wasn’t dominated by armour in the early turns of the game.
We placed four objectives.  One is the church the other is a black truck on the German side of the table and the British have a Jeep and a fuel dump.  The game begins with the Germans advancing their recce elements into the town and bumping into a British Recce jeep.
Panzer Division (Overlord)

(Officers: 4) Army Size: Platoon

507 / 35br

Forward Headquarters
3 men & SdKfz 251/3
Infantry Units
Panzer Grenadier Squad
Bipod MG34
Armoured Pzr Gren Squad
SdKfz 251/1, Bipod MG34
Panzer Grenadier Platoon
Anti-tank Gun
50mm PaK38, Medium truck
Tank Units
StuG III Battery
3 Stug III Gs
Artillery Units
Off-Table Mortar Fire
2 120mm mortars
Reconnaissance Support Units
Recon Platoon Command
SdKfz 250/10
Armoured Car
SdKfz 222
Logistics Support Units
Supply Column
1 medium truck
Additional Fire Support
Off-Table Artillery Request
2nd (4+)
Pre-Registered Target Point
6th Airborne Division

(Officers: 4) Army Size: Platoon

499 / 31br

Forward Headquarters Units
Forward Headquarters
Comms Relay Team
Infantry Units
Airborne Infantry Platoon
Light Mortar Team
Anti-tank Gun
6 pdr, Jeep
Tank Units
Sherman Troop
3 M4A4
Artillery Units
Off-Table Mortar Fire
3 3" mortars
Reconnaissance Support Units
Recon Platoon Command
4 men and a Jeep
Additional Fire Support
Pre-Registered Target Point
Timed Typhoon Air Strike

Having more recce units the Germans follow up their recce elements with a Stug supported by a squad of infantry.  The 222 move straight down through the cross roads and opens fire at the Para Recce Jeep – missing. (just visible by the two house with red roofs).  The Recce Command in the 250 turns right but is hit by a mine which destroys it.  (chit draw for capture of objective at turn end) 

A half squad moves along the hedgerow towards the objective.

The British player only manages to bring on a Sherman which opens fire at the 222 missing it despite the short range and clear target.

The British player has selected the church as a preregistered target point and the 3” mortars land with a direct hit on the Stug which destroys it
Meanwhile the Germans start to advance using the fields as cover.  The Forward HQ in half track forces it way through the hedgerow whilst the platoon command element follow up on 1st squad.  Another Stug takes a shot at the Sherman as the infantry advance.  The Panzergrenadiers in the 251 make it into cover of the building and the squad dismounts and moves into the building overlooking the British positions

British Sections arrives and opens fire on the Germans in the right hand house.  This firefight would continue throughout the battle but whilst taking casualties the MG34 team hold out pinning and delaying the British infantry

The Paras direct the Sherman to fire on the house that is holding up their advance.

The Typhoon strike arrives and destroys the Forward HQ completely and also pins all of the infantry.  This is may give the British the opportunity they need to take the village

Finally the Stug gunner hits the Sherman, combined with a mortar barrage that pins the replacement British para section – the previous section had been pinned and routed by the Panzergrenadier squad in the house.  The British BR is reached
It was a very good game, finished in two hours.  Elliot was unlucky to lose, he had caused me much more trouble than I had him but when his hand went into the pot for a chit it was harsh.  The first three chits were all 5s.  He was also unlucky with his morale rolls which saw a section route with only a single casualty having been pinned and then take a casualty with aimed fire.  In contrast the German squads (MG and Rifle) were whittled down to just 2 men an passed their morale each time.
Great game.  Now off to build some proper bocage J

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Can you play too many games?

How many games do you play or own models for? How many games are played at your club?

When The Lonewolves Club started in the late 1990's we only played Games Workshop games. Warhammer Fantasy, 40k and the occasional Specialist game were the staple of our weekly meetings. This is all we knew, it was mainly fuelled buy a large number of us either working or having worked for Games Workshop.

Over the last half dozen years the spectrum of games we play has grown and grown and we now boast nearly 20 games in our portfolio.
Not everyone plays every game, some are only played by two of us and some of us have never and will never play some titles.

The first thing to change our gaming habits was the interest in World War Two gaming, and our gaming started with Flames of War. We don't play FoW any more with our 15mm WW2 gaming replaced with Battlegroup.
After a club visit to Salute, the number of games we played began in to increase quickly. At Salute we saw Saga for the first time, and after seeing a pre release version of Bolt Action we scaled up to 28mm
During 2014 the five games that as a club we played the most were, in increasing order of games played; Battlegroup, Warhammer, Dead Mans Hand, Warhammer 40,000 and Chain of Command. So you can see that although we play loads more games, we still maintain our love for Games Workshop and WW2 gaming, with a little bit of Cowboys and Indians to add some flavour.
2015 has started off in similar fashion, with only Warhammer yet to have an outing, replaced by the modern combat game Skirmish Sangin. At the end of this year we expect to add more games, with Napoleonics and Malifaux coming soon.
So to ask the questions we started with, Can you play too many games? How many games do you play or own models for? How many games are played at your club?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hobby round up 2015 week 4

Another week another hobby update.

Sadly not a lot to report this week, but here goes....

With Neil and Frazer looking at some Napoleonics this year, we have our first sighting of some French line fusilier figures.


 Now there may only be three of them and they may only be white, but its a start on the slippery slope to a table full of the mass regiments of French we're all looking forward to in the coming months.

Next up are some American tanks painted by Chris for Dave.

Three Jumbos and a Super Pershing this time around ready just in time for Dave to take to his next tournament.

While painting the tanks Chris also started the long and arduous journey of building 90+ Night Goblins.

23 down, loads more to go, including 60 more spear goblins, a dozen netters and clubbers and loads of spider riders.