Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hobby Round up Week 13

I, Frazer Overlord of all, have been busy with Witches, cowboys, an industrial walker for IHMN and a couple of the Warlord plastic infantry to add to the British IHMN company and a Pegasus for Warhammer Elves

Unlucky for some?!
It's been busy on the Simon's workbench, anyone would think he's been off work 'ill'...
Simon has continued to build Next Door Matt's Chaos Marines; this week we have Terminators, Raptors and some magnetised Special Weapons.
Simon has also been busy paining World War 2 related figures at two scales, firstly the last of his 28mm Brits and then some more 15mm Brits

Neil has built some figures in anticipation of playing Lion Rampant, here we have six archers and six halberdiers

Chris continues to inflict hobby pain upon himself, he is currently painting a large collection of Night Goblins. The plastic figures are almost done, with just the metal, teeth, eyes and bases to do. The metal Netters & Clubbers and the Fanatics will follow.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Hobby Round up Week 12

It may be 24 hours later than usual, but the wait will be worth it!

First this week are some more pictures of the Nurgle Chaos Warriors that Neil has been working on over the last few weeks. Seven models are now there or there abouts

Simon has been busy again, not only with his own stuff, but with some Chaos Marines for Next Door Matt.
Simon has continued work on his Space Wolves and now has some more Terminators that are ready for the table top.

Si loves to build the models that others hate, and even those that they don't!
He has been recently been building Chaos Space Marines for Next Door Matt, with a Lord, some foot sloggers and a Rhino (not pictured) now ready for some paint.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hobby Round up Week 11

Happy Mothers day!
Not a great deal of hobby to report this week.
First up, Neil has continued to plough through some Avatars of War 'Nurgle Warriors'. Having built them last week, now they have a white undercoat and in some cases a myriad of different inks
Simon continues to beaver away on his Space Wolves. His Terminator squad now has a few more colours on them.
Finally for this week we have Frazer's efforts. He continues to plough through the large amount of Dark Elf Witches he owns, but inches ever closer to bringing them to a Wednesday game.

Frazer has also continued to work on some Lonewolf Terminators....
... and whilst hunting through the garage, unearthed some of his Chaos Marine collection that will be hitting eBay soon.