Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bug Out - Vogen Battle Report

The Tyranids and Space Wolves clash on the streets of Vogen


 Rune Priest Bjornsson, tasked with retrieving a precious Imperial Relic from within Hab Epsilon led his Space wolves through the quiet streets. Everything was going to plan until the Tyranids of the Fulminar Hive Fleet made their presence known.

Upon sighting the deadly bio-morphs, the Space Wolves sent their Long Fangs to over see the battlefield, whilst their Wolf Riding warriors and Rhino riding brethren sought to take out the Tyranids in close quarter fighting.

The early stages of the battle saw many Wolves killed by the horrific psychic capabilities of the Zoanthropes, however, once this bombardment was weathered, the orange scaled alien warriors could not take the punishment given out but the Thunderwolf riding Astartes from Fenris, with both Carnifexes being destroyed. 

As the battle looked to be swinging in the favour of the Imperium, 3 squads of Tyranid warriors, who had manage to outflank the Space Wolf attack, crashed into the Wolf Rune-priest and brothers in arms, causing many casualties including a mortal wound on the wolf psyker himself.

As the Tyranids tore through the power armoured warriors, the Hive Tyrant known as Pesadelo Voando swooped in on wings of leathery skin to snatch the Relic only to be instantly blown from the sky as every Space Wolf bolter, missile launcher and chainsword was aimed in his direction.

With the massive biomorph smashing into the city streets the Space Wolves were able to grab the priceless relic and evacuate the warzone just in time for extraction.

Victory to the Space Wolves.


Experience rolls still to be made for this game.

Also this round a massive warp storm struck the Vogen area, clearing almost as soon as it had started.
Once the flashes of arcane energy caused by this storm had dissipated the forces of Chaos were nowhere to be seen.........

New map update and new moves coming soon!