The Tea Hat Rules

The Rules of the Tea Hat and Painted Armies
At the beginning of the evening each person present will roll 2D6. The lowest roll will begin the evening wearing the hat, except in the case of a double 6, this overrides any other roll and wins you the hat automatically, to be known as “auto-hat”.
Any draws will be settled with a roll off following the rules as laid out above.
If you are wearing the hat at 23:30, or you leave early whilst wearing the hat, you become the Wednesday Wizard and will roll 3D6 on the next evening you attend, and remove the highest dice to obtain your score EXCEPT where two 6’s are present. If this is the case they take precedence, see “auto-hat” above.
It is possible that due to certain circumstances there may be more than one wizard in any given games night.

After declaring the first hat wearer of the evening, this person will then roll a dice and consult the below list, for that evenings 'bonus' hat rule, this rule lasts all night.

The hat shall be passed to anyone who...

1. drops, rolls or otherwise places a die/dice on the floor of the venue
2. uses a curse word that, as a parent, you would not approve of your child saying
3. says the 'magic' word, as chosen by the dice roller (this cannot be a swear word)
4. rolls a die/dice that becomes cocked
5. contrary to the below rules for 'winning' the hat, you destroy an opponents unit. (see below for the definition of a unit in our most commonly played games)
6. Hat Wearer Bonus! Who ever makes the tea, gets a single dice re roll to be used that night. (normal re roll rules apply, remember you can't re roll a re roll)

When the time reaches 9:30pm, 10:30pm and 11:30pm, who ever is wearing* the hat will make a round of tea/coffee for the group. This person is to be known as the “Tea Gimp”. Other drinks may be requested but the request may be ignored at the risk of social derision.
“Winning” the hat.

You 'win' the hat when one of your 'units' is destroyed/wiped out/removed from play. As we play a large variety of games, below is a guide for each of our most common games**.

A Fistful of Kung Fu - A Single Figure
Battlegroup Kursk - A vehicle, Squad or Officer
Chain of Command - A Team, an Officer or Vehicle
Dead Man's Hand - A Single Figure
Dux Bellorum - A Single Base of Figures
Guild Ball - A Single Figure, Conceding a Goal
In Her Majesties Name - A Single Figure or Vehicle
Musket & Tomahawks - A Unit of Figures or an Officer
Saga - A point of figures or a Warlord
Sails of Glory - The loss of a Ship
Skirmish Sangin - A Single Figure
Warhammer / Age of Sigmar - A Lord, Hero, Unit, Monster or War machine. As well as a miscast.
Warhammer 40,000 - A unit, vehicle, monstrous creature or character. As well as a Perils of the Warp roll

Note; once the tea making time has passed, the hat cannot be passed on until the Tea Gimp has made their tea round. Any hat winning events are ignored until the tea is either brought to the players or available for collection from the kitchen hatch.

You will also win the hat for any outburst of gaming tourette’s that you make. Rules clarifications are fine.

Using a Fully Painted Army  (UAFPA)

If you are fielding a fully painted (and based) army with no proxies (or borrowed, painted models) against a player (or players) who have at least one non fully painted model or a proxy you have the following advantages:

· You gain +1 to the roll to go first (where applicable)
· Once per evening where you win the hat you may choose to pass the hat to the non UAFPA player. This is to be known as a “hat toss”. Your first choice must be someone playing at your table, if none of these people are eligible, you may pass it to any non UAFPA player present that evening, even someone who is just there to watch!
The "hat toss" must be done immediately after receiving the hat, it cannot be delayed until a more prime opportunity.


To encourage more club members to visit/ post on the blog, watch out for the Weekly Wildcard, found on the front page of the blog; this could help you avoid the hat...

Please note all rules above can be changed at the whim of the majority vote at a moments notice!
*note “wearing” in this case is not necessary a physical requirement so merely taking the hat off doesn’t mean you’re exempt

** this list can be updated on the fly during an evening if a majority vote deems it to count as a 'unit'