Sunday, 31 August 2008

Over the Line!

Made it! Thats all that needs to be said really!

Anyway busy month etc etc meant the deadline loomed large before I was really ready for it (thats deadlines for ya!).

The eagle proved to be a bit tricky. I wanted to avoid "brown" and make it look like it belonged to the same army as the Elves themselves. The brown avoidance has definitely worked but whether it fits in time will tell as the army grows!

Also they really do look better in real life! Cameras/ stark lighting etc! Yeah...whatever!

Next months quota?
Joining the general vibe I'm going for the big unit of spearmen to. None of this 15 man unit though, oh no, 23 for me! I want a proper rank bonus!
Spearmen = 232 pts leaving me 8 points to carry over next month (40 from last month)
or £25.88 (£2.25 from last month) leaves £1.37.
If any of that still matters!

Reinforcements pt2

With my months painting done it was time to go back to painting some Ultramarines for Big Jon.

Last time I had some spray problems but this time everything has come out a lot better.

5 Assault Marines done in the space of a couple of days and even though Jon only really wants them base coated I found it really hard to leave them without at least a little highlighting.

You gotta know when to hold em...

...and know when to fold em.

Well despite my full itinerary and even fuller agenda combined with a week long illness I have finished the Corsairs and I am quite pleased. Especially as they are on time and that they look how I wanted. Oh and in case you didn't know when your children go to nursery, school etc the little blighters turn into nurglings.

However there will be no slowing down over the next few weeks and do I have big enough nuts to go for the 15 Spearmen next or should I replace my groin fruit with tictacs and paint a hero or two?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Phew, What Skinks!

Well this months quota is done!

30 Skinks including 3 Braves ( the ones with the white crests )

Next stop Terradons!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Cor Sir! - update

It was all going so well. I've found a quick way of painting Dark Elves (to an ok gaming standard) and the figures would arrive in a reasonable amount of time. I'd finished my Marauder army forever and ever and ever, so there was nothing to stop me from cruising through the tale of ... challenge. Except, except the decision to move house. Butter it!

So with a week to go I am simultaneously clearing the loft, which looks like a GW stock room, discussing paint and flooring, along with all the standard family activities AND painting the Corsairs. Well I've done 10 and I have a week to do the remaining 7. It's looking tricky. Wish me luck.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Polls Apart

Ok, with all the excitement and energy flying around regarding Wednesdays showdown between the new codex on the block, Chaos Daemons and the tattered old Daemon hunters codex which has been thoroughly combed by Tomarse's beard.
Who do you think will win??

A draw! Who'd have thought it! Well, who voted correctly?
What, I forgot to include a "draw" option? Pfffffffff!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Daemons are not politically correct...

...and neither am I. Don't get me wrong, I am not a bigot or any kind of phobic but a large section of humour is based on the misfortune of others. I like comedy. That is all that I can think of when Binx whips out an army from the Chaos Daemon Codex. For you to get the best out of this codex you have to have a sense of humour, the kind that relishes in the discomfort and misfortune of others. There is so much I want to say about the new Chaos Daemon Codex but I know I'll offend someone. My sister describes me as having the 'Doc Martin' brand of diplomacy and you'll never know how hard this has been to write without resorting to type. The fact of the matter is the Chaos Daemon Codex has been written specifically to offend me. I haven't even played against it yet but I've witnessed two horrific games at close quarters. Cortez gave it a good go two games on the trot with his Eldar and Daemon Hunters respectively. His second game was hard fought but ultimately a doomed enterprise. Our hope now resides with Tomarse as he pits the second Daemon Hunters army to banish this codex.

BS4 & unprecedented success on the dice rolls could not save the day!

It was proxy hell too. They are all Slaaneshi daemons. Apparently

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rats are on the way

Well it was about time I updated the blog and added something myself. The whole idea of X Gamers was meant to give me a good kick up the arse and get my armies painted, so here is the starting point.

Stage one fur is painted with Calthan Brown, this is also used on the wood work of the spear. Second base colour is Tallarn Flesh. Boltgun Metal and Snakebite Leather added to detail areas. This stage is a 2 part stage, Badab Black wash followed by Devlan Mud wash. After the wash, skin and leather work has a single highlight. The metal has no additional highlight as this gives the metal a more aged looked. Final stage, base done and matt varnish. A final picture with all the stages of the slave painting. Here are the 1st 15 done, should be adding to them in the near future. And here we have the full 30 done and dusted..............Now for some guns!!!

What Possessed You?

They've taken forever to do but they're finally completely done!!
I'll get round to doing their own personal Rhino soon enough.

Cannon and Wall

Last post from me was quite some time ago. Note to self; stop neglecting the blog...Anyways, I have finished the first of this months selctions, namely my Empire Great Cannon complete with diarama base. Pics are attached.
Similair to Lordy Bloke, I have also been having fun with Magnets since having to overcome the challenge of how the hell I can make my Swordsmen standard bearer stand up. I have enough to think about when I play Fantasy without adding anything else. I came up with the cunning plan of using New Earth disc magnets some time a go and have had 250 4mm x 0.5 mm discs knocking around for a while with this purpose in mind. It was only when having a disturbed morning (Kids....impossible to paint) on Saturday morning that I finally got round to building a centering tool for the figure base and movement tray that the plan came together. Anti Grav Swordsmen attached. Swordsmen and 20 Spearmen are now fully magneted up. 10 Greatswords have also had the treatment but they were a git due to the slot bases. Nothing a drill and some patience didn't cure but still. Talking of Greatswords....on to the number two selection for this month.....

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Hold on Lads, I've got an Ikea.....

Painting has been on hold for me this week due to "project flatpack" which will revamp the 3rd bedroom into a wondrous painting/gaming zone.

About half way through the work at the moment so next weekend could be tricky too. My tale of X gamers plans are falling apart around my ears! A bit like the wardrobes I'm trying to put together (WTB new wardrobe assembly "mate"!). Also my eagle hasn't actually arrived in the post yet! Glurk!

What do you mean this is a rubbish post and I'm just adding this as I haven't posted anything for a while! Thats a very cynical attitude mi-laddo......!!

You'll burn for that!

Here be Daemons

Binx has been cavorting with daemons and he has to be stopped. No longer satisfied with his willy marines, picture of the conversion that coined this nickname later this week, and the bentness that is the chaos marine codex he's latched on to a bent codex too far, the Chaos Daemons Codex. Which makes me ask, what else would it be called the OCD Daemons, the arrange your cereal boxes by height Daemons? What was wrong with calling it the Daemons Codex? Mini rant there, sorry about that.

Cortez's Eldar recently suffered a two turn defeat, a teeny weeny bit of this being his army selection, but the rest of us looked on at the Slaanesh/Khorne combo and groaned. Hearing of this Tomarse decided to polish his plate, sharpen his Nemesis force weapons and prepare his Grey Knights for combat. He has a plan so smart you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

I'll let you know how it goes...

A threesome is never as much fun as it sounds...

Its been a low turn out for Wednesday night fighting of late. It's more usual to try and work out what we'll do for the 5th, 6th and occasionally 7th player as we have 12ft by 4ft of gaming surface. Last Wednesday there were only the three of us, Lordy, Binx and I.

There are new guidelines for three way games in the new 5th edition and we thought we'd give that a go. The scenario is three factions are meeting in the wilds of beyond and the fragile parley falls apart and a big fight breaks out. Whoever goes last automatically goes first the following turn and the remaining players roll off for 2nd and 3rd. On the first turn each unit becomes active on 4+ and there are reserves.

We set up in the centre with an Ork Warboss, a Daemon Prince and a Marine Captain. Lets be honest a parley was never going to work was it? Each of the factions had a 'base' as an objective to hold whilst attempting to secure the central objective, where the parley is held, or another base from the other forces.

The forces of chaos went first and elected to attack the Marine Captain, Binx being too scared of fighting the Warboss. The Daemon Prince paid for this mistake and was dead on turn two. Below is a sequence of pictures that showed the ebb and flow of the battle. Despite a few moments solid counter attack, the Marauder marines were hors de combat by turn 2. . The Orks were left wholly intact until turn 3 and went on to win the game by one objective after losing the Warboss in close combat with the possessed of Slaanesh.

Ultimately, in my opinion, a three way game isn't viable and if you are in the same situation, the normal solution of one player having double the points of the other two is much better. So I would like to finish by saying, I will never, never, ever eat a tomato!

Meeting up for a chat...!

The green tide begins

Hot Plasma Death about to rain down on the Noise Marines - 8 dead!

The Orks get stuck in

Battle in full swing

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Yo Ho, Yo Ho a pirate's life for me...

Well here we are my first painted Corsair. The picture is a bit blurry despite taking a few. Poor light I think.

Only 16 more to go.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

...and where, ah ha, is your horse?

I wanted to be the first to publish my completed unit for 'Tale of many, many gamers' but I have been busy finishing of figures for my 40k 5th Edition marine army. I managed to scrape a loss last Wednesday against Tomarse's Grey Knights and my bikes were key in allowing me to come second. Anyway enjoy, hopefully, my complete bike unit and a Captain on Bike. Well still the static grass to go on but that doesn't really count. Does it?

Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Chosen One

With the 'Tale of some gamers' starting this week, i thought it best to paint something that has nothing to do with it what so ever!

Here is the test piece for the Chosen Marines for my Slaaneshi Chaos Marine force.

To make them look different to to the Noise Marines i have reversed the colour scheme, this one in particular has an Icon of Slaanesh.

Right now to finish off the Possessed Marines....

Friday, 1 August 2008

Biggest of the big hats

Just put the finishing touches to the first model for month one of the "Tale of multiple gamers". Here's my general. Although a lowly Thane right now, I don't really want the hassle of making a new general when the army is expanded beyond 1000pts, so I've made quite an extensive conversion. It reached the point where he was in danger of bling overdose, so the idea of having him carried into battle on a platform carried by slaves has been abandoned. For now.....

This model also marks the start of my experiments with GF9 "Grey Stuff". First impressions are favourable. It dries harder than Green Stuff, and can be cut or filed nicely when dry. The main differences are that the working time is much shorter than Green Stuff, making it less suitable for detail work, and it does not have the same sort of elasticity. But it is definitely well recommended.

Anyway, without further ado, here's a close up picture:

And a before and after picture, showing the BFSP Thane that he is based on.

The only question now is whether he will fit in a unit considering all the additional bulk he has been given. Still, that's a worry for another day. The Death Rocket and crew are next on the list...