Monday, 26 April 2010

Orcland Raiderz

Or some other humerous the first time you hear it American football Orc named Blood bowl Team

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bloody Priest!

With the red thirst still flowing through my veins I continue playing about with the Blood Angels!
Slapped this Sanguinary Priest together quite quickly using some random bits including a medic model I've had laying about for at least 10 years and probably longer!
The green (should have used brown I'm thinking now) stuff needs a bit of filing but I hope to get it sprayed today.
Tomorrow should see the colours done and the dipping!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dropping One

Dropping three? Or for some of you, as many as six!

The weathering powder didn't like the varnish so needs re doing but they are good enough

The pleasure's all mine

With Zed revealing his campaign 1500pts, I thought Id follow with my Slaaneshi force.

HQ - Daemon Prince

T - 10 Noise Marines, champion, power weapon, Icon, Rhino
T - 10 Noise Marines, champion, power weapon, Icon, Rhino

HS - Defiler, 2 extra close combat arms
HS - 2 Obliterators

D - 17 lesser daemons
D - Greater Daemon

The only model I don't currently own is the Greater Daemon so Zed's Bloodthirster will be standing in until I get around to buying one

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Continued Curiousity....

Sooooo, you look at your test trooper Smik and decide you're quite happy with the result BUT you've already started a white scar army and should really finish that first!
What do you do?
Luckily you have about 5 mins before you head off for lunch and know exactly where to find a white trooper Smik (2!) that just needs a bit of red before you can dip him!
Before you know it the pipe grips are swinging again!

Not overly happy with the result, looks a little messier on the white so I'll be sticking to the fine lining pens for the Scars.

Oh well, you've got to try these things!


Soooooo, its Sunday afternoon, you're going out for a late lunch and have a bit of time to kill so what happens?
Your mind starts to wander and you wonder what a marine would look like if you dipped it, right?
So you whip out your red spray, find yourself a trooper Smik and before you know it you're waving your pipe grips around trying not to launch Smik up the garden.
Does it work?
I'll leave that decision up to you......

Friday, 16 April 2010

So, he owns the field as well?

Booby Traps and stuff

Blackadder: Now, where the hell are we?
George: Well, it's difficult to say, we appear to have crawled
into an area marked with mushrooms.
Blackadder: [patiently] What do those symbols denote?
George: Pfff. That we're in a field of mushrooms?
Blackadder: Lieutenant, that is a military map, it is unlikely to list
interesting flora and fungi. Look at the key and you'll
discover that those mushrooms aren't for picking.
George: Good Lord, you're quite right sir, it says "mine". So,
these mushrooms must belong to the man who made the map.
Blackadder: Either that, or we're in the middle of a mine-field.
Baldrick: Oh dear.
George: So, he owns the field as well?

Berserkers Done!

Counts as Powerfist but fits in with the preferred weapons of the World Eaters the chain axe or chainsword.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


In the spirit of the less competitive approach to gaming this year, whilst we are all pondering on what army composition to take for the up coming 40K campaign, I thought I would publish my 1500 point army list.  The 750 point list is still being debated but will not include anything from the list below

This is all taken from the Chaos Marine army I have in the cabinet and the only modifications I have made is to include a powerfist with each squad to improve the anti armour capability.  In the past Berserkers have spent entire games in combat with dreadnoughts with no chance of winning

Chaos Lord
Mark of Khorne
Plasma Pistol
Daemon Weapon

Eight World Eater Berserkers
Champion, Powerfist
2 Plasma Pistols

Eight World Eater Berserkers
Champion, Powerfist
2 Plasma Pistols

Eight World Eater Berserkers
Champion, Powerfist
2 Plasma Pistols

Land Raider
Daemonic Posession

Eight Raptors
Champion, Power Weapon
Plasma Pistol

Eight Daemons of Khorne

Friday, 9 April 2010


Forgeworld and no one buying it if so?


Not according to this piccy from the Forgeworld open day!

I'm guessing they got bored of the question!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pak 40

How cool is this?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wanna see my Rusty Rhino?

Easter weekend has come and gone and it seems at least a few of us had a chance to get some painting done.
I've cleared the terrain backlog I've had for a while with the second lot of planetstrike craters and the battlescape all finally finished.
Quite pleased with how the rhino has come out.

Will be bringing it all on Weds night.

Good old sponges!

Monday, 5 April 2010


The Fortress of Redemption is done and here it is.

Kraken Host - Done!

Well it's been a while coming but my Dark Elf army is finished. It started with the Tale of X gamers (also on the blog) and the 1000 point challenge has continued as I got to grips with a gold medal winning bent army.

What I mean by finished is that I have the 2000 point army I set out to build plus a little bit more just to keep eveyone uncertain about what will be on the field of battle each week.  I will continue to add some units; I have just ordred some Daemonettes and some Gargoyles to build some Harpies for example but as my main focus of building, converting and painting it is finished.

What next?  Chaos warband of course, you're not a proper gamer without dabbling with the infernal powers

Friday, 2 April 2010


This years winners, the Coffin Dodgers

League Champions and runner up Saurian Storm

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Zero to Hero

As I was playing 40k, I've let Lordybloke, head coach of the Coffin Dodgers give the low down on the final of the Challenge Cup 2010

The final of the Lone Wolves Blood Bowl League 2010 had finally arrived.
Both teams had taken the delay to get a bit of extra training in to make sure they were fully match fit for what was to be a grave spectacle. The Coffin Dodgers came on to the pitch looking sharp, the ball was thrown easily from hand to skeletal claw and back again during warm up and the sun glinted from the fresh embalming fluid covering their bodies (inducements meant 2 extra team training rerolls and a bloodweiser babe).
Unfortunately the delay had taken its toll on the undead fans, many only resurrected for the length of the season, and the scaly followers dominated the stands.
The Lizards stalked onto the pitch following their sojourn to a tropical beach to soak up the sun that super charged their cold blood.

The lizards kicked off to the dead dudes.

A rumour spun round the stadium as the ball spun high in the air. The Saurian Storm's ship to the island of sun had somehow lost its course and ended up in a Norscan fjord! The lizard blood was flowing like treacle!

The kick barely made over the line and was so high it gave Lug-gug the muscle bound ghoul plenty of time to get under it, catch it and blitz the scaly defenders, with a little help from The Duke of Spook, and set off down field with fellow ghoul, Orfug on his heels.
The lizards could do little to stop the pair and an early touchdown was scored, handing the ball back to the Storm.

The Storm were trying to work their classic sideline play but with saurus tripping over their own feet, the mighty krox getting crocked for the game and another ghoul pairing getting in the way of a near skink touchdown the ball was spilled. The ghouls capitalised, pounced on the ball and ran up the centre for a second. More failed skink dodging brought the half to a close, Dodgers 2-0 but both sides doing ok as far as casualties went.

2nd half
The Storm were really chasing the game but still hadn't warmed up enough and another slippage saw the Dodgers steal the ball again and after a small delay and a threat of a throw that never happened, run in a third.
The match was drawing on but suddenly the lizards looked a little lively although they had lost a few skinks along the way by now. Blocks saw undead being slammed into the ground but Lug-gug stepped up again to blitz a ball carrying skink into the solid wall that was a mummy who promptly flattened the skink leaving the ball to drift free of the scrum that was around it and into the hands of another happy ghoul.

A little bit of scrambling later and the fourth touchdown was scored.
With minutes on the clock the Storm looked for a consolation score and re set for the classic play once more. Sadly it wasn't to be as some further ghoul and wight interruption caused more ball spillage towards another waiting ghoul who only had to dodge a skink, scoop up the ball and run in the fifth!!!!

The dodge failed! Game ends 4-0 to the Dodgers who are now fully vindicated from last years defeat!!
All credit to Mr Cyrus who managed to remain good humoured despite the absolutely appalling (X10) dice rolls that were coming up.

Bring on the 2011 league!!

The rules for the 4th challenge cup are ready to go, will we see a new champion or will Binx or Lordybloke claim another title? 9 Months til kickoff....