Sunday, 22 July 2012

Geek Saturday

Over the last few months, I've had a Geek Saturday. This involves, myself , my wife Jen and my old housemate Rich, playing some board/card games and eating take away for most of the day.

So far we have played, Zombie Dice, Talisman, Bloodbowl Cardgame, Bugmans's, Ticket to Ride and our favourite, Munchkin.

This week we played Munchkin with 7 out of the 8 available 'normal' expansions, the 5th expansion not making it through the post in time. We played four games over the space of about 7 hours, and only got through about 2/3s of the cards, so there is plenty of fund to be had with loads of cards yet to be seen.

Our next Geek Saturday is pencilled in for a few weeks time where the 5th expansion will get shuffled in, and before the end of the year the 9th expansion should be released to make our decks even bigger.

Some of the Lonewolves have also played Munchkin and I'm sure a Wednesday in the future will see it rear its head again.

The mighty decks piled high ready for another game of Munchkin

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Swanky Yanky

Its been a week since my last Flames of War painting update, and I've been busy... Well more like I havent been busy, so I've had chance to paint some more stuff.

No they're not 100% finished as I'm waiting for my new decals to turn up, but the painting side of things is done.

So to add to my half tracks, I have 6 Sherman's ( one of them is a spotter for the artillery), 3 Priests, and four anti-aircraft half tracks.

I've now run out of spray, but once a new batch arrives, I have nine more vehicles to do before I move onto the infantry, which may take a little longer....

Friday, 13 July 2012

What a handsome lot!

Sparked by a conversation about Full Metal Jacket, my (slightly odd) imagination could not stop thinking how much like Gummer Pile, Elliot (Ball Boy) would look if he was bald. So, with Bald Booth installed, I proceeded to have a look. Safe as to say we didn't start until nearly 9 on Weds......

Commision & WIP

Me again, well we've had our 1st game of new 40k and a few nice little tweaks here and there so more games needed before we'll really know how good/bad the new system is.

Anyway enough random witterings and down to the fun stuff, the Lonewolves recently had a good deal with Triplehelix and were able to bolster our forces when we picked up the new rules and amonst it all were some more wolves for myself and 2!! yep thats right 2!! Stormtalons for Johnny Boy. As Mr T isn't one for sticking or painting I offerd up my services for this little job.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Wolf time again....

Right time for another blog from me, easy to guess what it's about.....

Yep you guessed it Space Wolves, with the new rules of 40k finally with us it was time for a change from the old Crimson Fists that have been getting painted for.....?? way way way to long to guess (I'm sure one or two of the Loners will let us all know).

So after a little thinking and some sticking here are some more bits and pieces for my Space Wolves.

First up are the Wolf Guard in Terminator armour, I'm sticking to my option of the dark grey colour scheme, they just seem to look better than the grey blue.

Wargaming River

Not finished, like a lot of my posts at the moment but work in progress.  Just a bit of touching up and some static grass siflor tufts and a river to compliment any wargaming table.

Either way a whole lot of river.  We bought it from TBM at Salute 2012

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Skaven & WIP

Its been a while!

As you all know i have been slowly getting through my Skaven army. With 40 stormvermin and a doomwheel recently added and a Hell Pit Abomination on its way, its safe to say that i'm going to be kept busy for some time.
However the only thing that the skaven range doesn't have is a designated BSB model, so i have taken it upon myself to do one myself.
Not a great deal of conversion has been done, but hopefully it will stand out enough from the other banner bearers to show it as a Chieftain.
Anyway, let me know what you think:

Half Track attack

First to roll off the American production line is 15 Half Tracks. Ten are for my infantry platoons, three for my HMG platoon and the last two... who knows! I'm sure they'll find a welcoming home.

Four of them are awaiting decals/transfers/stickers (delete as applicable) before they are 100% done, but they are in the post.

Already under way are six Shermans, hopefully coming to a blog near you soon...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

All Your Bases Are Belong To Us Now

My Saga rules and box of Conquest Games Norman Knights arrived, so I've been assembling the start of my warband.

So far, I have completed:

4 Milites (Hearthguard)

2 Pueri (Warriors)

...And my warlord, Reynard du Ponce (He'll have a servant or two added to his base before I finish)

There are a few more Milites to go, but now I'm just waiting on the release of Conquest's plastic Norman infantry, and I'll be ready to invade!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Valkyrie - Work in Progress - Paintstation view

With the new edition of 40k now available all attention and efforts swivel to the grim future where there is only war and haberdashery; it will never die.  These two flaming comets of death have been half done for longer than I can remember.  I have an upgunned Valk standing in for a Vengence that is not far behind.  The weapons and decals to do and they should be ready for their first sortie.

*Edit* How I painted these so far
I used a black undercoat although I wish I had used grey.  I then used an airbrush to layer up GW Desert Yellow over the black; the thinned paint took several layers to get good coverage but it does allow for  emphsis on some panels as needed.  The engines and skids etc were painted with bolt gun . metal with a dash of extra black. Followed by a dark wash.  I then used MIG neutral tone around all the rivets and panel joins.  When dry I used charadon granite and a sponge to weather up the leading edges of the wings and areas of high wear.