Saturday, 30 August 2014

Chain of Command - 15mm Soviet Tank Riders

Whilst in the middle of painting my Fallschirmjager platoon for Chain of Command in 28mm, nearly done, I was asked by Binx if I had any spare soviets for a CoC platoon in 15mm.  As a typical example of a gamer/hoarder I did.  The trouble is that set me to thinking about whether I should have a platoon, there was a whole box of Plastic Soldier Company in my 'to be painted immediately' pile (been there 18 months) so I cracked it open and put together a tank rider platoon and an infantry squad from the support list.  Which still leaves plenty for Binx and some left overs.

I went for a very quick solution regards painting; primed with a 30/70 mix of Vallejo German yellow and white primer and then blocked in the trousers, hats etc with reasonable colours I had to hand.  A wash and a coat of varnish and they are done.  These are not amazing but I have completed them in about 3 hours.

The Fallschirmjager just need the bases doing but now a box of 15mm British infantry is winking at me...

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Chain of Command Campaign - Turn 2

Turn two of the Chain of Command campaign - Objective Spa.  The German movements are in red and the Allies are in blue.  At the top of the map the 12th SS push forward against the unprepared American forces.  In the centre the Panzergrenadiers have been pushed back beyond their start positions and in the south the Axis initial failure has been met with success as another assault finally succeeds

Monday, 25 August 2014

Guild Ball - Boiler

Ooh Seventh post in a row, is anyone else in the club painting?

Anyway, after finishing my Lizards, it was time to 'treat' myself to something a bit different, and so I chose the limited edition Boiler figure from the forthcoming game Guild Ball.

A few of the club invested in this Kickstarter, and although I chose the Morticians, I could resist picking up this model.

The model itself came virtually mould line free, with minimal flash to clean off and went together like a dream; hopefully all the models will be like this when they arrive around the Christmas period later this year.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Well here he is, the final piece of the Lizardman puzzle....

I've had this model for ages, I don't even remember ever using him in battle, and the model itself has been superseded by a big plastic kit; but he is done, and thus ends the list of Lizardmen left to make the journey to my paint station.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Unit Fillers

Back so soon!

With end of Lizardmen painting getting closer, these unit fillers were finished a lot quicker than I anticipated.

These three fillers have been the only thing that have been keeping me from fielding a fully painted army during a Wednesday night of Warhammer.

Well they're done now, and work has begun on the Hero/Lord on Carnosaur

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cold Ones

After a month of being between jobs, and managing to paint a colossal amount of figures, I am now back to the more traditional fun of grabbing 30 minutes here or there during a weekday evening, and fitting in some hobby between chores on the weekend.

At the moment I am 'enjoying' the enviable position of not having a great deal of my collection left to paint; but this does mean that I am returning to paint some models I have had for a while, of which quite a few have been left because they were not high on my list of favourite models to do.

So here are the latest models to be completed, 16 Lizardmen Cold One Riders; including a Hero.

I cant say I enjoyed painting them, and they aren't some of my best work, but they'll do and at least they are out of the way.

Next on the table are three unit fillers for my Lizardmen army, and then a Hero/Lord on a Carnosaur.