Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Right Royal Fight!

The First Lone Wolves 40K tournament sees the Orks topping the spot after one game with a Nid Namlotting but the Blood Angels are right behind and there's still plenty o' games to go!



After a full day of gaming and some very tricky games the top spot remains the same but the Orks have a game in hand!

The Tau have come storming up the table and the beardy new uber codex (grey knights) are propping up the bottom end!

Still all to play for whether its for the tea mug trophy or just pride!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

On yer (jet)Bike!

With mere hours left until the start of the 1st 1k 40k round robin, I have managed to finish 6 Dark Eldar Jetbikes. Sadly my army wont be completely painted, but I am getting rather sick of yellow and thus getting a bit slow.
Only 13 Wyches, 5 Incubi and a Lord to paint, before I can look at starting the 2nd 1000pts...

And before you ask, all 6 bikes are the same colour, its my crazy photography that makes them look differing shades of yellow!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ork Battlewagon - March!

In a gross miscalulation in the number of figures I have in my Ork army (I'm sure I had another 12 boyz painted) I have borrowed a few figures for the Royal Round Robin this week.  However in an effort to show some kind of progress I have dipped this Battlewagon.  I have the gunners to do but they may have to wait for another day


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Three for all!

The final game of round 1 of the Lonewolves challenge cup is over and here are the highlights.

Under a sweltering heat an almost capacity crowd of 24,000 fans witnessed a classic encounter between the Skaven and Necromantics.
Last time out the Rats demolished the Undead 5-0, and it appeared history might repeat itself as Th1rt3en took a 2-0 lead after only 4 turns. The relentless heat hindered both teams, especially the dead guys as they had their Golem, a Werewolf and Zombie in the dug out suffering from exhaustion as the 2nd score went in.
With a full 4 turns remaining and 3 of the Skaven team off the pitch suffering from the temperature the Undead managed to grab a late score before the end of the 1st half to keep the game respectable. Meanwhile the Rats were the 1st team to suffer an injury of any note as Lineman Rhiak suffered an injured back and will miss the rats next encounter with the Dark Elves.

As the 2nd half began, so the sun went behind a cloud and perfect Blood Bowl weather greeted the teams, with the Necromantics receiving the ball this time, they slowly marched down the field, helped by a good pass from the crowd, to level the tie up 2 a piece.

With still a good number of turns remaining the Skaven knew they could still take the lead, but a dodge too many saw them drop the ball on half way, seeing their chance to come back from 2-0 down the undead attempted to scoop up the ball and run free to an opening game victory, however, a misjudged go for it saw their defences left wide open and the Skaven were soon 3-2 up with 2 turns left to play.

The Necromantics weren't out of it yet and with the Skaven fielding a very defensive set up, sent every skill player deep into their opponents half hoping they all couldnt be marked. And they were right, as the time ticked away on the game, a surge by a ghoul through the centre and a final push from a werewolf saw them level the game 3-3

A cracking game leaves the Norse at the head of the league after one win out of one.

Next round sees the Dark Elves begin their season against the Skaven and the Orcs take on the Necromantics. All games to be played by the end of May.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Get yer rat out!

With 3 weeks to spare, my Skaven Blood Bowl team is complete, ( I am doing a discarded bell to go on the base but that isn't important right now). And as it is a nice day out today, some photos taken outside in the sun.
1st game of the Lonewolves Challenge Cup proper is this Wednesday too, so nice to get them out of the way in time for that.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Two One? Who Won?

First match of the BB season proper saw the Dragon Ead Destroyers line up against the Orcland Raiderz.
When they last met in the pre season the orcs kicked the stuffing out of the of the Norse who just about managed to hold it to a draw.

What would the result be this time?

The coin toss was won by the Norse who received and attempted to get the ball moving, very slowly.

The orcs had brought the stuffing knocker outters again and by turn 3 of the first half the Norse were 2 players down on the pitch and remained this way (or much worse!) for the rest of the game.

However a runner managed to break through the orc line and wave frantically at the thrower who mistook the frantic waves for position instructions and promptly threw the ball to where he thought the runner was GOING to be. This ended up right in front of the orc thrower!

Having seen this one of the orc blitzers thought he copy the Norse runner and made a break for it waving randomly at the Orc thrower (who was confused by what skills he had picked up in the last game!) who promptly copied the Norse throwers actions perfectly!

With the ball on the floor in the Norse half Freykell the thrower was able to grab it again, move to a clear line and throw the ball (thank god for the accurate skill!) to the waiting runner who stormed off to the endzone just as the game entered the 2nd quarter.

1-0 Dragon Eads

The Norse kicked off (the KOed bunch staying in their comfy box) and the Orcs came back at them strongly. A spirited defence just managed to keep the orcs out of the end zone for the first half but left the Norse KO box more than a little crowded (at least 6 players!).

The 2nd half kicked off (Norse Ko box down to 3 players!) and again the orcs came on strong.

The lack of bodies on the pitch left the greenskins with plenty of openings to exploit and mid way through the second half they scored.


The Norse KO box stayed around the same level and orcs booted the ball down field once more.

The Norse had a plan, the old switcheroo!

Moving the ball from one side of the pitch to the other very quickly (and aided by a Troll turnover!) left half the orc team out of position and their greater numbers were unable to help.

Norse players threw themselves at the orcs allowing the runners to make their way up field and run in a winning touchdown in the dying seconds of the match.

Norse win 2-1 with a roller coaster ride of a game!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Waaagh is coming...!

With only a few weeks until the royal wedding preperations are well under way; and along with it my 1000 point list for the royal gaming round robin.

After a bit of umming and ahhing I have come in at 999 points.  I stopped worrying about whether I could beat this army or what i need verus that army and just took what I had and will do the best I can with that.