Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hobby Round up week 8

Welcome to week 8 of our hobby round up, after a quiet few weeks, this update is full of new and completed projects.
First up this week is Chris who has been on a bit of a construction frenzy. Dave has invested in Dropzone Commander and passed his figures to Chris and Frazer to paint.
Chris has been given the Post-Human Republic, and below are the content of the starter army box, all built and magnetised ready for spraying.
After building 80 plastic Night Goblins, Chris has been constructing the rest of this greenskins, with some Clubbers and Netters and a bakers dozen of Spider Riders


And finally, with Chris and Elliot's inaugural game of Malifaux scheduled for this Wednesday, Chris has constructed his crew of Ten Thunders.

Next up is Frazer; he has been also working on multiple projects. Fist up are some WW2 tanks for Dave, who is representing New Zealand in the coming months.
The tank on the left has been stripped with Biostrip before being painted to match the one on the right. Just the decals to do.
Frazer has also returned to his Dark Elves, here are a small percentage of his collection of Witch Elves. With another Bolt Thrower won on eBay, will we be seeing these guys back in the hut soon?

Next up is Simon who has been working on two different Space Marine chapters. Firstly some Space Wolf Long Fangs.
And some Crimson Fist close combat Terminators.

Simon is another member of the club doing work for Dave, this time is some SMG wielding Brits, a mortar spotter and forward observer.

Finally, a cryptic offering from Neil, what will sit on this base is a mystery, with nothing to scale it against it could be anything. Put your guesses in the comments and we'll see who is closest next week.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Frazer's Hobby Update

Here is what I have been working on over the last week

I have started some Dropzone figures for Dave, the initial requirement for infantry is done and the first drop ship is in the process of getting magnets attached.  I am planning an urban camouflage scheme for all the vehicles.


I have also knocked out some sheep and chickens to add a bit of character to the various 28mm games we play.  Ideal for any period from the Dark Ages to WW2 and beyond.

Also I have to transform the metal looking Panzer III into the two tone camouflage scheme; again for Dave in preparation for him attending the ETC Tournament in Prague as part of the New Zealand team for Flames of War

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hobby Round up 2015 Week 7

After a sparse week of hobby last week, this week we have some progress on the hobby front.

First up this week are Elliot's collection of Malifaux Neverborn figures. Chris and Elliot have decided to start playing Malifaux, and Elliot's choice of faction was driven by the chance to use a big teddy bear!

Although you cant see, not they have been undercoated, Elliot has created some cobblestone bases for his miniatures.

Chris has been working on the additions to his Dark Eldar for several months and they are now finally complete. First up, two units of Scourges.

And a last minute addition to this post, a Succubus to lead the Wyches into battle. This picture is suffering lack of light, but you get the idea. 

As well as painting Dark Eldar, Chris has been building Night Goblins, with the 80 plastic spear goblins now finished, complete with musician and standard bearer conversions. Just the Clubbers and Netters and Spider Riders to do next...

Friday, 13 February 2015

Games Night

This weeks games night was a two game affair with me and Elliot playing 40k, and Neil, NDM and Simon playing Warhammer Fantasy.
The majority of the of the photos are from the 40k game as that's what I was playing.
My 1500 points of Necrons. This marked their first time out since the release of the new Codex

Elliot deployed his Blood Angels first, spread thinly across the battlefield

The Death company decided not to charge, then the following turn failed their charge, and eventually jumped in!

Three Wraiths vs a Tactical squad. This combat went on for 3 turns, with the Tactical Marines eventually victorious
After wiping out the Wraiths, the Tactical Marines got ready for the Flayed Ones who went on to roll snake eyes for their charge!
After a fast start and a 9-3 victory point lead after four turns, the Blood Angels managed to turn things around and with a point for Line Breaker secured a hard fought draw.
Neil (aided by Next Door Matt) and Simon played Battle for the Pass.
Neil's Empire face off against Simon's Warriors of Chaos

The 'Welsh' Demigryphs get ready to charge the 'English' Chaos
This game also turned out to be a close one with Simon riding the disappointments of slow moving vortexes and the triumphs of the Hellfire Sword.
With Simon heading for a famous victory, his magic item of choice showed its fickle side, killing his Chaos Lord and thus ending the game in a draw.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Where We Work

The majority of the Lone Wolves are active modellers and painters, and this is where the magic happens.

First up, Big Papa's work desk. He is currently sculpting Marian Romans and 15mm Skaven, whilst converting some Night Goblins and painting a Wood Elf Bloodbowl team.

Next is Frazers bureau with paints all racked up. A range of projects on the go including 15mm tanks, 10mm Dropzone infantry and what appears to be some chickens(?) and other livestock.

Elliot is next with his bureau (we're posh we are!) This one is a little sparse, but if you look closely you can see some Putrid Blight Knights and some Kroot.

Matts paint station is next. No idea what is currently being done on this as it appears to be stored out of the way out of reach.

Neil's paint table is next, and what can you say about it?! The streams of light highlight the wonder of organised chaos, with a multitude of projects on the go at the same time; everything from WW2 tanks to Ogres to Orks...

Another sparse table for Simon, with a handful of Crimson Fist Terminators and a Marauder Giant the most noticeable projects. The second appearance of a computer sharing the desk; could this be a distraction?

Finally is Chris's paint station, stored away when not in use, and currently on the dining table. Currently in progress are some Dark Eldar Scourges and a large collection of Night Goblins.

Where do you do your construction and painting? and do you fight for time and space with a significant other at home?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hobby Project Napoleonic French Army. Part 2, So how could I ever refuse

Bonjour Mes Aimee's

GCSE French used to the full!

Part 2 of my hobby project sees me whitter on about miniatures and BASING.
I'll start with the latter

Basic basing for bases

Going back to my last post and my vague knowledge of Napoleonic wargaming across my gaming life I was also aware that basing size, regulations etc was a part of it.
I think its part of the reason I avoided looking any further. So with Napoleonic gaming decided upon basing had to be tackled!

As mentioned I read various reviews on rule sets and basing was mentioned in each one.
Some rules are very strict (for example British line infantry on a smaller frontage due to their musket drills) some are much more fluid.  As I'd picked on Warhammer Waterloo this was to be my basing standard and damn the rest!  These rules have 6 (line) infantry on a 60mm X 40mm base, 2 ranks.
Then the notion of trying other rules crept back in to my head.  So current thinking is single bases or 2 to a base and place them in an appropriate movement tray (I'll be coming to you Warbases!).
If another ruleset is played, get some more appropriate movement trays!  Bingo! It'll all work out just fine........

So we have rules, we have basing sorted, what about the models?  Firstly, what scale to choose?  This wasn't an issue really. The pics/games I'd seen that hooked me were all 28mm.  Do I think its the best scale to represent Napoleonic warfare?  No!  Probably 6mm or 10mm is best to give the full weeping arc of brigades and companies clashing and I may come back to that in future!  So 28mm, but what nation?  I can't remember the process here but I chose the French because either

A) Frazer had bought some British Highlanders and I'd better get an enemy for them
B) I liked the Old Guard models and got some cheap on Ebay
C) Haven't really painted much blue!

Maybe all three!

As for manufacturer, again there are hundreds out there but plastic was a pre requisite (more for your money!) so it really came down to Victrix or Perry. Warlord have since entered the plastics market too but as I've already invested they were too late for me.  So my army will comprise of Victrix troops backed up by Perry cavalry following some Ebay and Salute purchases I have the following:

 Plenty to be going on with!

Finally I'll add some brief notes on painting as this won't be finalised until I get cracking in earnest.
However as there's going to be around 100 models for my starting army and as this is really only a "side project" the painting needs to go quickly.  My current thinking is good old dipping and this certainly worked OK on some test guard I did quite a while ago (see below) but we'll see how it works on the line troops.

That's it for now. Future updates will be via the blog WIP until I have something more significant to show!

Au revoir for now!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hobby Round up 2015 week 5

It's February already! Lets see what we've been doing during the last days of January.

Frazer finished this Churchill and Cromwell last week, just missing the week 4 post.

Big Papa Jon has continued to prepare some Goblins for our future Mordheim campaign.

Chris is continuing to build Night Goblins, and paint Dark Eldar Scourges.

And finally, Neil has been testing some paint schemes for his Napoleonics