Club Bio

Before we officially became a club*, the member's of The Lone Wolves Wargaming Club came together from a number of different friendship groups.

Zed, Cyrus, Dave and Jonno knew each other through varying jobs. Binx, Lordybloke, Big Papa and Cortez met when they all worked for Games Workshop. The two groups came to know each other when Zed and Binx were introduced by infamous Games Workshop manager Fred Reed and organised a game of 40k in Zed's garage.

Over the years following, the group met more often, until a regular Wednesday slot was arranged. Zed moved house a few times and as he did, so the club relocated, still gaming every week. As the weeks, months and years continued, so the club grew, the number of tables increased and the gaming continued.

As time went on so the club members increased, Tom answered an advert we had placed for new members, Elliot worked with Lordybloke's now wife and when Lordybloke moved house, we were introduced to 'Next Door' Matt'

As a club we played only Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, until a few years ago when Flames of War was added to the list of games. This opened the flood gates and soon the number of games played increased to our current portfolio of near to 20 different games, including those from Games Workshop, Osprey, Warlord, Great Escape Games and Two Fat Lardies.

The most recent change to our games night is the move from Zed's garage to the Scout hut, a much bigger venue and one that should provide much needed winter warmth. We've settled in very well and are all looking to see what the future holds...

 *(which we really only did when we wanted to go to Games Day for free, by hosting a game. Which worked out pretty well when we won best club table!)

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