Wednesday, 25 September 2013

November Tournament Progress

Hi All, remember me, its been a while!!

In November myself and Binx will be attending our second Warhammer fantasy doubles event.

Rather than last year, when we just picked two armies and hoped for the best.
This year, we have a picked a couple of armies that we think would work together, and I have actually had a look at the list (rather than Binx doing it for me, like last year)

Anyway, here is some progress....

This is my first, Chaos Warrior, happy with the turn out, and it was actually quite a quick process. (Obviously going for a nurgle theme)

Here is one (of three, do I need more binx?!) dragon ogres...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Daemon Beast of Nurgle Spawn

Next out of the Nurgle production line are my converted Chaos Spawn that have become Beasts of Nurgle.

When they were used in our recent big Warhammer game, they were ridiculed for not looking like Nurgley Beasts.

Because they were built specifically for the Warhammer Battle Brothers event in November, I checked the rules and found that any conversions should be checked by the events team. So after some swift weekend converting and painting I go them finished and emailed off to GW.

The good news is that they liked them and they have been passed for action, so here they are.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Warhammer Big Game

Every so often, as a club we organise a massive game with multiple players on each side with a large amount of models, we've done it with Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action and this time it was Warhammer.

In the past we have found that the time invested in sorting a scenario, creating army lists, painting new units and creating special pieces of scenery, is usually undone when the battle begins. Either one side dominates  or the scenario, that looked good on paper, is just not that good in practice.

So it was with trepidation, that we decided to give a big game another go, pitting Klepo Elliot and Cortez's Skaven against Binx, Zed and Lordybloke's combines '3 flavours' of Chaos (Daemons, Warriors and Beastmen)

So with the size of battle, 6000pts a side, and the scenario, XXXXXX, chosen, we got under way, little did we know that once again one of our big games wouldn't quite be what we were expecting.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Games Night Report 21/08/2013

A late report due to technical issues but it was written so I'm posting!!
Might get some pics sorted too....

Chee-ti, leader of the chameleon skinks, waved to his troupe and they scurried in a zig zag motion from the cover of the tree line. After weeks of scouting for Lord Criz’dalueze the bloated they had finally come to the location of one of the lost spawning pools of the Old World.
Lord Criz had led his army via ancient, secret ways to the Old World on an expedition to find and recover these lost sites and so far the journey had proved fruitless. Cheet-ti sniffed the air and his scaled lips wrinkled as a foul odour hit his nostrils. The Spawning pool had been corrupted and was now little more than a noxious sludge, Lord Crizda’dalueze search had again proved futile.

Suddenly the loud blast of a horn erupted from the opposite tree line followed by the sound of something, or things, large crashing through the trees.
Chee-ti sent one of his troupe back to warn the lizard army following in his wake and led the rest of his scouts to the nearest cover just as 2 towering beasts, the Ghorgon of Old World legends, burst into view. As the 4 armed beasts scanned the clearing the beastman warband also broke cover just as the swirling morning mists cleared to reveal Lord Criz’dalueze and his strangely red coloured lizard army.
So incensed by the desecration of the ancient pool Lord Criz briefly stopped ruminating and cogitating on mathematical averages to signal the attack……………