Sunday, 28 June 2009

Quality Staff are Hard to Find

More campaign painting, this time telepaths!

With these two on my side combined with the fleet officers I get:
+2 to my reserve rolls
-3 to your reserve rolls
I re roll my dice for outflanking if I'm not happy with the edge I get
I can force you to re roll your dice for outflanking if I'm not happy with the edge YOU get


See you on the ground! Well, in turn 5, if you're lucky!

Grey is the New Black

Like most painters I've been using black undercoat predominately with white being reserved for anything I wanted white or yellow. The new foundation paints reinforced the continued use of black and they are excellent. However, I've just bought some Imperial guard advisors for eBay and I've nearly finished all three in about the same amount of hours. The only thing i have changed is the undercoat. Grey.

Grey is the new Black. Try it you may just like it...

New Recruits

Imperial guard Praetorians: you can't get em from GW anymore (although if this rumour from BOLS turns out to be correct then that may change!) and Ebay prices are huge!
So what do you do if you want more troops? Substitute!

I saw an auction on Ebay for some British "Zulu" troops and took a bit of a punt that they'd be the right scale.
When they turned up I was pleased to see they are about the same scale, although a little slighter, as the GW praetorians.
A few 40K bits here and some epaulets there and once they're painted you'll never know the difference!
Apart from the different style of lasgun
Oh, and the greenstuff sausage fingers....etc!
Anyway the upshot is I've got a whole new platoon for £20!

By the way the actual praetorians are the far right and far left, in case you couldn't tell!!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Make it so!

Campaign is just around the corner and my 3 Fleet Officers are just about ready.
How are my Imperial guard chums getting on with theirs?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The First Cut is the Deepest

Love it or hate, its my vision of the Valkyrie. Missiles away!

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Coming to a battlefield near you. Soon...

Hang on!

Someone's already beaten me to this post!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Saturday, 13 June 2009

It's All About Confidence

Today I have been out collecting Eldar flowers.
'What the hell has this got to do with gaming?' I hear you ask well let me explain.

I'm going to combine the Eldar flowers with sugar, water and lemon juice and the natural yeasts in the air should with luck start fermentation. After about 3-7 days it should be ready to be bottled.

Yes I know but keep reading

Another 8-10 days and I should have some Eldar Flower Champagne.

Still not with me?

Well in a couple of weeks we start a 40k campaign, two sides, the Imperial Guard v the Astartes, all narrative and rules by none other than Lordybloke.

A lot of battles are won with confidence and as I am the General for the Imperial Guard I thought it best to have Champagne ready to celebrate our victory with my Regimental Commanders.

Cheers !

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Excellent read.

Starts with a new intake to the order and their problems and history, culminates in their first campaign.

5 out of 5


Finally got around to painting my Russ.
I've had this Russ for many a year and never fully painted it (this is the 3rd scheme so far!). This is also the first time its ever had tracks on!
Quite simple to do to. Desert yellow spray, heavy wash of Devlan mud followed by gryphon sepia. Drybrush with an Iyanden darksun/ bleached bone mix and then line in some more Devlan mud where extra depth is needed.
I've gone for a bit of weathering but tried not to put too much on. I didn't want it to look like its totally fu......alling apart. Just about right I think, not that it stands up to extreme zoom but will look fine on the table!
Still needs some markings/numbers on it but I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with those so it can wait.
So that's the test piece done its time to gluing/painting the rest of the tanks and get the blade out!