Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 26

Welcome to another update.
This week Big Papa has continued to work on his Guild Ball miniatures, firstly Avarice & Greede, although the phone picture flash has not done justice to the figure.
Big Papa has also been working on one of his goals....

...and because Big Papa is slightly insane, he has decided to sculpt some 15mm replicas of the Butcher and Fisherman teams, first team member to be done is Angel, who is looking very good so far.

Chris has finished one project and returned to another project to add the bases. After finishing Leonardo last week, he has now finished all four of the Ninjas. These will form the backbone of his new Fistful of Kung Fu gang.

Now that the Coolminiornot bases have arrived, they have now been painted and the Morticians are finished; as well as a team coloured ball.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 25

Hello again everyone its hobby update time again.
This week we'll kick off with Frazer who has been working on a range of projects, firstly some 15mm British tanks for Simon.

He has also been wrestling with some 28mm moderns; not happy with the camo pattern shown in a previous update, it has gone through some repaints, and Fraz has now settled on the paint job shown below.

And finally, he has added some colour to his Disk rider of Tzeentch, maybe we'll see this on the battlefield soon, but will it be for 8th or 9th edition of Warhammer?

Simon has finished building another carrier for his 15m British
Neil has started a new project, some Forgefathers for Mantic Games' Deadzone. Here we have 3 Brokkr, 1 with a magma rifle and an engineer with an inferno drill. Also shown is a Forgeguard with auto cannon.
Big Papa Jon has really embraced Guild Ball. He has gone to town with a couple of goals, has undercoated some figures and has swiftly finished painting Greede. 

Finally this week, after finishing (minus bases) his Guild Ball Morticians, Chris has moved onto something a bit different, finishing (again minus base) the first of his 'Ninja Turtles' figures; after finishing Leonardo, he has now started the other three Heroes in a half shell.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 24

Another Sunday, another hobby update.
Big Papa has invested in the world of Guild Ball and his first finished miniature is the Mascot for his Butchers. This isn't the official model, but is in fact a Dwarf Throwing Mastiff from Mantic Games
Chris has been working on a some Flames of War tanks for Dave, who needed them for a tournament he is attending at the end of the month. With a maximum of three weeks to get them done, he got on with it and the four Crocodiles are done.

Whilst working on the Crocodiles he has also been finishing off his Guild Ball Morticians; firstly their mascot Dirge, and then Casket.

Chris's Morticians are now just waiting for their bases to arrive, which at last time of checking were in Hamburg, Germany.

Simon has been building some more British, here is once of his Carriers, with roof off, roof on and towing.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tuesday Hobby: Size isnt everything

Big Papa didn't  have anything new to show this week, since he's been decorating his Mum's front room, but did his in progress 15mm WIP Warhammer Empire.  Its one of those projects that he keeps"nibbling" at when  he gets some spare time.
All based for Kings of war (with dice frames for keeping track of wounds), and painted in ye olde warhammer style, with units being raised from several different city-states.  Here's what he used: 
Humans are all from Essex Miniatures, with a few heads/hats from Black Hat and Museum Miniatures.
Ogres are an amalgam of Avatars of War Dwarf Slayers, GW Orc heads, Empire plastic hats, and a bit of green stuff.
The war wagon/siege tower is scratch built (mainly from spare plastic bases and card) with a few gubbins from the bits box, and horses from Black Hat.  Still a ways to go before I finish, but in my defence, cutting tiny strips of tiles, sorry - armour plates - from card and sculpting lion faces with leftover green stuff gets boring very quickly.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 23

Hello everyone, its that time of the week again.
Simon has continued his never ending quest to paint all his Crimson Fists. This week we have a Chaplain in Terminator armour.

With Fighting Season soon to be with us Frazer is working on some of his modern figures.
Chris has finished another Guild Ball Mortician, this time Graves. Two more left, and the bases are ever closer to turning up.