Sunday, 31 May 2015

Panther Ausf G - Painted

I've had these for quite some time but finally finished the camouflage and I have to say that they are pretty nice.  How the oak material holds up in play I have no idea.  Look great though.

Hobby Round up Week 22

Its the end of Half Term and time for some more hobby updates.

Its been a while since we saw an update from Big Papa, and he has been very busy. Our first two pictures are of two "chibi" miniatures from his Warheads collection.

Inspired by these figures, Big Papa has done what only he can do, and has sculpted his own "chibi" style figure, but this time in 15mm. He hopes to cast a few of these up in the near future and get the club to have a go at painting them.

Finally from Big Papa a Black Tree Design dwarf, that may soon appear on their website; another great bit of work.

Simon has followed Chris and Elliot into the wonderful world of Malifaux, and has begun sticking together his crew. Three models down, plenty more to go no doubt.

Chris has continued to work on his Guild Ball Morticians, with one more figure almost done. Just the massive cloak of feathers to go!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hobby Round up Week 21

Its gone a bit quiet in the hobby world of the Lonewolves.

Chris has continued to work on his Guild Ball Morticians, finishing Silence and Ghast. That's three players down, four to go.

Neil may not have done anything hobby wise, but he has started work on his collection of cardboard farm machinery. The Tractor is looking god for starters

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hobby Round up Week 20

Its a Guild Ball special this week.
We kick off with Simon's fully finished Masons team. Ready to hit the pitch in the coming weeks. We're all looking forward to seeing what he comes up with to be his goal.

Chris has started on his Morticians. He has finished Cosset, she is just waiting for her base, which is currently floating on a big ship, somewhere between China and Germany.

Chris has also started on Silence, he is looking a lot more feminine than he probably should do!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Guild Ball Pitch

The tale of when I went a bit crazy and built a Guild Ball table!
I'm not one for usually building/making terrain, its not something that I particularly enjoy, and usually down to impatience, not something that usually goes very well, but for some reason a couple of weeks a go I thought I'd build myself a table!
A quick trip to B&Q saw me pick up a nice piece of MDF off cut for £5; cut to size. I got it home, cut the left over bits to make a frame and used some beading to curve the corners.
The plan was to give the board some height, but just enough so that I would be able to turn the board over to use the other side for an alternative setting; probably a city scape, but more of that another time.
So with some blue polystyrene foam, I created some hills for my board, making a valley to play in. 

Next I used some filler to smooth off the hills, fill the gaps and also create the area for the stream/small river that would travel from one corner of the board to the other.

I then added bases for the trees that would adorn the board when it was done. The trees would not be attached to the board, but placed on when playing. The bases were again smoothed onto the board using filler.

Once the filler was dry, the whole board was painted brown, this would ensure that if any of the grass that would be added later wore off, the ground would still look natural and not bright blue

Once the paint was dry, the whole board was coated in PVA glue and then covered in static grass, once dry, the boars was turned over to removed any loose grass, and any gaps then filled. This was done a few times to ensure there were no gaps.

Once the grass was dry the rocky parts of the board were painted, firstly undercoated black, ever increasing amounts of white were added and the paint applied to the rocky edge of the lower hill, and the raised parts of the river bed.

Again the board was left to dry. Once it was, all of the grassy area was covered in watered down PVA glue, to ensure that the grass would not rub off during play.

Next bushes, and if you look closely, some flowers were added to the board. The frame was also painted black. The river/stream was coated in PVA glue to seal it, this would prevent the Realistic Water from seeping into the wood.

Before adding the Realistic Water, the stream/river was painted a mix of green, brown and blue.

Again delaying the addition of the Realistic Water, the pitch markings for Guild Ball were added. I expect this board will be used for other games such as Saga and Dux Bellorum, if that's the case, then these lines make handy deployment zones.

It was then time to take the plunge, and add the water. I poured it in and it took gravities lead and ran off down the stream. After a bit of levelling, the water stopped flowing and it was left for 24 hours to set

Whilst the water was drying I built the trees

The water didn't behave, and some of it did escape the edge of its proposed route. but once it was dry I was able to peel off the excess, block up the hole and add a second later of water. I also added some more stones to the ford in the middle of the pitch

Once the second coat of water was dry, the flooded area was repaired, you'd never know there was an issue

After painting the rest of the edges, it was done. Just in time for some lovely weather outside and some artistic shots of the board.
Best crack on with my team now, and look forward to my first game on my new board... what shall I do on the other side?

The fully finished pitch, with Morticians goal, in glorious sunshine

The river/stream splits the pitch into three parts

The withered trees protect both left and right flanks

A view down the river/stream

A side on view of the pitch

The final addition to my board was a handle to help carry it around the house and to our club.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hobby Round up Week 19

Well what a busy week, General Election, VE Day commemorations and Neil got a new job.

Meanwhile in the world of Lone Wolves hobby....

After completing some figures for Dave last week, Frazer has returned to painting for himself, and this week produced some shock markers for Chain of Command.

Neil has been working on some Dwarves to be used in an upcoming Morheim campaign. Made up of Avatars of War figures, the two figures at the front of the picture were inspired by our long lost member Tom.

Hot on the heels of Simon and Chris's first go at Guild Ball, Simon has cracked on with painting his team, with the first two completed figures and a ball below.

Chris has mainly been building figures, firstly the limited edition show model of the Fishermen's Kraken, a plethora of civilians for Dead Mans Hand, and finally, a finished goal for his Mortician Guild Ball team


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hobby Round up Week 18

Its May already! Where is the year going?
Lets get started...
Simon has resisted the call of Destiny on the PS4 and continued to work on multiple projects.
After the delivery of Guild Ball teams for those who helped fund the Kickstarter, Simon has been the first to get some paint on his miniatures.
He has finished one player and has made a start on the majority of the team.
Not content with just painting some fantasy football players Simon has also been tackling his never ending supply of Crimson Fist Space Marines, this time he has started a Chaplain and some more Terminators.


Just when you thought he couldn't have possibly done any more hobby, here is the start of the 4ground stage coach for our Dead Mans Hand games.

Frazer has continued to work on several projects, here he have one for himself and one for Dave. Below we have some in progress shock markers for Chain of Command.

And here are some In Her Majesties Name figures for Dave

Chris has finally finished the Dave's PHR starter force for Drop Zone Commander.  

All the walkers and tanks are magnetised so they can be attached to the drop ships during play.