Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I've hit the wall!!!!!!

Happy New Year to one and all, well I've finally hit a brick wall this last month and a bit with the rats and have nothing to show for it..........No really I've nothing to show other than about 10 out of 30 rats and even they are only 1/2 done. This months quota is a no go for me.

On the good side of things I have done Jon's Chaplain and also built my Xmas present from the wife, one paint and one tool holder as per Neils advise, they are great and I just need to get myself another paint holder to complete the job. Really does tidy up my painting area and has now made me look at it and want to start the new year with a big promise.


Happy NewT Year

Well finished with 5 1/2 hours to go!

My quota for this month and next was 8 Temple Guard, so this month I did 10 and I shall do the same next month to finish off all the models I have built.

With the new Lizard book out in Feb this should cover me on any points changes that appear.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hi (elf!) Ho Silver!!!

Silver helms - Done!!
Cavalry models! 
Not sure what it is but they really seem to trip me up, painting wise! 
Tanks and bikes in 40K are the same. 
Anyway the bulk of the army is now finished! 
That was easy!!!!?
Just the mage to go for Jan and I plan to make all the movement trays for the units too. 
I'll also try and finish off all the extra bits I thought I'd do for the army (extra spearmen, another eagle, reaver command) each month. As each deadline got closer the extras got forgotten in a frenzy to get the main unit/s done! 

Happy New Year to all!

Usual blah blah re photo quality!! 
May try and take some better angles at a later date too!

Monday, 29 December 2008

It's cold outside..

After much disruption I have finally managed to finish the Cold One Knights that are part of my tale of army. I now have November and December's to catch up on and I'll be back in the race.

With another week of holiday still to go I'm going to try and finish the next two units in one go.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Challenge Cup Wk2

Week 2 of the Lone Wolves Challenge Cup saw the return of the Orcago Boars and some unexpected results.

Boomtown (0) 0 vs Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) 1

................................Burliegh Stronginthearm H2T6

Speed met strength in what turned out to be a war of attrition.
The Dwarfs received the ball in the 1st half and found it hard going marching down the pitch as the Rats managed to hold them up and denying them any score in the first half.
The Dwarfs were also unable to cause much damage with a Slayer being the shock casualty of the half.

The 2nd half was another knock down, drag out affair and was looking more promising for the Skaven as time dragged on.
But a slip in concentration saw Boomtown lose the ball and with only
2 turns left of the game, concede a Touchdown to the Thunderers.

As the other games had finished the coaches and players of the other teams surrounded the pitch to see if the Rats could grab a late tie and dash the hopes of the Thunderers.

A Gutter runner managed to break free and stood within feet of the endzone before he was unceremoniously dumped into the crowd.
Players and spectators alike held their breath as the waited to see where the crowd would throw the ball and to the stunties disbelief it landed in the hands of another Skaven who was easily within reach of the endzone.

Lucky for the dwarfs they managed toget some defenders back and the Skaven were unable to grab a last gasp equiliser.

Dwarfs win and keep a surprise clean sheet as they go 2nd in the league.

Orcago Boars (1) 1 vs Kithband Warriors (1) 2
Fungus Stink Arse H1T6 Falandar Flamedance H1T3
.....................................Raventine Daybringer H2T4

The Orcs from Orcago made it to the stadium in time to take on the Kithband elves and a close fought contest it was.

The Elves received the opening kickoff and wasted no time in trying to score, it didnt take long before they were one up, causing concern to the Orcs although they knew they now had plenty of time to not only beat up the elves but perhaps pull it level at half time.

It was a good plan except it didnt all go the way they had hoped.
Yes they managed to equalise before the half but the beating up part didnt go to plan as no only had the elves reinforced their Bacolite armour but captain of the Boars, Krunk, managed to break his own neck in a heroic attempt to do anything spectacular and was out of the game.

The Orcs got the ball in the 2nd half and were unable to capitalise and were stripped of it by the elves who managed to go 2-1 up half way through the 2nd period

Still with plenty of time to make it 2-2 the Orcs marched up the pitch and were unlucky to fall a few squares short of the endzone.

The Warriors bounce back from a thrashing last week to keep their title hopes alive, the returning Orcs lose but can bounce back next week against the Dwarfs!

Stirland Blitz (1) 1 vs The Coffin Dodgers (0) 0

Kurt Slinger H1T5

Weeks ones most anticipated match up slipped back to week two as the coaches of last years final clashed again.

The Blitz got the opening kickoff and formed their infamous cage and began to grind their way down the pitch.
Fearful of the Dodgers strength in beating up opponants the Blitz tried to keep their distance but saw a catcher pushed off the pitch and the Mummies cause some mischief.
Surprisingly though it was the Blitz who caused the most da
mage in the 1st half, injuring a wight and knocking out 2 more players.
The Blitz scored mid way through the first half, still giving the Dodgers a chance to level it up before half time. With a cage of their own they worked their way down the pitch but after some bad luck were unable to level it up at the half.

The Dodgers started the 2nd half well, taking out another Blitz player but suffered more damage themselves, losing their 2nd wight to the dead box.

An attempt to score was thwarted and for a few turnd the ball bounced back and forth between the 2 teams until the Blitz managed to escape and ran downfield hoping to make it 2-0.
Trying to close the gap between thower and receiver the Blitz came a cropper and dropped the ball deep in the backfield of the Dodgers ending the game.

The Blitz remain undefeated, a close loss for the Dodgers keeps them 3rd and still in the hunt.

Week 2 table and Stats.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Skills Wk1

With kickoff on week 2 of the Lonewolves Challenge Cup almost upon us here are the updated skills after week 1

Boomtown - Fastchit learns how to Block

The Coffin Dodgers - Gug-Lug learns how to Block

The Amazonian Red Tide - Joanne also learns to Block

Kithband Warriors - Yavandir Farsight has become a better Leader

Blackfire Pass Thunderers - Cheery Littlebottom develops his skills in Guarding

Orcago Boars - Krunk works out how to Block

Stirland Blitz - Eisen Schmidt train in the art of Guarding

For week 3 the new skills will need to presented to the other players on the Wednesday before game time so that skills cannot be taken to counter ones taken by your opponant

Also scorers and half/turn they scored have been added to the report from last week

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Controversy from the Dwarf Camp!

Insiders report that tournament newcomers 'The BFP Thunderers' have appointed a manager from outside the Dwarven holds for the first time. It would appear that the centuries long philosophy of 'Dwarven is Golden' has been overturned. It was noticed at last weeks match the Dwarf Terraces were chanting Over five feet, Over paid and Over here! A sure sign that the fans have yet to be convinced by the latest acquisition for their team.

We asked Slightly Sane Georgie - Manager of the BFP Thunderers - for quote on how he felt the opening match for the Dwarfs had gone.

Awa and bile yer heid yer Bawbag! which is Norse for no comment apparently.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Coffin Dodgers Team Roster

At last for all to see

Thursday, 11 December 2008

5 Nuffle Shuffle

Week 1 of the Lone Wolves Challenge Cup started with the Orcago Boars pulling out of the opening batch of games meaning that after much deliberation it was decided that week 2's fixtures would be swapped with week 1's.

Week one results ( half time scores in brackets)
Boomtown (1) 1 vs The Coffin Dodgers (0) 1
Fastchit----- H1T8 Gug-Lug----- H2T8

Speed met strength as the Skaven of Boomtown faced off with the Undead.
The speed of the rats showed in the 1st half with Fastchit the Gutter Runner breaking free of the brawl late in the 2nd half. Putting enough distance between him and the chasing Undead he scored in the final turn of the 1st half.

The Undead showed why they will be feared by the lesser armoured teams as they decimated the rats causing 2 serious injuries in the 1st and 2nd half and putting even more of the rats in the knocked out box.

This lack of numbers showed in the 2nd half as in the dying seconds of the match captain of the Dodgers, Duke 'of spook' Leyron managed to scoop up the ball and pass it to Gug-Lug the ghoul who bounded in for the score.

Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) 1 vs The Amazonian Red Tide (0) 0
Glog Khaz-bhat -----H2T7

Not expecting a game this week the Amazons barely had time to slip into their spandex before the game was underway against the Dwarfs from Blackfire Pass and were obviously unprepared.

The Dwarfs received the opening kickoff and seemed to underestimate the speed of the ladies as 3 of them swept into the backfield making it very hard for the stunties to build a pocket and begin the slow march down field.

As casualties on the Amazon side of the pitch built up the Dwarfs managed to make their way down the field only for a failed go for it on turn 8 to scupper the 1st scoring chance of the game.

The 2nd half saw the Amazons injury and knocked out boxes fill to bursting and with only a handful of players on the pitch the ladies began to think about consolidating their position and holding on for a draw.

As the game wore on the Amazonians concentration slipped and allowed Glod Khaz-baht, the Thunder's Troll Slayer to attack the ball carrier, injure her and pick up the ball and trot into the endzone.

Scoring so late in the 2nd half didnt allow the Amazons to claw a score back and although a few of them recovered from being knocked out the game was over.

Stirland Blitz (1) 3 vs Kithband Warriors (0) 0
Eisen Schmidt -----H1T4
Syd Mooren -----H2T4
Syd Mooren -----H2T6

The returning Stirland Blitz entered the game hoping to get a good foothold on the league in their quest to make up for last years loss in the final.

It started well with the Kithband Warriors receiving the ball but the Humans got a blitz result off the kickoff table and ventured into the Elves half and stole the ball.

The Elven defence was strong their pace and agility allowing them to get back and cover the pitch as the Blitz began to move down field. Sadly their luck wasnt in as everytime the ball carrier was dumped on the astrogranite the ball would magically bounce back into one of the Blitz's players arms .

The Blitz scored against the head and managed to hold the Elves out of the endzone in the 1st half dropping a few squares short of making it two at half time.

The 2nd half was more of the same, although the Elves had employed the services of an expert kicker and the Blitz unable to pick up the kickoff luck was not on the Warriors side.

The Blitz marched down the field again and made it two, desperation in their mind the Elves attempted to make several long scoring drives to close the gap but on both occasions lady luck wasnt on their side and they were unable to finish what they started.

Unable to mount a come back the Blitz once again stole the ball and made it a convincing 3-0 victory to start this campaign

The Kithband Warriors didnt play badly and should still be considered a potential finalist as long as they dont let this loss go to their head.

Week 1 Table and Stats

Double Skulls of the Week

It wouldn't be Double Skulls of the Week if we didnt nominate Zed and the Blackfire Pass Thunderers.

With the last roll of the 1st half it was just a silly simple Go For It to score the opening touchdown of the season for the Dwarfs but you can guess what happens next.

Well done Zed see if you can get the award each week.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Discworld delights

Its been busy on my paint station recently.....

Lizards for the Tale of 4 Gamers, Ultramarines for Big Jon and a new Blood Bowl team in the making.

Still with Xmas on its way I've been busy painting up some Discworld figures made by Micro Art Studio ( to give to my girlfriends mum and here they are...


Esme Weatherwax

And Nanny Ogg

Half Time Entertainment

Breaking News!!

This years Lone Wolves Challenge Cup will start on Wednesday the 10th of December and a very special guest has been booked for the half time entertainment.

None other than Blood Bowl's biggest fans 'Bolt Thrower' who will be playing a collection of their greatest hits.

See below for a preview of the mayhem that wil ensue

The Blitz are Back

The Lonewolves Challenge Cup is but 3 days away and the Stirland Blitz are ready to go one step further than last year and clinch the title for themselves.

As the only team to return for a 2nd season they are hoping they have experience and know how to go that one step further this year.

After Finishing a respectable 22nd in the XLVII Blood Bowl last year Captain, Eisen Schmidt hopes he can finally lift the trophy in what will be his 10th year playing for the Blitz.

The Blitz open their season against The Coffin Dodgers, who are spookily led by someone who looks much like the reanimated corpse of the head coach of last years winners Hashut's Purple Helmets!

Lets hope for a good season opener


Where are the Pirates?

In a rare interview with the Pirates we speak to No'-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-than-Wee-Jock Jock: we discover why the characterful Pirates are not in this years tournament

Jimmy Maden: So No'As-Big can you tell us why the Pirates wont be competing this year?

No'As-Big: It was all looking brilliant this year ah can tell you Jimmy. We'd had a mild winter which allowed us to train much earlier and we was all full, fit and mad for it. An then Rob Anybody tells us all we have to make a three day pilgrimage to see the Big Yin for a blessing afore we signed up for this years cup. An let me tell you we was going ta be tak'n home the silverware this year and no mistake! So anyways as is traditional we all set off separately with nothing but a leather kilt and a sharp stick as our for fathers did. All agreein' that whoe'r was last back was payin for the team whisky on the trip down to the show.

With the mild winter the three day hike to the mountains was to be no bother at all. It did come as a surprise to all of us that the mild weather was a blessing fro T'char. Unfortunately for us that meant that a larger number of White Bears were roaming and it was just bad luck that I had both my legs bitten off, Waily, waily waily, and no mistake! Anyhow Hamish was back last so he's got to buy the whisky even though we're no goin' the now.

Jimmy Maden: So with no legs that's the end of your Blood Bowl career then?

No'As-Big: What? Of course not you Bogle. Ah Crivens. Cop this!!!! You get your ma to stitch that and I'll get the Wee Hag to stitch on me some new legs for next season!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Bloodbowl career ended? Never too late!

Just starting your 3rd season as a player, fitter, stronger and faster than ever and ready to smash all previous records only to have your career ended after being afflicted with a bout of death?

You're the coach of team and don't know what to do with all the bodies of your players after that exhibition match against the Chaos All-Stars?

Sign up with the Coffin Dodgers now!
We'll take on anyone when their team no longer sees them fit for anything other than a draught excluder.

Our specialist apothecaries will have you up and about in no time giving you a new lease of life!
You won't even worry about the smell.

Eternally yours,
Hieronymous Grubert

Chief Apothercary, the Coffin Dodgers

We put the "OW" in Bloodbowl

Friday, 5 December 2008

Concerns over Sponsorship

With only days to go until the start of the Lonewolves Annual Challenge cup opening matches, there have been some concerns over the sponsorship and possible bias towards certain teams.

A quick glance at this years sponsor banners will give many coaches concern that incentives this year will favour the Coffin Dodgers.

Investigations continue.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Countdown to Kickoff

The new season of the Lone Wolves Challenge Cup begins on the 10th of December and above are the first round fixtures.

Last years finalists , Binx and Jabba meet early in the competition this year, will one of them gain an early lead on the others?

Zed and TomArse are both fielding new teams and have a chance to start their campaign off with a winning start as speed meets strength

Cyrus opens up against The Tart, who missed last years contest as he was doing something stupid like getting married. Will he mix it up with the best this year or just make up the numbers?

Big Jon has the first week off and will hopefully spend this time getting his head around the rules for only his second jump into a Blood Bowl competition.

Lets get it on!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Black Fire Pass Thunderers

Next week is our pre-season warm up game. Due to having no free time to convert and paint my Scottish Norse team I have borrowed a Dwarven team. God help me and all those that play against me!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

"Uh-Huh-Huh, Than' yo vey much"

As you can see from the title, I'm talking Elvish!!
(Probably the best pun so far there!)
This month was a bit of an odd one. I had this bunch done to about 70% after a week then got a bit complacent, lost interest and found it a real struggle to finish them!
But finish I have:-
Who said they're the same archers as last time you've just stuck feathers on their heads?
Its not true I tell you!
Really! It isn't!

Anyway next month is the penultimate month of this challenge for me (really? It's gone so quick!) and it'll be the silver helms (and a bloodbowl team, hopefully!) leaving just the mage for the month of Jan.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Winging it!

I'm not generally known for getting involved in scenery building, but for some reason the skulls on display around Halloween gave some ideas and so I got down to it.
Here is the results of one of the two projects I put my mind to.

Firstly is a red wing....

Then a nice big red sword....

And then another red wing....

Put it all together and you get a nice big Dark Angel Icon

My other project is half done and should be ready in time for the first games of the new year

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Blood Bowl Season Approaches

As regular gaming is taking a break due to me inconveniently moving house and taking our venue with me, all thoughts have moved onto Blood Bowl and the 'Annual Lone Wolves Challenge Cup' - It's an open tournament and any one can take part. All you need to do is find out where I have moved to.

Personally I can't wait for the the pre-season warm up games and Binx's subsequent report.

Oh I and I am rubbish and very, very bad tempered when playing Blood Bowl. A brilliant game but it sucks the sportsmanship right out of me in the very first turn.

Oh and keep the pencils out of my reach!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Storm the battle field....

Well here we are the nice large unit of stormvermin which is always needed in any Skaven horde. The rank and file have been painted in a similar way to everything else I have done so far for this project with the exception of having a coat of green wash over the armour to make it look a little more mouldy/used as it should be by these battle hardened troops. They do have splashes of red to help tie them in with the rest of the army, you just can't see it in this picture. The leader of the pack painted in the same way as the rest of the unit but with slightly more red to make him stand out. Also has a few extra bits of warpstone for added detail. Complete unit with Battle Standard, as will be used in any games in the Tale of Six Gamers, which is now down to four. Here in all there glory the Stormvermin with Battle Standard pushing the Screaming Bell.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Potty Training

With my tale of X gamers project done for this month and the Lizardman book not far off, I thought i'd continue to add to my force.

This time it was my Slann mage priest. I got the Forge World Slann a good few years ago and have finally got round to painting it and here is the result.

Complete with dead Skaven on the base its now ready to be joined by the Temple Guard which will be done over the final 2 months of the X gamers project.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Prepare to Move!


Ah the good old days when that meant something more, something exciting, something dangerous. This weekend it will mean exactly the opposite, moving house. I've steadfastly continued to host gaming Wednesday in the run up to leaving and I've played, mostly with my own figures, most weeks but this week is the last until I can get the gaming space set up once more. My figures are already packed and I will revert to my 'Tactical Advisor' role rather than Company Comander.

Now this could be a depressing situation but far from it, it has allowed us to review our current boards and scenery, plan for replacements and improvements. There is even scope for an additional table to be installed. Gaming is dead, long live gaming!

Now all I need to do is get the game room moved up the priority list and gaming will be better than ever. A diversion and I should be able to get to the task list in all the confusion.

Covering Fire!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Rack em up! A product review

Tired of your paint pots being scattered across your painting area blocking all the room for more models?
Wish you could easily see the colour of the paint pot you're trying to find but they're all on the same level?
Largely disinterested with what's on TV and want something to mildly distract you for a minute or two?

Then read on...................
Recently myself and the good lady celebrated another year together (thank you, thank you!) and were looking for some random presents for each other that we would actually use and enjoy! I was struggling to come up with ideas for myself ("I'm not buying you any more stupid models!")when I spotted an item on Ebay. A paint rack.

This is something I've wanted for a while and have considered making one myself but due to the usual time issues haven't got round to it! It also had the added advantage of being something that would tidy my paint zone and isn't "more models"! Ticked the right boxes as a gift!
Product link here:
What do you get for your money?

4 sheets of thin MDF which have been cut via computer laser (or something similar!) into the various components needed for the rack.
There was a lot more construction than I expected and the instructions weren't great but anyone who has put a GW kit together would have no problems. This means BigJon would struggle and Tomarse would give up at stage 2!!
Firstly you need to cut the pieces from the MDF "sprue", clippers cope with this no problem. I also recommend making a couple of sub assemblies and leaving plenty of time between stages for drying etc. I also ensured I used lashings of PVA to keep it together and was tempted to use a few tacks on the edges for extra security but after a few tests (gently pulling, twisting, crushing etc) it does seem to be well held together by the glue alone.

One downfall though is the pre-drilled holes for brushes didn't fit my GW brushes but it was a simple job to drill slightly bigger ones.

So is it any good?

Early days but it does seem pretty sturdy and has the benefit of being modular with tool racks/bitz racks also available. There is a high chance I'll need a second to hold all my paints but I'll see how I get on with this one first.

All in all I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to make it a bit of space in their paint zone. It may not suit those of you with more "transitory" painting areas although it could be moved around with your paint station to increase the amount of paint pots you have on hand?
The Paint rack in situ:

Monday, 3 November 2008

Sally Forth ( well 2nd and 3rd )

Is it the end of November already?

This months quota done early in the month this time, allowing more time to play with some 'side projects'

This time it was 2 more Salamander Hunting Packs to add to last months one.

2 months more painting for me now ( 2 lots of 8 Temple Guard ) and everything is coming together nicely.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cry Havoc!!

The side projects continue!
3 warhound packs for the growing Celt army (now 383 points).
There remains some doubt amongst historians and therefore historical wargamers over whether Celts actually used hounds on the battlefield. I don't really care! To my mind its too cool an image to pass up, they're in the army list plus they'll be very handy for protecting and hassling flanks!
These miniatures feature my first foray away from Warlord games. The hounds and handlers to the left and right are from Crusader miniatures are excellently sculpted and fit right in! The middle hounds and handler are Warlord.

Managed to get through that post without typing the obvious:
"let slip the dogs of war!!!"


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Reaver Wild

As I'm posting this it must mean October is nearly over and another year is zooming to completion. Where has it gone?

Octobers quota, 5 Ellyrian Reavers, done!
Quite enjoyed painting these. They have come out a little more identical than I had planned but at the same time I'm trying to keep some kind of colour uniformity going. Leave all those random colours to the Empire and Orcs!
Tomarse is trying a similar thing by leaving all his models grey.............

You'll notice I changed the horses to Wood Elf Glade rider horses. The unbarded Elven steed is really showing its age and I never liked it when it first came out! The barded ones are fine though as you'll see in a few months when the Silver Helms get done!

Next month I'll be back to archers, the second unit of 10 AND (as it was a low points/cost month for Oct) the repeater bolt thrower!

Sunday, 26 October 2008


We've been muttering for a while about some Xeno terrain so here's my first foray into that
The idea is it can be used as a bit of scatter terrain or even an objective for a Apoc game.
The head itself is made from plaster using a "wet sand" mould of the Armorcast phantom titan head.
Bit of an experiment and I think it just about worked.

Sling yer hook.........

The Celt project continues! 16 slingers and a druid (the old man in the middle waving a stick about!) all dipped up!

This brings the total to a warrior unit (30), 16 slingers and a druid!
304 points in total, Rome must be trembling!

Usual blah, blah re: picture quality! Dark day....

Picture with flash! Somewhere between the two is an accurate image!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Adding some character

As the month quickly closes in I've been in a painting frenzy and added 3 more elements to my force.

This month I've done a Skink Shamen,

A Saurus Scar Veteran,

and a Salamander Hunting Pack.

Next months planned choices are 2 more Hunting packs and having painted the Salamanders a bit lighter than the Terradons will go back to them and bring them in to line with the rest of the monsters.

Last of the Smurfs

Well finally finished Big Jon's Ultramarines, another 15 Tactical squad members to increase the number of Troops choices he has to hand.

Im sure Jon will have some other things for me to dabble with in the future, the offer to do Marneus is still there :O)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Lazy Weekend

Well another good weekend of painting, I thought I'd give myself a little treat and paint the grey seer for the screaming bell ready for any large games of fantasy that may happen in the future. So I sat in front of the TV watching a good few games of rugby and got started. I wanted him to stand out a little and went for an off shade of white for the cloak and a nice grey skin tone as befits a grey seer. Still with the new washes and foundation paints.

This guy has more warpstone bits hanging around him than can be good for any Skaven but who cares when it gives you more power to cast those nasty spells...... Got so carried away with doing the grey seer I thought I'd carry on and finish the whole thing, was surprisingly easy really and has come out quite nice, a few little touches of green and red to blend it in with the rest of the army and job done.You'll see the whole unit of Stormvermin that will accompany the bell when they are finished for next months quota.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Boss Boss........

Must admit I don't think this is one of my better models, I was liking the idea when I first converted the model. He is the old warlord model that I've had since I worked for GW and I've always wanted to use him for something, not being a big fan of banners (can't seem to paint them properly) I had a really struggle to get this how I liked it. Having said that it may still be replaced at a later date with a more fitting model. There just seems to be something about it that doesn't look right. he didn't give me a lot of chance to have the army colours on him so that's why the banner has the red symbols. I think some sort of cloak/cloth bits and pieces to enable me to have him fit more in with the army may have helped.
This guy will be leading the storm vermin who of course don't have much cloth so maybe he'll fit in more then, we'll just have to wait till for next months quota to be done.

From a differant angle so you can see a little more of him.

Well here's the second of the two characters from my 1000pt army for this tale of x gamers. I wanted the colour scheme to be shown through out the entire army and seeing as the red is worked so well on the weapon crews and the ratling guns I thought lets keep it going. This guy was surprisingly easy to paint, it's keeping to a simple pallet that does it. the metal is easy tin bits with boltgun dry brushed over the top, the copper is just dwarf bronze, the skin and fur is the same as I had done for all the other models so far, washes are then used over the entire model and then the highlights are added to finish. This guy will go in with the clan rats when they are done.

Another view of the engineer

Got a little carried away this month with the rat painting, but then I only had two models to paint. With that in mind I thought I'd start doing other bits to help with my big skaven army (4k in total). This lot only took a Saturday afternoon so that was easy, looking at getting the screaming bell and warp lighining done soon too.