Monday, 30 November 2009

Darkness Rides In At The End Of The Day

Well here we are again, last minute but not last.  Painted on Sunday, based on Monday, fleeing off the board on Wednesday.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Girls, Girls Girls

Just in the nick of time, another month another deadline hit

This time 10 Daemonettes to add to my Chaos Marine force, would have loved to get all 20 done but time was not on my side

 Next month I am going to finish my painting competition entry, paint Luggage from the Discworld series and maybe do a Rhino for my Possessed.

Gene Genie

End of another month and I present my "Son of..." quota: 10 Space Hulk stealers.
Got into a bit of a rhythm with them so next month I'm going to paint the rest of the stealers along with the Brood Lord!!

Now to just sit back and watch the winnings roll in!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Resurrection

Fog drifted up from the ground as wispy clouds scudded across the twin moons of Mannslieb and Morrslieb, the latter casting a sickly green glow through the night.
A shadowy, robed figure strode purposefully through the graveyard, occasionally looking about as if checking for witnesses.
It reached a large mausoleum and stopped at the heavy stone door.

The hands of the figure transcribed a series of fluid movements in the air as it intoned mystical words in low tone, breath condensing as greenish mist in the moonlit air.
Slowly the doors swung back with a loud grinding noise. Once they were open the figure looked around once more and darted inside.

Inside the mausoleum stretched ahead with a cobwebby corridor before opening up in a chamber with a stone sarcophagus in the centre. Several other chambers connected the main room.
The robed shadow walked to the top of the sarcophagus and stood taking in the surroundings. Overhead a lantern was burning with an unnatural blue fire throwing the carvings depicting the occupant's former life into stark relief.
Once again the figure began gesticulating mystically and after a short time the lid of the stone coffin began to rumble open.

For a while nothing happened.

Then a blue glow emanated from the sarcophagus itself and a figure began to rise from within.
Ancient, bejewelled armour sparkled in the witch light and bony features where lit blue.
The air disappeared in the chamber as the rising figure spoke:

"Alllllllllll Shhhallllllllllll Dieeeeeeeeeee!!"
And with that rallying call from their Captain,
Duke "of Spook" Leyron,
the Coffin Dodgers were back in training..........
See you in the final!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sartosa Buccaneers

And it's the wild card entry of the unknown team from the minors, the Sartosa Buccaneers that everyone is talking about. Do they really stand a chance against the veterans on the circuit?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sunday, 1 November 2009

5 Heads are Better than one

Due to a lost camera I'm posting Zed's hydra!
Completed in the time limit and here for completeness.

Looks good!

Coming Soon

My Blood Bowl Team for the New Year league

Say Cheese

Lordybloke's 40k campaign is finally over and so it is now time to retire the Imperial Guard for a while.

During the 20+ weeks of war I have added a lot more infantry and some special touches such as the Ogryns and Storm troopers.

The only thing missing from the photo (click to reveal the whole thing) is the 9 Lascannon Teams, there just wasnt enough room on the shelves to fit them in.

In the future I hope to add another Russ variant, a Valkyrie and some Psykers, but for now at least ...

'At ease gentlemen'