Saturday, 27 February 2010

Teeny weeny

Epic anyone?
I've dug out my Epic Tyranids and decided to paint 20 bases of Termagaunts, only 40 more bases to go, then onto the next lot of beasties....


After using the GW spraygun since it's release and largely being quite pleased with it; we have bought an Iwata compressor.  The cans of gas were ok but the pressure drops off quite quickly and even buying cheaper cans I had spent over £60 in propellent in about a year. 

Today I connected up the spraygun to the compressor and gave it a quick go.  In short, it's excellent a couple of trial blasts to get the pressure and nozzle to a nice level and away I went for 15 mins of pain free spraying.  Usually after 5 minutes I would have to stop and either call it a day or swap cans of propellent.  In additon the spray is much finer and consequently the finish on the model is too, leaving all the detail.

When I have a bit of spare cash I'll be getting an airbrush and taking my painting into uncharted waters.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 6 - Results

Hi its that time again....

Warpstone Wanderss 0 - 3 Storner Stoneheads

The Warpstone Wanderers were battered!, Nothing else to say realy. The 1st half finished 1-0 to the Stoneheads with the Rat dugout looking more like a mortuary. 4 in the dead and injured , 2 in the KO'd, the Rats started the 2nd half with 7 players and the Stoneheads took full advantage uting in 2 more scores.

Orcland Raiderz 0 - 1 Coffin Dodgers

In a must win game for the Dodgers, things started off looking bleak with player after player being carted off the pitch. As the casualties mounted up the Orcs looked favourite to take the game but some swift and decisive play from the Undead saw them take the lead towards the end of the 1st half.
With the numerical advantage the Orcs should have levelled it up but struggled to hold on to the ball, with the Undead almost making it 2-0.
At the end of thegame the Undead only had 2 players on the pitch. Sadly for them 1 Wight and 1 Zombie will miss next weeks vital encounter with the Invaders as the winner of that game is almost sure to make the final

The updated league follows, this includes the 'free' wins for the Clams and Raiderz for next week and the final week of the season.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Food + Fight part 2

A few more pictures from the battle....
The Lizard reserves appear from the flank

The failed critical last stand of the Slann and friends, as more reserves appear from the rear

A massive clash in the centre of the battlefield

Food + Fight

We had a big WFB battle, 6k Choas alliance took on 6k Lizard and Dwarf alliance in a battle to secure 3 mine shafts.
Although the Chaos forces were seriously reduced, they still managed to grab a 1-0 win when 6 turns of 'tourniment' play was over.
I started taking pictures at the beginning but didnt take any mid game shots ( I think Zed did)

Thanks goes out to the Zed family for allowing us to take over their house for a great days gaming and a magnificent spread....

The Dwarf Gunline awaits contact

The beasts sweep round the flank led by the Jabberwo...slythe...

The Slayers eye up their adversaries

The Lizardmen reserves

The Lizards enter on the right flank

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 5

Week 5 is over and it was full of surprises....

Tuesday night saw the belated game between the Saurian Storm and the Storner Stoneheads

Saurian Storm 2 - 0 Storner Stoneheads (Attendance 25,000)

A blizzard greeted the two teams and they really started feeling its effects early on with both of the Stonehead's Bull Centaurs leaving the game early on.
The game was a close run thing but the superiority and player advantage came to the fore with a Lizard victory.

Wednesday saw 2 games played ( the Warpstone Wanderers gaining 3 pts due to a walk over against the Fangorn Rangers)

Storner Stoneheads 1 - 0 Orcland Raiderz (Attendance 26,000)

After their late finish the night before the Stoneheads were made to wait by the late arrival of the Raiderz and the fatigue showed on their faces
The Raiderz team, low on energy and morale after losing 2 players last week were poor, twice coming one 2+ roll away from scoring, they were doomed to defeat as the dice were not on their side.
A late score in the 1st half by the Stoneheads was the only TD in the game, although the Orcs could have levelled it up several times but lady luck was not on their side.

Saurian Storm 3 - 0 Invaders (Attendance 26,000)

What was anticipated to be a close game became a walk over that could have been 4 or even 5!
With the inability to pick up the ball or control their Minotaur the Invaders were never in the game, only touching the ball for 1 turn.
The Storm continued their impressive week with another win which puts them 2nd in the table. The Invaders losing their 1st game of the season drop to 4th with a very important game against the Bearded Clams next week with only 10 players available.

No deaths this week to report on

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Gor, What a scorcha

Whilst I was in GW Cribbs buying 'The Green Knight' to convert into a Wight King, I saw they had a Beastman painting competition, so thought i'd give it a go.
They only had Ungor left and here's my entry. Don't know what the prize is.....


Friday, 12 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 4 - Results

3 Games this week after the Chaos Dwarves contracted Nurgles rot and are now scheduled to play the Saurion Storm on Tuesday

Invaders 2 - 0 Fangorn Rangers (Attendance: 16,000)

The Chaos remained unbeaten after a 2-0 win over the elves. Little did the fans know but this would be the last time they would see the Rangers on the pitch this season.
The Rangers had a few attempts to score but horendous luck, denied them time and again. The Invaders took their chances and witha 1-0 lead at the half made it 2-0 late in the game.
The big shock was at the end of the game when the Wood Elf head coach pulled his team out of the league, there was much uproar in the stands and as of yet no statement from the Elf coach to address their fans disappointment.

Orcland Raiderz 0 - 1 Bearded Clams (Attendance: 30,000)

A record crowd braved an early downpour to watch the unbeaten Raiderz lose out to the Dwarfs.
Early problems in picking up the ball gave a chance to the dwarfs who took it and stole the lead at the mid point of the 1st half.
The 2nd half was a bit of a mess, bodies flying all over the place. It was the Clams who came out on top though, slaying a 2 orcs in a bitter blood bath.
A late stumble by the Dwarfs runner saw the 2-0 slip from their grasp, and a dropped pass from a Black Orc was all that stopped the Orcs levelling it up late in the game

Warpstone Wanderers 0 - 2 Coffin Dodgers (Attendance: 16,000)

It was top vs bottom and it showed, even with some tricky plays from the rats, the superiority of the Undead shone through in the end.
With the score at 0-0 at half time the Rats were pleased with themselves but with a stern team talk the Dodgers soon sorted themselves out and scored twice in the 2nd half.
Even with the aid of a bombardier the rats couldn't do any damage and the 2 Undead players sent to the infirmary myseriously regenrated and were able to join their team mates in the end of match team bath.

Both from the Orcland Raiderz this week, RIP Grogul Face Smasha and Kronk Iron Fist


Sunday, 7 February 2010

3 ah ah ahhh

Had a spare hour or so, finished another vampire...

1 ah ah ahhh, 2 ah ah ahhhh

2 Vamps down 2 more and a Wight King to go.

These 2 Vamps are the more exciting out of the miniatures I have to paint this month. Still deciding on what model to use as a Wight King, might still be the Green Knight with some conversion.

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 4

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 3 - Results

Bearded Clams 1 - 1 Coffin Dodgers (Attendance 26,000)

A Huge crowd gathered to see the Dwarfs and the Undead go at in a hastily rearranged and controversial match, and they weren't disappointed.

The Dodgers received the opening kickoff and hastily advanced down their left flank. Things looked too easy as the Clams were soon 2 players down and a long way off stopping the advancing ghoul train. Fans couldnt believe thier eyes as the undead began to try and give the ball to their star ghoul blodger instead of just running it into the endzone for an early score. A few fumbled handoffs later and the dwarfs had their hands on the ball but soon lost it again as the extra numbers helped the undead. Eventually the pressure paid off and Dodgers took the lead late in the 1st half.

With only a few momnets left in the 1st half the Clams made a swift attempt to score but in unknown terriatory their new wide receiver blocker fell on his face a few yards short.

1-0 to the Dodgers at half time and the 2nd half was greeted by a riot which only saw one player from each side taking damage.
The Dwarfs began their drive right down the middle of the pitch hitting a wall of mummies and zombies at the half way line. After a little stalling the dwarfs finally gave the undead a lesson in damage quickly sending 3 Dodgers players from the pitch. With the numbers on their side the dwarfs slowly advanced up the pitch and with 2 turns left were 10 yards form the end zone, just close enough to make it in the nick of time.

Undead desperation set in but they couldnt get the dwarf blitzer on the floor ( dodge and block is wonderful) finally as time drew to a close the dwarfs scored just before the final whistle was blown (2+ to socre on turn 8 of the 2nd half)

The game ended as a draw, the Coffin Dodgers still unbeaten and top of the table, where they should remain after week 4's games. For the dwarfs it was a well needed point before they face the Orcland Raiderz next week where a loss may see their season grind to a halt early on.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 3

Because of some absense only the one game this week