Monday, 30 June 2014

More Yanks for Dave

More Americans off the production line, this time with pictures taken in the sunshine.

Only a dozen or so bases/tanks/infantry left to do.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Tau.....An Unexpected Journey

I'm not really too sure how this happened!

I'll start from the beginning....I was bought some Tau models approx. four years ago, and not long after I was introduced to Warhammer Fantasy, that then took my attention away from 40k (and my Tau) after fantasy is was any one of SAGA models, 28mm WW2 Models, 15mm Germans, Cowgirls or Warmachine that took my attention away from my Tau, i even managed to bash out a Grey Knights army before even assembling any of them.

Lordy will tell you, i have been boring him for a long time about my Tau and how i couldn't find a colour scheme i was happy with...i tried Green and various shades of Blue.....looked crap....Red and Yellow....yellow is a pain to make look good...Blue and Red....Red and White, the list goes on and on...i was always planning on doing them, i bought the new codex on release day and have even written various lists, but i still couldn't get a colour scheme that i was happy with.

Friday was the last chance saloon for my Tau, if it went wrong the remaining models that were not ruined by my trying a paint scheme would be luckily this was the outcome.

To say i am happy with the outcome is an understatement...i feel it is the best model i have ever done, i like the colours and i think the white snowy base contrasts nicely with the Blue of the Tau.
This is going to be a slow project as i want to take my time and hopefully they will all look as good as this one.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Fully painted Nurgle army....coming to a tabletop near you

Well, here they are...the final pieces finished to complete my WoC Nurgle army, another Gorebeast Chariot after they  performed so well in the Doubles event me and Binx attended last year and a Daemon Prince, because, you know........It's chaos!

Very happy with the outcome on both of them, I was worried about the Prince initially, but happy how it came out, particularly the flesh.
The gorebeast I decided to use the GW rust technical paint.........all over it! It came out well, and with the odd flick of the GW technical blood mixture, finished it off with a particularly gruesome ending.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Kung Fu 2

You wait years for some Kung Fu models to be posted on the blog and two come along at once!

As Klepto mentioned in his post I went for the Cops, and in our first game, my protagonist managed to humble, and then take out his martial arts master.

First up are the three SWAT team members

Next up are two Rookie Cops

Thirdly are the Bruiser, and Protagonist

And finally, the whole bunch together

Friday, 6 June 2014


As Carl Douglas once said "everybody was kung fu fighting" and for me, Binx & Lordy this certainly is the case....although I'm not sure any of us are as fast as lightening anymore.

Back in April the lonewolves all rolled up on salute at the London Excel (£15 for parking!!!!!)
while I was there, with very little knowledge of the game I purchased the rule book for Osprey Games' "A Fist Full Of Kung-Fu" and a box of the martial artists models.

Me and Binx have had one game already, where his SWAT team shot my martial artists to bits. The game is great fun, not really to be taken too seriously as its meant to re-enact the (usually) over the top scenes seen in Japanese action films....think exploding cars in the back ground while the bloody protagonist walks into shot smoking a cigar and holding a pistol, as well as being round-housed kicked in the face, falling into a tropical fish tank, causing it to break and cause glass and water to be all over the floor making it more difficult to move etc.
*I wont get into the dinosaurs and human monkey hybrids* they are in all their glory...

 The power rangers
Kung fu master, (definitely not) Bruce Lee & (definitely not) Ryu from Street Fighter