Monday, 28 September 2009

Salamanders v Cadians

Not as you may first think yet another of the campaign battles we have been experiencing but a book review.

I tend to buy most of the titles produced by the Black Library, it feeds two inner daemons, the first is a near insatiable desire to read more about the rich tapestry that is both Warhammer and in this case the Warhammer 40k background. Other games lack this even if the mechanics and figures stack up, they often don't. I digress. The other daemon is literature, I still marvel at how words can conjure up so much, like a miniature film studio in my head.

Last week I received Salamanders by Nick Kyme This week I received Cadian Blood Aaron Dembski-Bowden

The first is about the Salamanders and they are seeking revenge for their Captain who was melted in the first few pages. One of the heroes comes from a different part of Nocturne than the other (pre selection) and the enmity that is felt between them as they execute their mission.

The second is about the 88th Cadian Shock Battalion (Kasrkin attached) removed from their home world (during the 13th Black Crusade) to reclaim a shrine world from the taint of Chaos and are seconded to an Inquisitor from the Ordos Sepulturum.

I was going to title this '100 page book review' but I can't as although I have reached 100 pages of Salamanders I have finished Cadian Blood despite it arriving a week later.

In short Cadian Blood Good, Salamanders Bad.  Well maybe not bad but a bit also ran.

Now Salamanders isn't terrible and I will probably finish it but I think it needs more 'creative stones' to make the best out of the marines, they are iconic for the 40 universe but without some real talent on the end of the pen are often boiled down to "For the Emperor", "Duty and Honour" and "Dakka, Dakka, Dakka".  What worries me is that it's the start of a series. Unfinished a likely 2 out of 5

Cadian Blood, as I often find, it's easier to identify with the Guard and the writer comes up with some clever shit too, the result is much more enjoyable read with nicely shaped characters.  There are some obvious plot devices but these are smashed with some nice twists, which is always nice. 4 out of 5

So once again the Adeptus Astartes are beaten by the most Imperial of Guard.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The "C" word!

After several months of playing Imperial Guard, many unpainted and with an Apocalypse game looming I've done the only sensible thing.
Thats right, painted some Celts!
I've had a blister pack of Warlord Games nekked fanatics (Binx's favourite!) kicking about for ages and wanted to get the Celt project moving again, as they're mostly just skin and woad I thought I could do them pretty quickly.
I was right! Good old dip!

That brings the new Celt total points to 813 points, so close to the 1000pt target!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

At Ease Gentlemen

Well they're done! My Imperial Guard force are now 100% painted, coming in at a whopping 3244pts.

The Cadians are by no way finished to the point where I'm not going to add anything else, there's still a few more bits and bobs I'd like to add to the force in the future.

After a lot of games with the Imperial Guard since the new codex came out its time to put them to bed for a while ( well once the Apocalypse game is done) For the future I have my eye on....
  • A Leman Russ Demolisher ( and all the variants that come in the box)
  • A Psyker Battle Squad
  • Rough Riders
And who knows what else....

Right now to finish the Lizardmen....

Friday, 25 September 2009

Everyone Loves A Competition

Due to the popularity of the recent Mkonay System Campaign T-Shirts it has been suggested that we have some new club shirts. 

So lets have some suggestions


Monday, 21 September 2009

Hi my name is.........

Just thought i would introduce myself to the lone wolves.

I am currently getting together an Ork army, and above is some of the work i have done.....not to bad considering i have only been paining for 11 months! Well, i think so.

Anyways, take a look, hopefully enjoy!

So So Good

If I could buy either figure I would.  I've emailed the chap who sculpted them to that affect too.

The only way is up....

...Baby! sung of course by the 80's pop sensation Yazz!

So I've finished Commissar Yarrick and here he is in all his glory ready to fight the good fight in the upcoming Apocalypse encounter some time in 2013.

If my official entry to the Lone Wolves painting competition doesn't hit the spot then Yazz will be my entry, with of course some better photos.

All my blog entries are taken with a normal small digi cam but for this years competition photo I'll be getting out the proper big professional camera for the perfect shot.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009

It's Worse Than Any Death Jim

A lot of Warhammer Fantasy players assume an item or spell has only one use in general. They don’t think outside the box. This happens to new players to veterans alike. They assume an item or power is specifically for one purpose and they get tunnel vision. This is not entirely the case in Fantasy, where there are many items and spells that can have multiple uses or applications. I would like to point out to my fellow BoLS Fantasy players a few of these cases. Here are 3 examples of using some spells and an item a little differently than you might expect.

"Portent of Far", the default Lore of Heavens spell is primarily considered a spell for close combat. It lets you reroll 1s to hit and wound. This spell however has some great uses in the shooting and magic phases as well. Throw this on some Flamers, one of the best shooting units in the game, and you just got a huge boost in killing potential. This spell is also great on support casters. Your level 2 can throw 1 or 2 dice at Portent of Far on your more deadly level 4 wizard. All of a sudden your level 4’s big nasty fiery blast is that much more deadly at rerolling 1’s.

Portent of Far is a great spell, but Empire has an even better version. The “Hammer of Sigmar” bound prayers from Archlectors and Warriorpriests. This bound 4 spell in your average Empire player's hands is usually only cast in close combat. Your more savvy Empire generals will crush you with a more unique use. Hammer lets the model reroll hits and wounds. This is a huge advantage if you think outside the box. There is an a plethora of ways to make this spell deadly. My favorite use is casting Hammer of Sigmar on my Hochland Outrider champion. The BS:5 Hochland is already a threat. Throw on rerolls of hit and wound he is almost certain to put a wound on any T5 model or less. Hammer of Sigmar is also quite deadly on wizards. You thought rerolling 1s with Portent of Far is good, how about rerolling every failure?!?!

Empire is pretty blessed with that awesome bound, but Warriors of Chaos have the exact same ability through a magic weapon. The mighty “Rending Sword” for Warriors of Chaos is probably the best magic weapon they have. Your average WoC player thinks this is a close combat weapon only. Nonsense!!! This item really shines on a level 4 Sorceror Lord. The sword lets you reroll all failed to wound rolls. This means even a poor roll on Flickr Fire can put a few more wounds then expected with this awesome sword. It really shines in the shooting phase with Bloodcurling Roar. Having 2 chances to roll a few 6s can easily take out an elite unit compared to just one chance. My favorite WoC character currently is the level 4 Mark of Tzeentch on a disc with Golden Eye, Rending Sword, Spell Familiar, Enchanted Shield, Bloodcurling Roar, and the one use breath weapon stream of corruption. This guy throws sick spells and puts out a nice output of shooting damage. The breathweapon usually sucks, but in combination with Rending Sword its worth it!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Get Yer Norks Out

Following hot on the heels of my Ogryns comes one of my all time favourite Imperial Guard characters Nork Deddog.

Below is my representation of the infamous bodyguard, complete with badges ( thanks to zed for the idea of using upside down purity seals) and commissar hat.

As you may see Nork has an Aquila on his belly plate and to tidy up the Ogryns I have ordered some winged skulls ( pic below) for theirs.

Waiting For The Wolftime

Do you remember I said "I'm not going to do anymore work on my Space Wolves army until the new codex comes out; I don't want to build and paint anything I will have to change"

That was over 6 years ago. I should have just carried on.

Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed all the things I've painted but in future I'll press on regardless and wait until the chuffing codex or army book plops onto my door mat before worrying about what I'm doing with my modelling and painting

The End.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Oggy, Oggy, Oggy!!!

Well They're done, 5 Ogryns ( including a Bone head with comms) ready to be deployed onto the battlefield just in time for the closing stages of our latest campaign.

Did look at putting a skull on the belly plate but it didn't look right so for now I'll leave them blank.

I do have 1 more Ogryn left to so, the infamous Nork Deddog is well on his way to completion and will be joined shortly by Commissar Yarrick

Son of Tale of X Painters

Following our recent discussion about needing more focus on painting like the good old days with "Tale of X Painters" I present the official posting for :

"Son of Tale of X Painters"

It goes like this:
  • Each month you decide if you are in or out
  • If you're in you pledge what you will paint and get a photo of on the Blog by the end of the month
  • If you fail to do so you will pay (sportsman's) £1 to all those that have completed their pledge
  • What you paint is up to you and can be from any game system.
  • Ideally all pledges should be of roughly equal scope. If someones pledge doesn't measure up those that are "in" can vote that it won't count!
  • No dropping out half way through a month, it'll still cost ya!
  • October will be the first month for "Son of........"

So I'll get the ball rolling with my October pledge !

12 High Elf shadow warriors. Now I have to admit they are partly started but they've been hanging around my painting table since "Tale of..." ended but I'm fed up with looking at them so they need to be finished and it'll be a nice gentle start to proceedings!

So, who's in???

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Going Underground....

With the Mkonay Campaign actually moving ahead (yaaaAAYYYYY GUARD!) I thought I'd stick the termite rules up for perusal once more with new picture by none other than our very own Zed!

Just awaiting Cortez Thunderhawk now!

Marine Blues

I stole this article from Bols. It’s thought provoking.

2000 pts

HQ: Librarian, Terminator Armour, Null zone, Gate of Infinity, Storm Shield
HQ: Librarian, Terminator Armour, Null Zone, Vortex of Doom, Storm Shield

Elites: Assault Terminators (8), all TH/SS
Elites: Assault Terminators (8), all TH/SS

Troops: Scout Squad (10), Heavy Bolter, Locator Beacon, Half Sniper Rifles
Troops: Tact Squad, Multi-melta, Meltagun, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon
Troops: Tact Squad, Multi-melta, Meltagun, Teleport Homer, Razorback
Troops: Tact Squad, Multi-melta, Meltagun, Razorback

Heavy: Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Heavy: Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Heavy: Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

2000 pts - Up to 8 scoring - Kp - 15

I think the list is strong versus Imperial Guard and horde armies, without having to rely on your TH/SS terminators to do all your nasty business.

Obviously the thought is to close quickly, teleport your guys up there, and then start wading through infantry with your hammers of doom. I picked null zone to help deal with Daemons and other TH/SS terminators. It might be worth it to run both librarians with the same psychic power set up just to help with some redundancy. The other parts of the army are designed to hold objectives and dish out boatloads of wounds to thin out large attack mob based armies, which can pull the TH/SS terminators down under the weight of multiple armour saves.

Again I did not come up with the initial idea of this list; I just had it shove its hammers down my throat one game at the weekend tournament. I thought it had some merit, and with a few small tweaks it should shore up any issues with its ability to cover the horde, as well as give most armies fits as they try to deal with the TH/SS terminators. For those needing a smaller point total, drop the one tact squad and predator