Monday, 1 July 2013

Musket & Tomahawk French

Just before this years Salute, myself and Zed were planning our purchases to let us play Musket & Tomahawk, we had looked at various manufacturers, and were ready with our shopping list.

The days before the event, we had an email from 4ground that mentioned a 15mm M&T game they would be showcasing at Salute, and suddenly from out of no where we were rewriting our shopping list.

We both plumped for 15/18mm figures from Blue Moon, supplied by Old Glory UK.

Here are my first 400 points of French, I have used this force against Zed's British in two practice games, and although they have come out second best on both occasions, I am still happy with the composition and I'm sure I'll add some more garcons in the near future