Thursday, 31 January 2013

Battlegroup Kursk Battle Report

Neil and I played our second game of BGK last night.  We had previously played the clash of reconnaissance scenario which allocates units for each side.  This time we opted to try 500 points and a scenario. 

I believe both Neil and I have an idea of what we might like to take in our forces and it was only once we started list construction the subtle limits and restrictions that push you towards a combined arms list were fully realised.  In a good way.

In my Battlegroup
Tiger 313 + Panzer Ace
Panzer IV G Sqn (3)
Panzergrenadier Squad 3 MG teams, 3 Rifle teams, 1 HQ team (trucks but i forgot to use them)
12cm Heavy Mortar (2) +1 truck
Supply Column (2 trucks)
Kubelwagen Ambulance
Sd Kfz 7 with 20mm AA cannon
Sniper – Lucky Johan
Battle Rating 35


Neil’s Battlegroup
Forward HQ
NKVD Officer + jeep
T34-43 Platoon (3)
T34-43 Tank
Zis 3 Battery (2 guns)
45 mm AT Battery (3 guns)
BA 10 armoured Car
Recce squad (Inf)
Supply column Steptoski & Sons (3 horse drawn cart)
Rifle Platoon, 3 squads, HQ, AT Rifle and HMG attached
Sniper & Spotter
Battle Rating 34 + d6 (NKVD) = 36

Monday, 28 January 2013

Bicycle made for WW2

Another batch of Germans done and dusted, this time they are heading to the battlefield on their motorbikes.

I've also done the corresponding guys for when they eventually dismount, but couldn't be bothered to take any pictures as they look much like the other Germans I have painted, so you'll just have to believe me.

Next on the paint station is a Panzer IV.

All passengers are removable for when they inevitably die

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I present my progress on bringing together a Battlegroup for Kursk.

This lot has all been painted since the release of and specifically for Battle group Kursk.
Currently consists of a complete rifle platoon, a rifle squad, smg squad, KV1, BA 10 armoured car, truck, sniper, anti tank rifle, stretcher bearer team and a NKVD officer in his jeep.

Hopefully Zed and I will get another game in soon. We'll probably get more of the rules right too!

Still plenty more to paint.....

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Good Life Gamer - January

So here we are in 2013.  My hobby fund is zero.  It would have been cheating to carry forward any money I had in my account.

I haven’t bought anything not surprisingly but realised whilst looking for Schimmwagen’s that I could buy things at the drop of a hat and worry about the money later.  Not now. 
I have some items on eBay, mostly old epic figures and books but also a Churchill tank and a couple of WFB Empire war machines.  I don’t see the first few weeks of the year being a great time to try and sell stuff.  We are conditioned for ‘the sale’ and want a bargain.  It used to be the ‘January sales’, then became the’ boxing day sales’ and it has now evolved into the’ we can’t wait any longer for you to come shopping so here is a desperate bid to get you spending sale’.  Maybe it will be fine after all.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Yank Tank.....and Half-Track

While I am still plodding along with various projects, over a few different games, I am still working on getting my Bolt Action Americans ready for table warfare.
I have a few bits put together, 20 regular infantry, a medium mortar, a HMG, an LMG, Sniper team and a bazooka team. I am still planning on getting my 20 veteran troops put together, as well as a flame thrower team.

On top of all these blokes, I have put together my Sherman, it wasn't a great piece to put together, but its done now and overall I am happy with how it looks (big thanks to Zed & Lordy for the advice on the correct assembly)

Also, my Half-Track arrived this weekend, I was very excited to get open and have a look. It looks great, but there are A LOT of little tiny bits that I have no idea where they go! I am slightly disappointed that the warlord vehicles don't come with any instructions, especially with the amount of tiny bits that come with the model. Still, it'll get done, and hopefully it'll look good....if not I'll just slop super glue and greenstuff at it and make sure it doesn't fall apart!

Churchill Mk VII

Finally finished my Churchill tank for Bolt Action.  It's been mostly done for about 2 months.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brutey and the Beast

Its finally done, I've finished my Helbrute, thus concluding all the painting from the 40k starter box.

Turns out it is a lot purpler that the rest of my Slaanesh, but for once I'm not going to get al OCD about it, unless it really gets on my wick in the future.

Next on my paint station; more WW2 BA Germans

Sunday, 6 January 2013

What I got for Xmas

I realised that I haven't posted anything on here for ages, so here's part of my xmas present from Kim - a box of Wargames Factory's "Zombie Vixens".  I noticed that because I've mostly been converting Mantic zombies, all of my zombies have been male, and mostly bald-headed, except Murgatroyd (who has been added to one picturein order to show how they scale with the rest of my collection), so these gals will add a bit of much-needed variety.

Apologies if the pics look a bit odd - I've been tinkering with aperture settings and shutter speed on the camera to try and get some nicer snaps.  Still in the experimental stages with that.  Anyhoo, here goes:

This final guy is a fatty from the Zombicide board game.  Couldn't resist adding him to the zombie parade.

Since finishing these guys, my hobby painting has dropped to pretty much the usual levels - priming and promising to paint.  So it'll probably be a while before I post anything further,  although I did finish off the base of the zombie in the red dress since taking these photos.  This brings my current total of completed zombies to 16.  Hopefully, once I find some suitable survivors, I'll be rounding the horde up to it's first landmark total of 20 painted models.  Then I'll start working my way though the unfinished zombie model mountain I've accumulated.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wheel of misfortune

Well, here it is, my first completed model of 2013! Well, its a bit of a cheat as i did start it on Christmas Eve...but even so!

Quite happy with how this turned out, did a bit of free hand work on the banner, its not going to win any awards, but it does add to it i think.

Also, i did use games workshops new range of texture paints for the base. I've been sceptical about them for some time, but i must admit, i think the base looks really good, and took half the time it did had i used sand!

anyway, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

Hi my name is Frazer and I am a gaming addict.  Oh dear wrong meeting…

I have goals for 2013 like not drinking alcohol in January or taking the bike to work more often but really these resolutions are gaming specific.  I could say I will not buy anymore figures or that I will definitely finish an army.  I could just say that I will just paint what I have now, which could take a decade with no additional purchases.   However, what I will strive for is not to buy my way out of trouble; and I mean not buying a unit specifically to give me an advantage or to regain parity with my opponents.  I will endeavour to make the armies I have work as they are. 

So that’s it, my gaming resolution, learn how to fight better with what I have