Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lone Wolves Annual Acadamy Awards 2013

Two weeks ago we held the first award ceremony below is a transcript of the event.  Some pictures of the event at the end of the post

Lone Wolves Academy Awards


Welcome to the first Annual Lone Wolves Academy Awards ceremony.  Many years have passed since the inception of the club as a pretext to gaining free entrance to Games Day and I feel it is time to recognise the highs and lows of gaming comradeship on an annual basis; what better way to do this than to blatantly rip off a tried and trusted format the Oscars.


The award categories are:


1.    General of the year

2.    Sporting player

3.    Outburst award

4.    Tourettes Award

5.    Beardiest Army of the year

6.    Most Exploited Unit

7.    The unit that consistently fails to contribute

8.    Lawyered Up

9.    Annual painting achievement

10.  Landscape Gardener

11.  Special Award - Kath’s Favourite


So over the next 40 minutes we will reminisce and revisit the lone wolves gaming year of 2013


Sunday, 22 December 2013

End of year report

Wednesday gaming is done for the year, its been full of new games, some games not being played as much as in previous years and much passing of the tea hat.

As well as the running figures, on the right side of the blog, I have compiled some other interesting stats for 2013.

Tea Hat

From the table it appears the Tea Hat was mainly on 4 of the Lonewolve's heads during the year, with Zed holding onto 5th place.

Below is the Hat to Tea ratio (minimum 10 hat wears), with Binx 'winning' with 0.311 teas made per hat wear.

Cyrus 2150.238

With some slight changes to the tea hat rules, who will 'win' in 2014?

Games Won

In 2012 we kept a record of wins, draws and losses for each of the club members. This turned out to divide the camp with thoughts that a league was making some of us more competitive and ruining the more social and relaxed atmosphere of a Wednesday night.

As an experiment, in secret, I kept track of the game results again this year, to see if this theory held any substance and the results are below.

% of Games Won
2012 2013
Cyrus 55.56 Cyrus 55
Lordybloke 62.5 Lordybloke 52.38
Binx 39.38 Binx 44.23
Cortez 30.95 Cortez 36.17
Elliot 29.41 Elliot 34.09

As you can see four of the six regular attendees improved their win percentage by around 5 percent, Cyrus returned an almost identical result and Lordybloke dropping by about 10 percent.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions from this highly unscientific data.


This year, I'll once again keeping track of the tea making and the games played and updating the blog weekly. I wont be looking at win percentage this year, but will be keeping track of all the results in any World War two games.
I wont be tracking the individual players, but instead whether the Allies or Axis sides are more victorious over the year, purely to see if, in the garage, history repeats itself.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Chaos Ogres WIP

This will no doubt be my last post of the year, and probably my favourite.
I am currently working on my Warriors Of Chaos army, and with the success of my ogres in the doubles tournament I decided to buy some more and chaos them up a bit....I got Neil to help me as his greenstuff skills are far superior to mine. Below are the results, hope to get them painted over the xmas period.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The final Saga Skraeling post

Its take about 18 months but finally my 6pts of Saga Skraeling are finished.

Here is a group shot, and hopefully they'll all make it to the battlefield when Klepto's Saga campaign begins in 2014.

For the full selection of posts showing the progress of this project, go HERE

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Me again.....

Right well I've actually been good, not only have I built stuff for the club I've even painted some of my marines.......Yes I know shock horror.......

In a previous post I put on the first 5 Sternguard and lo and behold I've finished the other 5 for the full squad.

Here's the full squad, they are ready for the table but all are needing the blue to be highlighted.

WIP and next on the list for my marines are Terminators, this is the first 5 of the close combat squad I have.....All in I have 20 Terminators, 10 standard and 10 close combat.

More will appear over the month due to having every Friday off in December, holiday had to be used somehow........see you all on the updates.

Monday, 2 December 2013

More for the table.........

Well here I am again with an update on the scenery that the club has recently purchased for DMH and 15mm WWII games (FoW & BG).
In the previous post you saw the start of my manic building as soon as I opened the box which contained the 4Ground DMH buildings, the next evening continued at the same sort of pace.....

First up the Sheriff's office inc the jail which has break out bits......

Next was the big Undertakers, this is a fantastic model with plastic windows and paper cut outs for the banners.

These two take the building count to 6 for DMH which is great for the size of table needed.....must admit if 4Ground do a bank, hotel & railway station I'll be badgering the rest of the club to get those too......
As you can see the table looks good but with a few more feature buildings it would look great..

Finally the WIP 15mm stuff...

This stuff is from Commission Figurines, although there are only a few pieces to put together I found that these were a little more time consuming due to the need for a dry run first as some of the pegs that hold the buildings together needed to be trimmed a little, also the fact that they now need to be painted is a little annoying for me. 4Ground is ready to go once stuck. Still very good models and the detail is great just needs a little more on the inside, slightly better cut and a paint job. 9 of them built over two evenings.

Anyway that's it for laser cut buildings for the foreseeable future, it's back to the foam card Mordhiem buildings for me.......they should be done ready for the New Year.