Sunday, 27 March 2011

Six of the Best

With just over a month to go to the NAF Championship, I have managed to finish 6 out of the 14 Skaven I need.
6 Linerats, 1 Thrower and a Rat Ogre (although not actually in the team) to do.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Ship Shape

I've started to accumulate a number of different projects over the last month which has meant a slight delay on painting the Dark Eldar.

So without further a do, here's an update. I have now finished 12 Dark Eldar Warriors, 2 Raiders and a Ravager. All vehicle weapons are magnetised to switch between Dark Lances or Disintergraters

Next on the list, 6 Jet bikes

I know the pictures a little dark but hey what ya gonna do!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Hi Elves!

It's been a while since i posted anything, so i thought id show you what i have been working on recently:

10 Phoenix Guard:

My First RBT, it looks very white in this picture, whereas its more cream in real life. I went for an ivory look.

And here is my prince on Griffon, im actually really impressed with this and how it has turned out! the price could have been better, but overall im very pleased!

As always C&C is always welcome!

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well last nights game of BB between myself (Cortez) and Lordybloke was not being looked forward to by me.............How wrong I was. Lordybloke's 1st turn came up to my expectations as 3 of my players ended up laying on the ground, then my 1st turn started and it all seemd to go down hill from there for Lordybloke, blocks and armour rolls were made left right and centre. No injury's but a few lying on the floor.
Through out the game the Orc's kept finding that little crack in the Norse armour and at one point there were only 5 Norse players on the pitch, 3 of which were taking a kip. Highlight of the game for the Norse had to be when, with only 6 players on the pitch a gap was left open and the lone runner was able to pluck the ball out of the air (at the 2nd attempt) to run in a TD.
At the end of the match I had 10 players left standing on the pitch, Lordybloke had......2 standing, 4 taking a nap, 4 with headaches (KO), 4 needing some surgery. 2-1 win to me.

Gate was the biggest we had seen so far for the warm ups, 22000.

Season proper starts in April! Watch the death count rise!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hawaii 5-0

Last night was the final warm up game for Th1rt3en and Black Moon Rising, and what a belter it was!

The Necromantic's received the ball at the start of the 1st half and made a swift run down their right flank, this was blocked by a swift covering move by the Rats causing the ball carrying werewolf to double back to the centre of the field. Here he was set upon by a posse of 3 Gutter Runners who nabbed the ball off him and ran away out of reach to the endzone.

A similar thing happened when the Undead received the ball again and at half time it was 2-0 and the Rats hadn't even received the ball.

The 2nd half started with the Rats missing 2 line-men to injury and a Ghoul was on the sidelines for the Necro's.

2 turns later despite some heavy 2 on 1 marking it was 3-0 as the Skaven went the length of the field for the score with a pass and hand-off affair. B.M.R didnt have the ball for long again after the next kick off as two 1 dice smashes got the ball on the floor again and soon enough it was 4-0.

With only a couple of turns left and no re rolls the Undead made an attempt to salvage some pride but a 1 dice skull left a gaping hole in their defences through which the rats swarmed, taking out the ball carrier and scuttling in for a 5th score.

The Necromantic team didn't play badly and didn't do anything wrong but there isn't a lot you can do when you have the ball in your hands for only a few turns out of the 16 and the Skaven have all the luck.

Only one skill to report, a 3rd gutter runner gained Block even though he rolled 11 which gave the potential of agility 5.

One game left in the warm ups and then the season starts proper. The 1st week of the season sees the same match ups as the last games of the warm ups. Will the Necromantic team be able to get their revenge?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Double Time

Due to outside influences it's been a while since I put anthing on here.  So here are my Panzergrenadier Company HQ

And here are my Panzer IV's in the wrong colour.  I've gone a bit Hollywood rather than historical yellow camo scheme.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Chaos Mah-doo-dah

Shamelessly stolen piccy from Dakka Dakka.
New Avatars of War model