Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Good Life Gamer - April

Good Life Gamer – April

As with all resolutions New Year inspired or otherwise there comes a point when your resolve is tested and invariably (by me) failed. April has Salute as a full stop; the show was great but my resolution was tested at any number of stands in the ‘Great Hall’. It was to be an emotional visit even before leaving for the show a series of emails advertising deals and releases brought about a shift in the French Indian Wars, Musket & Tomahawk, and a minor correction in compass bearing for Force on Force.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Prepping for Dux Bellorum

So, I've done well to avoid the obvious "Dux in a line" or "Fat Dux" or some other terrible pun (another time, maybe!).

Binx and I are planning to have a go at Dux Bellorum this Wednesday.
The garage has been quite accustomed to new games of late but I believe this Wednesday could be a first as not 1 but 2 new games are given an outing. Cortez and Zed are planning a first go at Dead Mans Hand. No doubt there will be words from them after the event at the least.

Anyway, rolling back time from the Wild West by some 1200 years or so will see my Welsh force taking on the invading Irish of Binx.
As this is a new game there maybe a *ahem* little proxying......

The Welsh will be ably represented by my Celts who are far more at home in the Dark Ages these days anyway as they prop up my Saga games.
The Irish will be represented with my under painted Vikings. It should all work out fine!

The Welsh Army is as follows
Lord and Companions
2 Noble Units
4 Shieldwall units
1 ordinary riders
2 spare points (probably an extra Leadership point, maybe 2 skirmishers)

The Irish

2 Nobles
3 Warriors
2 Mounted Skirmisher
2 Skirmisher
2 spare points (probably an extra Leadership point, maybe some strategies)

The Welsh have the option to deploy as Shieldwall or warriors (defence or attack). As the Irish are warriors I thought I'd try the shieldwall and get a feel for both unit types through the game.

Some pics of the armies as they will be played. Due to a glue shortage there may be scenes not witnessed since Tomarse joined our group!

Welsh army

 Front - Riders and Teulu (Nobles), Shieldwall (rear)

 Front - Lord, Teulu. Rear - more shieldwall

 Irish (vikings! If its got armour, its a noble!)

 Skirmishers, left, warriors, rear, Lord with Nobles at the front

 Right, mounted skirmishers and more warriors and nobles

Looking forward to trying these rules out. They seem simple but with enough complexity to still be fun.
See you in the mead hall!

Monday, 22 April 2013

What a Helmet!!

KleptoElliot strikes again at the Helmet store in Salute...............

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Review - Agrax Earthshade

I got some Agrax Earthshade the other day from my new favourite Games Store, Triple Helix (fast shipping, great discount and good communication!) to try out in comparison to Devlan Mud (a firm favourite).

Got to say it works well! Not quite the same shade but will function perfectly as a replacement for most jobs.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Thank You and Good Night

Its been on the cards for a while but finally I have had confirmation and I am able to let the world know.

As of next Monday (the 8th) I will be no longer be an active member of The Lonewolves!

Its going to be a sad day for me, and probably even sadder for the guys who will struggle to function as a viable club without me; after all I do make a lot of tea.

Why are you leaving you may be asking; and for those who aren't, why not?

Well, its been on the cards for a while, but after much discussion with my Wife we have decided to move to Canada. We both enjoyed Due South when it was on the telly, and like to listening to Alanis Morissette so it seemed like the right thing to do.

This Wednesday will be the last evening at the club for me so hopefully the guys will join me in one last game of Man O War to celebrate the end of an era.

And for Simon, here is the link to my eBay auction where I will be selling all my stuff. It was too much effort to pack it up, so its got to go. Its not like I will have much time to play wargames whilst hunting Moose and Beavers.

Thank you to everyone who has played me at some time, and who knows I might bump into you in the future.