Monday, 13 May 2013

Blood Bowl Nurgle

They are finally done, its taken several months, but I can now show off my Nurgle Blood Bowl team a whole 2 weeks before the NAF Championship in Nottingham

Rotters (old picture before the bases and numbers were done, it started raining before I could get a new one done)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Games Night Report 8th May 2013

A low turn out this week, as Binx and Klepto-Elliot headed off to Bath to watch The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley turn his hand to stand up.

This left Zed and Lordybloke to show Cortez the ins and outs of Battle Group Kirsk...So over to Zed for the report...

Photos supplied by Lordybloke, who's only just got a smart phone and is still working out how to do things other than take calls from the wife on it...

We set up the table as per the Hold Carentan mission but played the standard attacker defender from the main (mini) rulebook.  There were three objectives.  Two were on the centre line of the table (diagonal deployment) the other was in a deployment corner which the British chose when they won the setup. There were roads connecting all four edges with trees and lots of hedgerows.  The opposing sniper teams set up close to the centre of the table.  The Germans won the first turn and the German sniper moved into the house, seizing the objective and gaining a superb view down the main road out of the British deployment area. There was a sniper duel without any effect.  In fact neither sniper did anything of consequence for the entire battle.  Back to sniper school the pair of you!!!
 The Brit observer drops off the 6pdr. He later wishes he wasn't so close to enemy fire....

Friday, 3 May 2013

Games Night Report 1st May 2013

This Wednesday just the four of us descended upon the garage to play some games, Zed and Cortez moseyed their way into the Wild West for some Dead Man's Hand, more on that later, but first....

"The sound of pipes keened through the swirling mists of the late morning. From the wispy edges of the woods dark shapes appeared howling in fury as they ran.
The Welsh locked shields and prepared to meet the Irish charge......."

Binx and Lordybloke played their first game of Dux Bellorum this week.
First impressions are more than favourable!

Whilst the game itself plays like a wargame it still feels like a skirmish game thanks to the fluid movement.
Even with our stuttering over certain rules it played out pretty quickly.

There is a resource management element (which we both liked) with Leadership points (LPs) being distributed around your army to aid certain things:
- Adding attack dice
- Blocking successful hits
- Interrupting the movement of your opponent (there's a sequence)
- Aiding you in getting your units/groups to move

First turn movement from the Irish, some failed morale checks on the far side meant some got left behind