Monday, 27 February 2012

Phasing in

So GW is finally going to release the missing parts of the Space Wolf and Tyranid ranges in March.

Whats your thoughts on this or phased releases in general?

Bear in mind other armies may be waiting a long time for their next phase (I'm looking at you, Dark Eldar and Necrons!).

Add a comment or two!

Results are in:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blood In the Badlands

This week we kick started our year long Warhammer Campaign, using the rules from GW's Blood in the Badlands book.

The first things to do were sort placements on the maps (see below), roll our random events and work out who would be fighting who over the next month.

The highlights of the first moves included

- The Vampire's losing their mine to a bout of the plague
- The Orc's losing one of their hexes
- The Dark Elves, choosing that the Chaos should challenge the Orcs to a fight.

This months battles are as follows and must be fought on or before Wednesday 28th March, when the next set of moves will be done.

Chaos challenged Orcs
Vampires challenged Ogres
Empire challenged Vampires ( Siege)
Dwarves challenged Chaos
Orcs challenged Dwarves ( Storm of Magic)
Dark Elves challenged Empire

Tune into the blog over the coming year for battle reports telling of great victories, stories of backstabbing, and other bits of narrative from all the players.

Orcs = red, Chaos = orange, Dwarves = green, Dark Elves = yellow, Ogres = blue, Vampires = black, Empire = white

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hammer of Orcs

The book of grudges was open on the table, Balak’s gnarled fingers ran across the page.

“Sire, Sire the Orcs are moving” Balak’s reading of the grudges was disrupted by the shout from his chief of rangers as he ran into the room.

“Hold your tongue Thorola, you dare disturb my readings”

“But sire as your faithful servant I bring you this news from my best men. The Orcs from the mountain passes, your father's, Grungi rest his soul, murderers are mustering there forces in great numbers and moving into the passes”

Balak’s eyes shifted from the pages straight at Thorola and froze him with there stealy glare.

“Do not bring me news of this unless you and your men are sure Thorola son of Kilig, your rangers are masters of there skills but you must be sure of this. My feelings of these blemishes on this world are well known. If what you say is true then I Balak Golden Hammer, son of Malak, Hammer of the Orcs can only allow on thing to pass”

News of the Orc movement had already filtered through the halls of the Karak and Balaks generals were already in the war room when Balak stormed in. The book slammed down and shook the table with it’s weight, the page’s filtered open and fell upon the page they all knew it would.

“We have but one aim” Balak’s voice boomed and silence filled the room “The eradication of the green skin from our borders, Karak Karn goes to war”

Balak’s eyes skimmed round the room before finally falling back on the book there written as the last entry was his father’s name, “May Grungi guide me, farther you will be avenged” Not one dwarf could read his mind but everyone knew what he wanted…….

Bloody Campaigns

The Lone Wolves take to the Badlands this Wednesday for opening moves so a simple question:

Who will win the Badlands campaign?

Of course we won't find out the ACTUAL answer for about a year (a mere trifle in gaming terms!) so you may have to be patient.

Tomarse is to be the winner with a storming 33%!!
The infernal puppet REALLY is that good!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ghost Rider(s)

Been a busy day of finishing off some projects, as well as finishing my army tokens for the campaign ( you'll see them on Wednesday) I have also finished five Hexwraiths, sorry Elliot, I know on Wednesday I said I wouldn't be getting any but they were almost finished and I didn't want to spoilt the surprise.

Anyway, here they are, picture is a little dark but hey ho, thats the way it is.

The King is dead...

As the Blood in the Badlands campaign creeps closer, I've been busy painting some more Undead the swell my ranks.

Here's a quick update with a picture of my newly finished Wight King.

Now back to the paint station, there are yet more skeletal beings to finish off... ( and yes Matt, your Empire bloke on Griffin too)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Badlands welcomes careful crusaders

The earth around Deimos burned a bright purple. It burned with the ferocity of centuries. The centuries it had taken him to reach this moment. It had been lifetimes ago that he had left his humanity behind when he was rewarded with daemonhood by the pantheon of Chaos. His two chosen lords knelt to each side of him completing a triangle. Their loyalty was far from unswerving. Convincing a follower of Tzeentch and Khorne to unite under his banner took a great many sacrifices and a greater number of promises glory. Deimos had never been this close before, previous champions had agreed to the proposal but always given in to their primal desire to win the favour of their patron and the meeting of the lords had ended in duals and bloodshed. He sensed something different in Zalex and Kanek from when he first saw them in his vision. He had been able to use the two lords history with the Dark Elves to bend them to his will. Kanek was more than just a crazed maniac, he wasn't only obsessed with meaningless carnage like a great many of Khorne's followers. Zalex was of course a schemer and would need to be watched carefully.

The flames around them erupted and a shower of dust fell over the three heroes of chaos. The dust settled and without warning was sucked behind Deimos and disappearing into nothing. Slowly a hole appeared in the air and as more dust disappeared the hole took
the shape of a triangle that grew inside. Deimos grinned and his row of fangs glistened like fresh blood on chaos armour in the moonlight. "We walk to victory" he bellowed. Every warrior heard his voice in their heads even though some could barely see the mighty daemon as the hosts of the three warlords spanned the plains surrounding the now glowing, purple portal. The three lords returned to their hosts and rallied their lieutenants. The three armies of Chaos, Tzeentch and Khorne advanced into the still expanding portal. The Badlands awaited and that land would know chaos.

Friday, 17 February 2012

I've got a bone to pick with you...

Lightning flashed, illuminating the once pitch black of the crypt, inside the shapes of two mysterious characters, sat amongst the bones of the past, discussing the future.
"So activity in The Badlands is at an all time high?"
"Yes master, my initiates have seen many large concentrations of fighters, from all lands, converging on our very position" replied a withered man in dark clothing, his head covered by a black shroud.
"The rumours appear to be true then, it has returned, and those greedy, or even stupid enough to think they can claim it for themselves, are marching to their untimely demise"

Rising from his stone throne, carved from the rock itself, a human figure, body covered in dark green armour lined by a thick set cape of blood red, made his way across the dusty and cold lichen teemed resting place of the damned. As he walked a grin slowly appeared on his face, revealing 2 large fangs that protruded from his mouth.

"Alert Stradivarius, have him ready his creatures of the night, if he is reluctant to commit his pets to this war, remind him that failure will result in the Warriors of Chaos once again ruling over him, as they did when he was a mere mortal"
"As you wish my lord, I of course offer my services to your grand scheme, you can rely on the newly dead to rise from the grave once again, vengeance will be unleashed on those naive enough to follow their false gods of war"

Master necromancer
Mannik Gravemore stood from his cold, wet, stone ledge and picked up his staff from the ground, before he could take a step towards the exit he stopped, frozen in place by the piercing stare of his king, his lord, the vampire Barnabas Van Alberict.

"Do not disappoint me, I shall be watching over your successes and should you dare fail me, I will release the hounds of hell upon your skeletal body, I can guarantee you that resurrection will not come to you easily should you allow my hated enemies to out do me"

"Of course Barnabas you can rely on me, of the Ghoul King I cannot be so sure"

With that another strike of lightning flashed from the skies again lighting the mausoleum, revealing that the Vampire Lord was no longer within the confines of the unholy resting place.

"I hate it when he does that" thought Mannik "he can be a real pain in the neck sometimes"