Thursday, 5 August 2010

Its been a while....

Its taken a while ( about 5 or 6 weeks ) but the Chaos Bikes are finally done ( I know the pictures a little dark). Oh and I did a Chaos Lord too just for fun.

Not a great deal left to do to 'finish' my Emperors Children, well I say that just after acquiring some Terminators and a Land Raider....


  1. can't have a marine army without land raiders and terminators

    shame the CSM codex is so shit. I'm going to write my own

    WS 10
    BS 10
    S er hmmm 10

  2. Good job, the winged sword works nicely on the Lord.

    Zed, you're taking the piss! WS would only be 9 for the chaos boys.
    But they get +1 to hit with a re roll! 10,000 years of training...blah, blah....

  3. That lord looks brilliant Binx.
    Glad you've nearly finished the Emperors Children by buying more stuff. Well done.