Sunday, 13 February 2011

Warm Ups Pt2, subsection B

The second game of the second month of the pre season warm up games for the Lone Wolf Challenge Cup saw the Norse line up against the Necromantic abominations.
A wave of hysteria was following the Norse after their 4-1 win over the rats in the previous month, could they live up to the hype?

The first half saw the Norse receive and after an unforced and largely pointless "go for it" (classic 1, re roll, 1 situation!) Freykell the star thrower tripped over his ego and left the ball in the open in the Norse half. This was pounced on by the lurking Werewolves (Movement 8, really!?) who ran in an early score.
Necros, 1-0
The re set saw the Norse play a little more conservatively and got involved with a bit of bashing but not to any great damage. Suddenly a tag team of ghoul and werewolf saw the ball carrier knocked over and a ghoul racing for the Norse end zone!
It was looking like another score with only one norse player able to get anywhere near the ghoul.
Not only did he get near but he smashed the undead blighter to the ground spilling the ball into the crowd.
Luckily the Norse fans got a hold of it and threw it back up towards the Necro end zone. With a bit of dodging and help from the team the Norse Berserker, Harald Enoga, was able to grab the ball and race for the line. Several Undead threw themselves at him but with the Runners causing interference Harald made it in as the half came to close, and a riot broke out!
Halftime; Necro 1, Norse 1

Second Half
Both teams had players in the KOed box leaving 10 Undead facing 9 Norse with the Necros receiving.
An early shove saw an Ulfwerenar into the crowd leaving a massive hole on the Norse left flank. This was duly exploited by the ubiquitous ghoul and werewolf combo.
A few turns into the second half and a werewolf was standing, ball in hand 8 squares away from the end zone.
It was at this time that a shout came from the sidelines "give it to the ghoul" as the Necro coach wanted the ghoul to gain all the glory (and SPPs!).
The Werewolf looked at the coach, looked at the clear run to the endzone, then back to coach, confused.
Then the moment was gone as a Norse player barrelled into him freeing the ball.
The rest of the half consisted of a mad scramble from both teams (the Norse reduced to 5 men for most of it) to try and actually hang on to the ball, one brief moment of joy from a short lived breakaway by a Norse Runner and a lot of scattering and fumbling.

Final Score
Necro, 1, Norse 1

A draw and a valuable lesson learnt for the Necromantic coach (score when you can!)

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