Tuesday, 28 June 2011

That's No Troll

Bloodbowl season continues and the Dragon Ead Destroyers are doing alright and making cash along the way.
Time to hire another player.
So what's missing from the team? A bit of raw strength thats what.
Time for a Snow Troll!

I've wracking my brain over what to do for a Snow Troll for a while.
There's a few minis out there I like but would either involve a lot of work or too expensive.
Then memory from long ago hit me!


I've had this BB version of Thrud for ageeeesssssss (I think Binx got it for me when he was still at GW) but never finished painting it so a quick re undercoat (or varnish if you're Cortez!) and I painted him to match the Dragon'eads.

Rules wise he probably fits an Ogre better but looks wise I think he fits the Norse so he's in!

For those who are unaware of Thrud see below:


  1. Nice! I think you're right I gave a few away while still at GW, still think I have a couple somewhere!

    Think he'll work perfectly and nice and easy on the pocket too!

    PS, not sure if you got distracted by the young un, but what have the DHD's been doing, your first sentence doesn't quite maker sense!

  2. Ah, yes! Fixed that now!
    Lots of brain...errr.... what.... moments currently!