Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Product Review: Instant Mould

I've tried a few materials to make the entrenchments out of (greenstuff, milliput, procreate and combinations of) and procreate is coming out on top so far.

Plus: How I made some entrenchment markers for Flames of War.

Instant Mould seems to be a relatively new product on the market for making small casts/pieces.
For further info check out this vid:

Having made several greenstuff press moulds before I was most interested in not needing lubricant (quiet at the back!) and the ability to melt it down and make new moulds. So, intrigued I ordered some off of Ebay.

The plan - to cast and make some entrenchment markers for FOW.

Using the Instant mould I made a press cast of some bits I had in a FOW artillery box. When these were cured I added some extras with putty to join the 2 pieces together and create a "master".

In the photo below the greenstuff is the pressmould and the grey "procreate" is the bits added by me.Then I melted my instant mould down again and made copies of these masters. From there I've been stamping out entrenchments like its going out of fashion!

So far I have about 15.

What you can't see in the photo is the back of these have a log "structuring" which has all come out quite nicely.

You can literally stamp out the moulds, remove and repeat. The other putties seem to need to cure in the mould a bit first.
Next on the list to try and master 2 part moulds. I've had a go but they've not gone well so far!

Highly recommend instant mould if you're looking to mass (or limited) produce a piece or pieces, ie shoulder pads.

Some of the forums have threads in its use if I find any of use I'll let you know!


  1. I've edited your post so the picture can be made bigger..

    Looking very good, I have no idea what I'd do with it at the moment but who knows...

  2. Fair enough, what did I do wrong with it?

    I've been playing about with mould again today and I think I now have a good cast of a praetorian pith helmet. Exciting stuff!

  3. Just have to set it so it aligns to the left and it then seems to be ok, don't know why though.

    If you can perfect 2 part moulding then the world is your oyster...