Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sea of Blood

We have a club copy of Dreadfleet, and thus we have started painting the contents of the box. Here's my first set of contributions...


  1. Took the easiest ship to paint eh!?!!
    Looks good though!
    Luckily the sea looks very similar to my effort.
    Only small criticism - the sea giant could do with a few spot highlights, particularly round the face?
    Not a problem if you don't!
    The dwarf ships are just about done so by weds that'll be 30% of the ships done.
    There's 3 more accounted for (they'll be done by Weds? Pfff!) and on to the rest for a finished set!

  2. After playing a couple of games i can vouch for both the quality of the painting and the game itself....