Monday, 1 April 2013

Thank You and Good Night

Its been on the cards for a while but finally I have had confirmation and I am able to let the world know.

As of next Monday (the 8th) I will be no longer be an active member of The Lonewolves!

Its going to be a sad day for me, and probably even sadder for the guys who will struggle to function as a viable club without me; after all I do make a lot of tea.

Why are you leaving you may be asking; and for those who aren't, why not?

Well, its been on the cards for a while, but after much discussion with my Wife we have decided to move to Canada. We both enjoyed Due South when it was on the telly, and like to listening to Alanis Morissette so it seemed like the right thing to do.

This Wednesday will be the last evening at the club for me so hopefully the guys will join me in one last game of Man O War to celebrate the end of an era.

And for Simon, here is the link to my eBay auction where I will be selling all my stuff. It was too much effort to pack it up, so its got to go. Its not like I will have much time to play wargames whilst hunting Moose and Beavers.

Thank you to everyone who has played me at some time, and who knows I might bump into you in the future.



  1. Very good i was about half way through before i smelled a rat.

  2. thank fck he's going!

    its a joke?!

  3. Got me until you said this wednesday was your last week.... (it wouldnt happen that fast!) Besides what about the pigs?????!!!

  4. Whooop Whooop, the lanky one is going. About fecking time too........right now wheres the link..........wait a miniute what's the date today??

    Hehe only joking, I guessed it when you said "probably even sadder for the guys", and before you ask no I didn't click the link.

    1. I clicked. Well you never know....

  5. Got me a bit worried!! But I'm very happy to be given a capital W :P
    I do like Due South though...