Sunday, 4 August 2013

Battlegroup Kursk - Panzers for Campaign Game

Firstly we have been rubbish at keep the blog up to date there is no excuse really we have just been busy or lazy or some of us don't remember that we have blog...

Anyway we have all been active within our chosen projects and I have finished the required tanks for the first campaign mission in the BGK book.  Lordybloke and I are still aiming to start the first game in the coming weeks.

So here is the picture of my efforts. A mixture of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company Tigers and PSC Panzer IV's both G & H variants.  More soon.  Hopefully


  1. Good work Zed!
    Tanks are definitely your thing.
    Looking forward to facing all those tigers.....

  2. Really like the camo and weathering especially on the Tigers!

  3. Those look very special...