Monday, 7 October 2013

Battlegroup Kursk Campaign Game First Charge at Hill 252.2

After much procrastination Lordy and I finally got round to starting the campaign in the BGK book.  We are playing the historical scenarios with the forces provided.  The aim was to play fully painted but in the end Lordy had to borrow some T34’s that were just built.  The Germans were fully painted.  Smug

We set up an 8x6 table and played over two weeks but even so we failed to reach the break point of either army and were unable to leave the table set up for a third week.  We had a great game although turn 2 for the Germans was awful but they were given a reprieve when the Soviet turn 3 was nearly as bad.  The final turn for the Germans saw 6 x T34's destroyed another pinned along with the soviet Senior commander.  I have put some captions on the photographs below. 


The Germans are deployed around the barn near the T junction – objective 1 with a platoon and 2 Pak40’s dug in.  The other platoon and Pak40 are deployed in the farm in the centre objective 2.  Hill 252.2, objective 3, is outside the German deployment zone but Tiger 313 is at the base ready to advance.  The remaining objective 4 is held by a Panzer IV G platoon and Tiger 311.  The Battlegroup commander and another platoon hold the centre ready to respond to the soviet attack.  5 T34’s are central ready to advance on the farm.

Panzer IV G’s and Tiger 311 hold the left flank

Commander and Panzer IV H’s

The first of the timed Katyusha barrages lands and destroys two of the Panzer IV Gs the remaining Panzer and Tiger will have their work cut out.

Katyusha barrage number 2 lands and causes casualties and pin a number of squads and the Pak40 covering the road

T34’s ready to race down the road on turn 1 now the Pak40 is out of action

All the 6’s that the Katyusha barrage threw up

The T34’s race up the hill, having been placed on reserve move last turn, and take the objective forcing the Germans to take a chit.  Breakdown is the result and the T34 catches fire and is abandoned.  The T34 behind the Tiger was planning on opening fire in its own turn but the Panzer IV H’s in the centre were on ambush fire and they pin the T34 before he can do any damage

The soviet advance in the centre is bold, not waiting for infantry support, as the Pak40 is pinned  a T34 crashes the entrance

The German officer calls for tactical coordination and the Pak40 crew respond in heroic fashion knocking out the tank

T34’s are pinned by artillery barrage.  In the distance 3 more are on fire from accurate long range gunnery.




With both Pak40's pinned and more T34’s advancing on the objective the future of Tiger 313 looks bleak

The soviet infantry are forming up to assault the farm.  The Soviet commander decides the infantry will not ride the tanks into battle

The infantry advance and a T34 loops round and tries to overrun the Pak40.  Tiger 311 sweeps round from behind the farm building and dispatches it with a round through the rear decks

The Soviet advance nearly captures the German left flank but the lone Panzer IV G manages to hold them off

Due to good fortune the German right flank is reinstated as the Pak40’s, a JU87 bombing run and the reserve platoon arriving to smash apart the advance.  Tiger 313 recaptures Hill 252.2
The Soviet Battle rating had reached 59 from 90.  The German Battle rating had reached 20 from 70.  Victory for the Axis

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