Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Battlegroup Kursk - After Action Report

The second half of the game was played the following week but I have been too busy or distracted to post the remainder of the report - scant that it is - I have it here now.

The Panzer Ace advances to get a better shot at the T34 he has been duelling with.  The supply truck unpins ready to resupply as required.  At this point the German commander is nearly Winchester rounds

 The Stug scores a hit and the T34 is knocked out.

Not for the first time today, nor the last time the German commander learns the hard way the downside of trucks as the lead T70 destroys it forcing the troops to dismount who in turn are pinned by the fence.  In his defence it was Ellioto's first game.
Deciding to be more aggressive he advances with a Panzer IV and knocks out a T70 by the building south of the church

The German Forward Artillery Observer having sat in the open for most of the battle directing fire finally realises that his Panzer II is scan protection and pulls back to the farm court yard.  The next fire mission ends his run of luck and the German commander is left with only a Pre Registered Target and a battery of 105's.  He does however continue to pound the Soviet deployment zone as the off target shots are very kind/cruel depending on which side you are on.

The chits have been piling up and the Soviet commander senses (due to excessive groaning by Ellioto) that the Germans are near their break point and advances with SU 122 and for the final time punishes him for having troops in trucks.

Still not broken the German Ace advances and fires his last round at very close range.  Only a 3+ required to destroy the SU 122.  It is a 3 which equals the armour.  Frowns turn to cheers as Lordyboris rolls a 1 and abandons the vehicle.

The T70 kills some of the dismounted infantry but they hold.  The Panzer IV unpinned at the end of the last turn crashes into the field and fires his last round at the T70 and misses.

The Panzer IV on the road fires and destroys the T34 covering the road.  Both sides are very close.  However fate intervenes and the last two chits Lordyboris draws are events.  Another aircraft which doesn't materialise and out of ammo on the Pak40 which has no effect.

With the last shots of the game Ellioto is forced to draw a chit and is only 1 point away from his break of 37.  He goes over and withdraws.

Lordyboris was only 3 short of his own break point and the last 2 chits could/should (depending on who you ask) forced him to withdraw.  A great game which swung back and forth.  Once again Lordyboris had luck good and bad in equal measure.  He did pull two event chits when numbers would have finished him however he did roll double 1 for orders after his Senior Officer was dead preventing a re-roll and his attack lost momentum.

Ellioto is sold on BGK and Lordyboris declared it his best game so far.  Win Win.

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  1. Yep, thats kinda how it played out!! Good game, good game!!