Monday, 30 January 2017

You're Starting to Bug Me - Vogen Battle Report

The Tyranids and Space Wolves return to the streets of Vogen


After their previous clash with the Tyranids the Space Wolves once again met their alien foe.

 Contact had been lost with a Blood Claw scouting party who were scouring the city of Vogan for any further signs of Xenos life and so the Sons of Russ sent an armoured force to hunt for their missing Brethren.

Upon reaching the area of Blood Claws last communication, the Space Wolves were met by a small but psychically powerful force of Tyranids.

The encounter started off with a long range fire vs psychic energy fight as the long fangs and Zoenthropes targeted each other from distance. With both combatants dug in, this lasted all battle with neither losing all of their numbers.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Space Wolf dreadnought also encountered a psychic enemy but could do no damage before multiple glancing hits finally took their toll, enabling the Alien beings to claim a vital objective.

With the battlefield relatively quiet the central Tyranid warriors tried to make a dashing run from ruined building to building only to be cut to pieces as the engine roar and deafening noise of weapons fire signalled the emergence of the flying shoe, who cut down the armoured beasts with ease.

The Space Wolves joy was short lived as their left flank was engulfed by the arrival of more warriors, a Toxicrene and more importantly a burrowing Mawloc who on its own destroyed a full squad of Grey Hunters.

With things looking ropey for the Emperors chosen, the Rune Priest finally managed to manifest his psychic prowess, with he once carefree Xenos now failing to overcome the psykers power and decided to turn their attention to other targets.

As the Tyranids turned their attention elsewhere the mighty flying shoe continued to cause death from above, forgoing the option to drop off he blood thirsty Claws inside in favour of unleashing its arsenal of weapons.

But it was too late for the Wolves. As the Mawloc made its second emergence from the blood stained rubble the Marine commanders elected to retreat from the battlefield and return soon with greater firepower.

The lost Blood Claws were never found but Rune Priest Bjornsson had gathered enough information to make the next attack on he Tyranids his most bloodthirsty yet.

For the fight for Vogen, continues...............

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