Monday, 4 May 2009

Look out Below

Apparently there's a new Imperial Guard Codex out but it seems as if the local post man is a keen collector, therefore mine hasn't arrived yet.

Anyway, I already have a good size force of foot sloggers and from all the previews online and in White Dwarf, I've seen a few additions I'd like to add to my army.

Some I'll have to buy (it also seems my postie needs some Sentinels for his force too) but some I'm going to build from the large amount of unused Cadian plastics I've have had for what seems like years ( actually since last time the Guard Codex was redone!!)

So below you will see my Master of the Ordnance, a combination of normal and heavy weapons plastics

Next... who knows... watch this space...


  1. Very good!!
    Great minds think alike etc!
    I've just spent a bit of time digging through various bits boxes and buried carry cases to dig out bits/models for the various advisors.
    Fleet officer sorted and painted
    Ordnance master - bits found
    Psyker - brilliant model found!
    Astropath - tbc but ideas are there
    bodyguards - several ideas and models available for all of them

    Exciting times!