Monday, 25 May 2009

Mr W.I.P.y!!

In other random project news: Imperial guard!
The new codex is upon us and with it a whole host of new (and improved!) stuff.
Its this new stuff that has most interested me.

First up: psyker battle squad. I like them a lot but there's no great psyker models out there so what to do?
Make your own of course! Looking at the guard codex cover I spotted a bunch of black robed dudes (see them?? Right in the middle there) with skulls looking pretty cool. Not sure if they're supposed to be psykers but that's the look I'm going for.
Starting with the good old Empire Flagellants and adding various wires and greenstuff so far I have the following.

Lots more to do on them and a lot more of them to do!
Next up,
VERY wip and held together by blu tac at the moment but I think you get the idea....

Had planned on using the old chimera chassis as some terrain at some point but then inspiration struck!
If anyone has anything or ideas for the large targeting sensor that sits at the front of the turret, let me know. Current ideas are a bead or button, if I had one!


  1. Looking good bloke, as for the big dish thing for the hydra, how big do you want it?

  2. Liking the psykers a lot, for the targeting array how about the searchlight from the new sentinels ?

  3. or off the leman russ sprue, thing is too effing big anyway ;o)