Sunday, 14 November 2010


It's been half done for about 3 years; I didn't have an army to put it in, but apart from a touch of static grass my giant is done and will be found in my Warriors of Chaos army also only half done.  It will then be found on a battlefield studded with arrows or with a stove in chest.  T5 tsk tsk who writes these army books?

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  1. Its T5 but as I've always said, any gimp with a crossbow can take em down now. T6 thats where its at.
    Something about 8th ed has got me interested in giants and the like again, not sure why.
    Could just be the addition of thunderstomp!
    Lovely paint job and I can see from the left of the picture you've started on a pair of Reebork trainers for him to wear!