Sunday, 16 January 2011


With the 4th Annual Lone Wolves Blood Bowl cup entering the pre-season warm-ups I've been cracking on with my Norse team for this year.
Still very wip, all the models needing something adding or touching up, especially the Ulfs but ready for a game in their current state.
Keep a eye out for the goblin feet!

Berserkers (only have 1 in my starting team)
Ulfwerenar (need some fur added)
More Linemen

I've got a thrower almost done too. Will fill out the rest of the roster in the hope I may get the team developed that far!
First opponent - Binx!
4-1 thrashing of Binx, who'd have thought it! 'ave it ratty!


  1. Jobs a good un, same you cant zoom in again!

    My Skaven are as advanced as your team so it will be the battle of the unfinished teams this Wednesday

  2. Well I figure if we get the Jan game out the way we'll have about 5 weeks before needing to play Febs so can get the team/s finished in that time?!

  3. Its a good plan, except I'm painting Matt's team too!

  4. Looking good, just need kilts and they will be perfect

  5. The really worrying thing is that I'll actually have a team finished and ready before everyone else!!!! Oh wait I forgot I had a years head start.....